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Name: out of gas /mtc
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   tmjonas
Version: 19-Mar-2013
Released: 19-Mar-2013
TMX id: 4359925
LB Rating: 14,874
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:17.96   tmjonas+ 0:00.0014,874
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:18.03   Madderikk+ 0:00.0714,793
1:18.34   Golo+ 0:00.3814,439
1:19.14   Trasnipe+ 0:01.1813,523
1:19.35   Duck+ 0:01.3913,282
1:20.49   Cool-T+ 0:02.5311,977
1:20.72   MasterGary+ 0:02.7611,714
1:23.82   Wallaby+ 0:05.868,165
1:24.02   Nim+ 0:06.067,936
1:38.46   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:20.500
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Author Comments

out of gas

Hey there!

Long time since I last uploaded a track here. But this month's theme definitely got me interested and as I found some time, I ended up in the editor. After some thinking, I chose bay again - mainly to see whether I could come up with something more driveable than last time..

Also, I tried to keep the flow through all the hairpins (there are a lot, you'll see) and make sure there's some variety, well, the usual stuff I do when I build a track. I think there's no point in describing the track any further.. just drive it already!

Some general facts, though:

U-turns: 13
AT: 1:19.48
Coppers: 3631
Difficulty: probably much harder than I think (as usual), yet it should definitely be doable
MT: intro, GPS and outro, bah!

A big "thank you" goes to Cool-T, who made this lovely screen for my-desperate-self!

Allright, I'm pretty much done, have fun guys! And please upload your replays.

User Comments
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  tmjonas 19-Mar-2013

Let's see who's the first posting a 1:18.xx.. I couldn't go below 1:19.24 so far!
  Edge.Fwo 20-Mar-2013
Map is pretty nice ,but it's way too hard for me ,even after watching gps
I'm all the time getting lost somewhere ,the U turns are making me dizzy ^^
  tmjonas 20-Mar-2013
Thanks guys for the awards/comment, very much appreciated.

s8ndm8n, go for it! I agree that bay is very well suited for this theme, both car- and block-wise. We'll see whether the judges will be struggling, too, I'm curious.

duck, go for a replay, you can make a good run here for sure.

Also, big thanks to Cool-T and Paddy for submitting a replay. Fun to watch & I'm really glad you took some time/had fun!

Still, I wonder (once again ) why everyone's struggling so hard on a track of mine. The overall tone seems to range from extremely hard over too complex to too many turns to remember. Probably I'm just really underestimating the difference it makes if you've built the track and know the route by heart. Also, I might just be more used to technical tracks than most users here (I almost get the feeling hardly any tech tracks are posted here nowadays, taking the reactions)... but then again I haven't really played TM for almost a year not to mention I'm not a really good driver when it comes to bay tech. I'm really just wondering. How many tries do you give a track, before you "give up"? It usually gets much easier with time, especially once you remember the route.

I mean, you don't even have to break at the u-turns.
  Nim 20-Mar-2013
I think what makes the track quite hard, at least for me it was like this, is that you need to balance the speed in the u-turns between slow enough that I get through the turn and fast enough that I get the jump afterwards.

For me it always depends on my mood and on the quality of the track how long I try to finish it until I give up. When I have the feeling that it's a very good track and it's a cool challenge to get a clean run to the finish, I'm often highly motivated and try and try and try and try (I never use respawns btw^^). When I notice the track is badly built, not fun or often lucky, I usually become angry, and sooner or later I stop playing it.
If I'm already pissed by whatever when starting to drive a track chances are pretty low I'm going to get to the finish or a good run^^

In this case, I found the track really challenging and well built, so I kept trying. I did not watch the clock, but it must have been at least 20 - 30 minutes until I got it I guess.
  Duck 21-Mar-2013
I will as soon as I find time!
  tmjonas 21-Mar-2013
Thanks for the comment, paddy! Seems reasonable, I guess it's really a huge difference if you know the route from the very beginning, respectively, if you know how the turns are meant to be taken. I'm glad you considered it as "good" enough to keep driving it I decide in a similar way (well, it makes sense), however sometimes it's the most annoying and random tracks I spend most time on, just because I usually can't stop until I've made a decent time (or one I consider as good enough). Then it can happen that I easily spend an hour on a track..

you, Golo!

thanks for the awards, guys! Also, big thanks Wallaby for the replay. Good to see you're still around..

Also, great run Duck!
  Trasnipe 24-Apr-2013
Can't do better but still excellent track
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User Awards
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  Trasnipe 19-Mar-2013
This track is pure gold
Seriously amazing transitions, infinite fun, the best track for this MTC for me
Good luck to you and a big fat obese award for you
  nr._13 19-Mar-2013
In one word: Brilliant

In a few more: Really awesome bay map, great use of the theme. Very impressive transitions and nice ideas (I like the front flip). Well, for me it's too difficult and complex, but the GPS is very nice to watch this stunning work. This map has all ambitions to be the winner. Anyway, you'll score pretty high in this MTC!

Here is my award for this jewel

  Cool-T 19-Mar-2013
Brilliant layout
Cool Ideas
Smooth and flowing

But the best: this one kept me hooked till I made a good run.
It felt very rewarding and I was presented an outro with some amazing cams.

great job

  Duck 19-Mar-2013
Insanely hard, but insanely brilliant as well!
  s8ndm8n 20-Mar-2013
I think we have the winner here
I'm out of time for tonight so I'll try some more in the next few days to get a time.
Very cool flow but the hardest part for me was remembering every single turn
I had to watch the GPS like 5 times
I'm very glad you made this one because I knew that Bay would excel in this theme when properly applied
I'm fairly sure you will win
  j-a-m 20-Mar-2013
amazing and creative work here, gl for the contest
  Nim 20-Mar-2013
wow, that was tough. Took me horribly long to get a run on this one, but it was worth it, because the track is freaking amazing. Tight u-turns combined with nice ideas and cool jumps, extremely fun and challenging (and hard)

  Golo 21-Mar-2013
As you may know,
Im not very often anymore on TMUX and it was a great surprise for me to see that you are
still here and that you built a track again
Im sorry for my missing responses, but now I invested some time
into this track and all I can say its that its more than worth it.

Its again a track which is horrible for the first try.
Seriously, although you can see the overall quality in any case,
its the same experience I had when playing Blinkered,
at first this track feels indeed kind of too hard,
as example the U-turn after the first waterbump, which one has to drive almost perfect to get the following jump smooth.

Also, its of course confusing at first, you often go wrong at first, if you do not have the complete route in your mind.

Well, for me the real fun began when I "learned" to master this map...
as soon as I understood the route and remembered at all places where Id have to go,
the map didnt feel that hard anymore.... of course still challenging, but as you say, definetely doable
(and yeah, my situation is just like yours, I also didnt play bay at all for about a year)...
and the most important thing:
I doesnt feel "wrong" anymore in a certain way.... actually all turns and all jumps feel naturally, just the way they should be...
which is imo a big difference to all other rather transitional tracks in this mtc, which are immediately fun to drive and feel plausable even on your first try, but, no matter, how often I drove than, i still had troubles finishing these maps, there is no process and they wont get easier...
The process in this map is huge and i can just encourage anyone to spent a bit more time on this map like usually.... it definetely pays off,
and like I said - imo you can only judge the track if you have the route in your mind and feel "how the track is meant to be" .

At some parts I definetely had some kind of flashback,
especially the ending seemed a bit similar to blinkered, although I can hardly remember this track... I think its the short ride on the house/building and also the last (hard) jump which you also used back in 2009... at least it felt like it...
I think all in all the track is a little bit easier than Blinkered, but the quality is the same or maybe its even better...
I think this mtcs theme really suits you well and youve again proven your amazing building skills,
especially when it comes to tech tracks
MT is also nice
So now try to beat my time!
  basbaas»LT 22-Mar-2013
Wow, amazing job tmjonas! I expected nothing else from you.
  FT»tuutti 22-Mar-2013
Great supertight techy track.

  TMshock 25-Mar-2013
This is the winner track I hope ^^ Perfect Flow and MT. Techy/speedy and slow parts match very good together I only hate the water jump -___-

  Wallaby 27-Mar-2013
sweet track.
  Fallout Boy 09-Apr-2013
I like to think that I'm really good with the bay editor.
I think you're better.
Master-level stuff here, well done.
  1Zaitsev1 06-May-2013
nice one !
(won't hunt here)
  eyebo.wp 07-Feb-2019
Great stuff!
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