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Track Name
Name: Dorfleben
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Toraneko
Version: 16-Aug-2007
Released: 16-Aug-2007
TMX id: 438287
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Rally
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0:51.90   Cibermix+ 0:00.00-
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0:52.02   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.12-
0:52.32   KaboOm+ 0:00.42-
0:52.76   meister+ 0:00.86-
0:52.95   Feanor+ 0:01.05-
0:53.23   X_Darkman_X+ 0:01.33-
0:53.26   'Q'+ 0:01.36-
0:53.53   Azumanga+ 0:01.63-
0:53.58   ¤ATS¤The Zanar+ 0:01.68-
0:53.58   Wups+ 0:01.68-
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Author Comments

Hi. It's my 3rd map.
My first Rally map takes place in the catle/village Dorfleben.
The first part contains dirt racing and the second part contains harder castle parts with some tricky curves.
I guess it's fun but challenging as well. Hope you like it.
Intro is pretty long, but you can skip it, if you don't want to see it.
Have fun!
Best regards,

-> High-Res Image:¤t=Dorfleben.jpg

User Comments
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  Toraneko 17-Aug-2007
Thank you all for the awards!
This is a big motivation - thanks!
  tmjonas 18-Aug-2007
Hehe smok3y, I got the record!
That was my 6th try, it's a really motivating track!
and btw nice screenie
  Toraneko 18-Aug-2007
Thanks tmjonas. I'm glad you like it. ^^
It makes me lucky, when people got the motivation to play my track that often to break records. ^^

EDIT: Hah! Tmjonas i kicked you out! I almost got under 0:57.00 but I lost time in the last part. I could be 0.3 seconds faster in the chicane, because it wasn't perfect in the actual replay. ^^

EDIT2: Thank you for the award crooms. Wow. Awesome time. Almost perfect driving. ^^
  smok3y 19-Aug-2007
Q-SLO that's a crazy time
Nice to see people here, it is definitely a great map
  Toraneko 19-Aug-2007
0:54.46 ???
OMG! I gotta see that! O___O
Smooth driving. Looks like you're using a steering wheel. ^^
  'Q' 19-Aug-2007
Using a joystick, the wheel kills my reaction times. I'm guessing you'll see times a lot better than mine once the really fast guys discover this track.
  Feanor 19-Aug-2007
So let's get the hunt for the times running a bit^^
If you watch my replay you will see that i had a heavy mistake in it, so better times are easily possible.
I think if we get this really running, and more good drivers join the hunt we should end up below 52.5 quite soon. But let's see who can do it.
  MrA 20-Aug-2007
I feel like its massively based on memory rather than being able to 'sense' your way through the track. This slightly spoils it for me, but yeah, if its a first try at rally, not bad.
  Vincent 21-Aug-2007
******** The Rally Connection is here! ************

Hey Toraneko, if you should wonder why this track is so popular now: We have just founded a new group, The Rally Connection, and we are having our second competition on this track. Congrats!

For more information look at this forum thread
  Toraneko 21-Aug-2007
Hey Vincent! That's pretty cool - I'll check it out when I have the time for. ^^
  RaGe1 22-Aug-2007
Joa da das deutscher name ist geh ich mal davon aus das du deutsch kannst naja ist ne coole strecke ist dir echt gut gelungen falls du kein deutsch kannst kann ich nur sagen NICE TRACK

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User Awards
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  Shok 16-Aug-2007
Not Bad but you can soften up on some parts!
  smok3y 17-Aug-2007
A very nice and a fun rally map
Good start section
Nice jumps
Lovely and tricky castle wall riding
And nice custom jump cams at finish
  MiniZyko 17-Aug-2007
Very cool Rally track
Nice Intro
Nice MT
Nice Jumps
  Santri 17-Aug-2007
Funny track
Good layout
Fun to paly on, a littlebit challenging i suck in rally environment!

  tmjonas 18-Aug-2007
Hey, nice track Toraneko!
It was so enjoyable to drive this one!
Nice easy track, would be great for online!
Cool dirtstart with some techy curves and a smooth drop!
Nice scenery with not very much coppers, nice screenie!
The best thing I think is the intro, great little story, it was enjoyable to watch!

Good job!

  crooms 19-Aug-2007
Cool track, is a lot of fun to race
Nice mix of sections, good flow and nice jumps.
Cool mt on the jumps, doesnt annoy me like normal
Good track

  Vincent 19-Aug-2007
Wow, nice one. Quite techy, but easy to learn after all, and definitely worth while!

The last turns are hard, but challenging.
  'Q' 19-Aug-2007
Amazing track with great flow. One of the best I've tried in a long time. No really hard parts, easy to learn and still challenging enough. Good job.
  Feanor 19-Aug-2007
For a first-time rally track a really good achievement!
Good layout, a bit demanding, but still fun.
But a few part do remind me that it's a track from a "beginner" (no offense), because you have some typical beginners miskatakes in it. YOu can be too fast and jump too far. Most noticable at the start the very fisrt jump to the upper level, i jump far beyond the straight street, but its ok to just jump a bit to the right. the second point is hevier, it is on the wall the first jump there. If i would go full-speed there i would nearly clear the wall and jump off it, so i have to brake quite heavily before the jump.
Now in a rallytrack such things are not too bad, as rally is quite technical itself, and you have to brake a lot anyways. But i think your tracks will have a better feel if you can avoid those points in your future tracks.
And now don't feel downbeaten by the amount of critics in my award;) it's still an award to show you that your track is good, and it really is, i just want to show you how to make your next map even better;)
  tcq 19-Aug-2007
I tried the map and love the first and the second jump angle, it looks so cool
Also smooth start section (up to the first wall) then a bit technical
There is only one point i don't like, and that is the drop down to the finish, a bit unsmooth
  CRO|Low_B 20-Aug-2007
Amazing,easy and smooth track!
I love those tips,very helpful.
Great jumps.
If I didn't see this track on forum I wouldn't award it!
Anyway,your award is here.


  DaKKoN 20-Aug-2007
Needed to play this track a few times before I had some real fun
Mainly because of the last corners and MT-jumps...
But when car is straight it manageable
I would have liked to see an outro though.
The map looks nice and the intro is fun.
WIth an outro it would have been even better

  Andree 22-Aug-2007
Good track
I enjoyed the ingame camerawork
Wonderful jumps
Fun to play

  ¤ATS¤The Zanar 30-Aug-2007
This is a great track, but some of the corners seem sudden to me.

Great for wr-hunting!

  Eviltim 05-Sep-2007
This is a fun rally track.
Some cool turns and nice jumps.
The warning MT would be nice to not be in the middle of the screen, but it definitely helped the track the first run through.

Great job!
  Harmony~Bros 06-Dec-2007
Nice effort for a first rally

Maybe a few too many straights, but some nice challenging parts.
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