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Name: [TMXCh] dirty love
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wardav
Version: 15-May-2013
Released: 15-May-2013
TMX id: 4387329
LB Rating: 36,415
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:57.70   darkness__star+ 0:00.0036,415
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:57.70   Red Shreder+ 0:00.0036,415
0:58.07   Marius 89+ 0:00.3735,014
0:58.26   uk.VR+ 0:00.5634,294
0:58.27   SimplyNick+ 0:00.5734,256
0:58.72   _firestorrm+ 0:01.0232,552
0:58.72   waitforme_2+ 0:01.0232,552
0:58.96   Papa_11+ 0:01.2631,643
0:59.05   Enryx+ 0:01.3531,303
0:59.08   hb+ 0:01.3831,189
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Author Comments

Greetings to all who are still here and
First, I must thank that there is such a challenge and I am glad that I can contribute to the keg There is still life and the challenge is such a fresh breath. Yes, also MTC challenges are definitely holders of our good old network TMX.¨

So here is my first map. It's dirt and thanks TMXCh ,especially thank the organizers of this challenge which finally forced me to complete it.
Map is not too old for about one year It was really rough and built for last four days I had a changes - the middle part and extended ending that seemed boring to me. Then I refer to my map "dirty mind" of 1 September 2011. Again, I used relaxation music 80s. The music I chose is again a performer of 80 years' Ryan Paris - I Wanna Love You Once Again "and today I offer you the same song, but beautiful instrumental version
So Let me introduce my newest , dirt track: dirty love
I wanna love You Once Again (track mania one ) Its dedication to the best game and U

At this time when the TMX is little quiet and deserted, I am here and you too unfortunately.

To this track.. :

This map is my second dirt and style is similiar as"Dirty Mind".
Again, I used relaxation music 80s. The music I chose is again a performer of 80 years' Ryan Paris - I Wanna Love You Once Again "and today I offer you the same song, but beautiful instrumental version
It's a cool song and best fit this map, as well as text in the text you can put the baby instead of "TM"
Lyrics You can now sing becouse is intrumental ( DUB)
Below is a lyric from the song by putting words in my TM - track mania;)

Have lots of fun on this map.

P. S. We are still here Next map will coast, which lay on my HD since August 2010 and is have been waiting to Intro ( I hope I finish it ).
I used fonts for TMXCh which used Enryx I like it
This map is agan in order to encourage the good old and nowaday days on

It is all about.
CPs are respawn ( restartable) I checked it.

Intro : YES I think my the best so far and longest
GPS : - race
Outro : of course hope You like it

Custom music :
Ryan Paris – I Wanna Love You Once Again (extented intrumental version I like this song

Author: 0:59.54

Others info
Mod : original TM
Mood: Day

Have a fun - wardav

Showcase :
U are my showcase all – tnx for support till now !!!

Ryan Paris - I wanna love you once again lyric :

I want, I need you,
babe(TM) you' re always on my mind
I miss you while you' re not here,
I don' t know the reason why
I see you everywhere I go there' s a little sign,
remind me you always shine

I wanna love you once again,
I' m gonna love you day by day
I wanna love you once again,
we' re going to dance (play TM) the night away

So long time in my heart,
there was something now I can say
It was you I trusted walking throught my rainy days
If I hurt you baby(TM) let you know didn' t mean this way,
please help me come here to stay

I wanna love you once again,
I' m gonna love you day by day
I wanna love you once again,
we' re going to dance (play TM) the night away
I wanna love you once again,
I' m gonna love you day by day
I wanna love you once again,
we' re going to dance (play TM) the night away

User Comments
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  wardav 15-May-2013

kaugummi59 - thx for 1st and WR m8.
Jackino - dík za pohárek , jsem rád, že te vidím dík za WR
Hotsch - thx for nice words and glad to see You are still here and nice WR
Tr3ndala$ - thank You for You rly good work with :awrad: there is good and deep commnet and I appreciate it. Yes it can be little unsmooth ( maybe before 7th CP before there I made change becouse jump ramp in my last version overturned car. The land on road before and after Cp can bug. But if You are good dirrection Its run. This track i aimed for fun. im not good at dirt scenery i know it And thank you for nice WR.
hb - hey m8, I rly appreciate you nice words and glad You are still active on TMX and control most of track on TMX. And rly thank You for rly nice WR You posted. i saw it and my for You.
j-a-m - hey m8 - glad to see you and thank you for nice comment. Nice WR time and see Ya
Zyre - thank you for and nice WR glad to see it
Red Shreder - thank You for and rly exelent - good WR - appreciate it add 8.8.2013 - rl great rec man - I saw it and the part and corners You did are rly watchable - nic run.
_firestorrm - the same as Shreder - thank you and apprecieate + WR. Every kind words and WRs are welcome
Jan - hey nice to see You and thx for kind words. I rly understood well. Appreciate tat You left kind
darkness__star I can only say "omg" but its poor, becouse I´ve believed that 57.xx is possible and You did it. Thank you very much for a super WR and time You spent to do an amazing ride on "dirty" track Darkness_star - unbelievable clean corners.., my BIG for You
Nick_555 thank you for :awarda: and nice time . I am glad You found that track is for You good
ketrab thank Yuo mate - - thank You for refresh my track
mracoris thank You for new award from new man - thank You for refresh my track too
VividReamer Hi VividReamer, thanks a lot for Your nowadays award. I do my best to upload new stadium. You maybe kicked off my lazy a.s
  darkness__star 17-May-2013
Thx the map is quite pleasant to play, but the reason why I did not award it, it's because I've got some bug-landing on jumps, so it made the map a little random in some parts. Anyway there are nice ideas on this map and the intro is great
  Xendramir»UD 18-May-2013
You're welcome
  SimplyNick 19-May-2013
Im not awarding this map because of one reason
There is SO MANY bugs
made me rage so Fking hard
i could easily get first if there wasnt bugs im just too pissed off at the bugs
  wardav 19-May-2013
@ I dont know if there is rly SO MANY bugs,
maybe yes, maybe its st. on your hands.
It can posible to kick side if You are not accurate
before 7th CP and landing after.
I think that there are not so many or too many
But thank You for nice WR.
  SimplyNick 23-May-2013
Maybe it was me pushing too hard
I Dunno it could be @ the fact of dirt
Nice TMXCh And GL
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 16 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  kaugummi59 16-May-2013
Great Track & good Music =
  jackino 16-May-2013
Super práce jako vždy
  Hotsch 16-May-2013
Excellent track m8
Very addictive and fun to drive
Awesome MT work, deserves an extra
Great work >> <<
  Xendramir»UD 16-May-2013
13/15 fun: Nice Track with good ideas and nice smoothness and flow, but some parts and jumps aren't so good calculated

8/10 huntable: Yes, good for hunting

6/7 flow: Nice, excluding the jumps (=fun)
4/5 ideas: Good Standart
2/3 transitions: Good, but some of the jumps aren't smooth, because you are to fast :/

9/10 outlay: Very nice, with GPS, music, intro, outro, good mapdisgn, but there could be a bit more
4/5 scenery: Good, but there could be more variety
2/3 screen: Nice!!

1/1 GPS:
1/1 CheckPointWays:

All in all 50/60 pionts Nice track with a nice "total package"
  hb 16-May-2013
Even the great intro already makes curious about the track.
The track design is completely created on pure entertainment, good connections, nice jumps very good speed and great flow. and ideas.
In connection with the, as always, excellent scenery and good music choice
The track must be an example of how a Excelent track.
Importantly, again, the track is suitable for all driving skills and
brings, I have mentioned it fun and entertainment at its finest.
As always, MT work is professional and everything else faultless.
An excellent track for TMXCh and good luck !
Here is your well deserved award m8 >>>>> <<<<<
  j-a-m 16-May-2013

Thats amazing entertainment here:

for trackdesign and scenery
for speed and flow
for MT-stuff and music

This track is pure fun and dirt, very well done David

  Zyre 17-May-2013
Exellent dirt race - really cool 4 hunting and online

MT +++

  Red Shreder 18-May-2013
Nice and simple for hunting

> <

Red Shreder
  _firestorrm 18-May-2013
Great one!

  »Jan' 20-May-2013
Hey m8

You show an amazing work again. Alone the MT work deserves an (hope you understand my bad english).
Stadium is one Envi where I don't have much skill, especially on Dirt Tracks I'm noob. I can't rate the racing line cause i can't get a clean run.
I looked at the replays of the others and the Transitions fit very well,too.
Screen is also nice
Thank you that you are still here!

  darkness__star 24-May-2013
In conclusion, we can control the bugs and without bugs the track is pure fun!
Nice work!

first under 58" ^^
  SimplyNick 25-May-2013
  ketrab 03-Jun-2013
Solid map David
  mracoris 08-Aug-2013
This track is AWESOME! Easy to learn, hard to master im not that type, but it goes to my favorite list
  uk.VR 10-Jan-2016
A good well-calculated track here + awesome mt work.. but it's
way too long since your last upload with Stadium. I look hoping
to see a new one maybe soon?
  waitforme_2 13-Apr-2017
nice one - made me think about dirt driving again which I always loved....
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