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Track Name
Name: s - avenue
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wardav
Version: 17-Mar-2013
Released: 17-Mar-2013
TMX id: 4358862
LB Rating: 75,264
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:59.82   Jonathan~+ 0:00.0075,264
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:00.52   rpee89+ 0:00.7069,979
1:00.72   worf+ 0:00.9068,469
1:01.11   ketrab+ 0:01.2965,526
1:01.36   -Chaos-+ 0:01.5463,638
1:01.57   Fahrschüler+ 0:01.7562,053
1:01.67   rulz+ 0:01.8561,298
1:02.48   Misa Misa+ 0:02.6655,183
1:03.35   hb+ 0:03.5348,616
1:03.42   Psikopate+ 0:03.6048,087
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Author Comments

Hey friends and .
After some time there is my newest track " s - avenue"

some words :
I found some time and I finish track from last year.
With finalizing the map, which I originally wanted to call "sunrise avenue"
I was embarrassed because sunrise mood was not very cleara and little dark.
Finally, I called it 's-avenue "and put it in the original daily mood.
S = Sunrise, Sunset, Sunny and this is what satisfied me.

Here are 2 more versions in the sunrise and sunset mood : sunset & sunrise version! .Tthese versions are unlocked, maybe for some MT begginers to lear how to do MT.

Again, I did not use any mix, but I found a nice TM-bug and that I like and that is worth noticing. It is the first drop, when I placed block 2/5/5, which is allowed and cut a further drop. The block made smoother landing. In addition, I like the next transitions. Then what is important, the map is relaxed and I want You feel on her really peace and quiet. That I wish you all and I might again find time to complete more maps waiting on my HD.

Other info :
MT - Intro, GPS, outro
Lenght is about AT 1:02:94.
Block mix - NO
Custom Music : Sunrise Avenue - Hollywood Hills!
Mood : day

Have Fun ! wardav

User Comments
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  ketrab 18-Mar-2013
0:59.xx is of course possible - gogo Jonathan! ^^
  wardav 18-Mar-2013
I just only read, my thanks and comments come
kaugummi - m8 - hiho glad You are still here & thx for
MisaMisa - tnx for and nice comment - exelent time
rulz thx for very nice readable comment and exelent time m8 - yes its fingers exercices Very nice time
j-a-m danke für die tasse () meinem Freund
ketrab - Thanks for the nice longer comment. GPS turn came to my mind at the last minute and thanks for the compliment. Yes at the start, I added a bit of contrast, it is seen that you have a powerful computer and you see it. Amazing time 1.01.11
Jackino - dík za pohárek Mirku
hb - OMG , what can I can say to PAREXELANT comment to my track to very good and friendly man on I have no words ?.. No I am glad You are with Us and with me. I am glad and happy that my track pleased You and my BIG regards to Your Wife becouse your sentence in brackets (It is a "Hardcore" Sunrise Avenue Fan) - its a my pleasure She and You like good music. My big compliment to You and Your Wife. Greet her
Cros - I am pleased by your comment and with words You wrote, must noticed your idea about TM1 builders and survivors on TM1.Yes TM1 now loosing players more and I hope we - everybody - keep it alive. Thx for hb add comment
Maiga - naice to see You, Misa and Maiga are two good women builders on TMX I can say and I hope I am right. Nice to read Your comment and I am currious your new track with some ideas.
Alex - I am glad You are here with Us m8 - thx for
Zyre - m8 nice to see You on my track with good feeling we are still here
iRoC - thank you for you words and i know sign , but hope Your natural feeling showed the way.
Jonathan - must say more then only thank you for If I saw ketrab´s challenge to You I realized that as You wrote car can be unstabilised with fast speed on 2 parts. BUT rly , rly thank You for your big work 1 - hour testing and for this great time 59:xx . for You and Your great WR
WAB thank You fro nice music try to listen.
Jan I wish You PC will be stronger
rpee89 must say that I am rly glad to seeyour new here and rly beautiful and pretty nice record - more then 15 mins. I watchet it. Thank You for that fast and clean ride on my track.
s8ndm8n thank you very much for nce comment
Hotsch hey m8, thank you for nice comment - glad to see You
  hb 18-Mar-2013
Hello _cros_,
I think it's great you are again indicating that this great track, of course, many other tracks, helping the TM1 community
"alive" to maintain and new community members to show what here
excellent tracks are built.
Thanks for pointing this out.
best wishes
  Jonathan~ 19-Mar-2013
Don't be so sure Ketrab. I had to struggle for an hour to get below 1:00 min
  _cros_ 19-Mar-2013
Thanks HB, for me TM1 is still the best, tracks like this prove it, years to get to this quality mapping
  ketrab 19-Mar-2013
nice Jonathan
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  kaugummi59 17-Mar-2013
/ Nice Music
  Misa Misa 17-Mar-2013
Nice Track
& M.T. work
Very good flow

>>> <<<
  rulz 17-Mar-2013
This is an AWESOME track Very fast throughout the track To be fast at the start it's a challenge to keep car stable quick finger work needed there. The right turn after the loop comes up fast and is a key point on the track to improve time. Very challenging I loved the finish. The car lands solid after the last jump and responds well in the chicane to the drop downs to finish. Intro and End of race MT work is fantastic. The scenery is beautiful. Overall I think this is one of your best
  j-a-m 18-Mar-2013
Yes, amazing work here, everything fits, perfect coast-track, very well done m8
  ketrab 18-Mar-2013
Hello David.

Really, really cool to see your track.
This time I say more.

Intro is amazing! Idea and great job.
GPS... sweet idea for rotation "gps @ back".
Outro as allways cool.
In start do you use "contrast"? ;>

Amazing roads with cool flow and speedy.
Great jumps and turns.
Music, Scenery and Screen - great.

Deserved - ketrab
  jackino 18-Mar-2013
.............Super práce jako vždy
  hb 18-Mar-2013
OMG, what an excellent track!
From start to finish this track is probably one of your best, even though You've built a lot of good and excellent track.
The start is just incredibly good and you feel like you've come up with the track design is simply the finest.
Every meter of the track is very well calculated and all turns, jumps and drops are just consistent.
The finish is simply a class apart with successive connections to drive relatively simple, but made ??very efficient.
The track includes a good number of ideas which are all very well in the entire
Track design were added and once again prove your class as a Track Designer.
Mention the extra value also very good flow, from beginning to end.
When I drove the track for the first time I have "him" and can immediately liked the excellent music,
the outstanding scenery and the track design you really just thrilled to be the track just have a lot of fun and just enjoy.
I love the intro, but even more the superb outro where the track again can really enjoy. Everything else, such as MT Work Screeny and GPS has quality in First Class and my wife particularly pleased about the music.
(It is a "Hardcore" Sunrise Avenue Fan)
David, here you have to me a particularly happy and well deserved award from me.
>>>>>> >>>>>>
  _cros_ 18-Mar-2013
Hello Wardav, is always a great pleasure to see your new tracks. I always have a great feeling with your work, I think your way as a mapper is now at the top. I could not find a bug or a part that I do not like. The background is exactly how I like it and the MT is great as always. Now that TM1 is losing players is important to create fun and spectacular tracks for all, not for a few star players, you did you do it perfectly, it is not easy to find the right balance. Thank you for your work and for your support.

  Maiga 18-Mar-2013
Hello :

A very good map
a tired hard when map but Super fresh and available rolled
I like the scenario but more especially the transitions
Besides one or two idea should be on my next track one or two idea should be on my next track
at least I you notified :
Otherwise the beginning is the end including final replay
This is a fun map inch lift

Once again great job Wardav

>> Class d+
  Alex BF 18-Mar-2013
i am still somehow here

great map m8 ,, the final trans are super
  Zyre 18-Mar-2013
Exellent race - really smooth creative transitions

MT ++

  iRoC 19-Mar-2013
Sign placement could be better, but overall the track rocks
There are some pretty cool transitions
  Jonathan~ 19-Mar-2013
Hey man! Great track of yours!

The track is innovative and challenging, together with unusual transitions and lovely scenery, but I have to admit hunting a time below 1 minute was a mess. The car got so unstable at high speeds in those chicanes but never mind. The track is still a beauty!

|| ||
  WAB 19-Mar-2013
Nice track, well-crafted transitions the last 2 that I liked best, and very good MT work
the music I can not listen, too many times on the radio

>>> <<<
  »Jan' 19-Mar-2013
Great Coaster here, too.
My PC laggs so much atm dunno will see a time in future^^
  rpee89 21-Mar-2013
Great challenging coaster track, a bit long for online but nice for solo racing, well deserved
  s8ndm8n 23-Mar-2013
Great track wardav
Nice flow and speed throughout
  Hotsch 24-Mar-2013
Great feeling driving this one, very intuitive driveway
and well created parts
Cool and perfect MT work
Much fun on this track
  Fahrschüler 27-Mar-2013
nice one
  Psikopate 27-Mar-2013
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