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Name: [MTC] Shine.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   _firestorrm
Version: 21-Oct-2012
Released: 20-Oct-2012
TMX id: 4273338
LB Rating: 35,159
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Desert
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0:25.09   rad+ 0:00.0035,159
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0:26.73   Edge.Fwo+ 0:01.6421,370
0:29.35   GranaDy!+ 0:04.260
0:29.37   riolu!+ 0:04.280
0:29.40   kripke+ 0:04.310
0:29.56   mysen dk+ 0:04.470
0:29.67   ketrab+ 0:04.580
0:29.69   gruebchen+ 0:04.600
0:29.69   _firestorrm+ 0:04.600
0:29.86   mghej4+ 0:04.770
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Author Comments

This is my submission for the October MTC. The theme was, that you had to place an enginekiller-block within the first 5 seconds, and no CP at all. So i thought desert would be the best, at least for me. So this is it. Yeah. That screen is made by chalwhen because I suck hard at screens. Thanks again!


30 seconds long (AT : 29.99)


Thx for betatesting:


Part 2

Flash. by   _firestorrm


Have Fun & Good Luck!

_firestorrm // BlaGK¬LuFi


1. FT»lolig Thanks!
2. nr._13 lol what's wrong with the loop?
3. basbaas»LT sry if it's too short. I just felt like it should only be like 30 seconds .__.
4. Alex BF yay!
5. FT»Joyeux rofl
6. asrock Thanks!
7. Jonathan~ For u too
8. FT»paddy Thanks, I had no ideas with that speed for the second half
9. ketrab Thank you
10. chalwhen I try. Oh and u should actually jump trough the loop. never thought of racing that o_O
| 10 |
11. Enai Siaion Great that you changed your mind
12. j-a-m Thanks!
13. mysen dk
14. kripke Thanks! and, wow what a nice time!
15. Cocktail.a.r Cool!
16. "riolu! Thanks and, wow what a nice time!
17. Sriver ^^

User Comments
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  FT|Joyeux 20-Oct-2012
Loool I was testing the track from beta when you uploaded it! I had many advice to give you, but too late now!

I'm surprised in a good way firestorrm! (see? Didn't forget the two "r" xD) It's nice, and fun considering the theme. But I dislike the series of transition just before the finish, and that jump from asphalt to road at 16 sec is killing half of my runs. So, no award from me, keep mapping!

Oh, and this is way too short. We want more.
  _firestorrm 20-Oct-2012
ahaha shit xD.
But well you were too late I am not a very patient guy. Oh and i even cutted one more transition at the end out
And no problem
  FT|Joyeux 20-Oct-2012

wow, already in the BOTW!!! xD

Edit: I didn't know I was that good at desert.
  _firestorrm 20-Oct-2012
You're not good at desert
I just took that 30.00 replay because it was a 30s. map.
  FT|Joyeux 20-Oct-2012
Oh, right, so I'm not the best.
  _firestorrm 20-Oct-2012
Had to update it because of Jonathan~ with another cut
Sry for the replays
  FT|Joyeux 20-Oct-2012
I'll make a time again, this map is so fun
  nr._13 20-Oct-2012
As I said: Nice map, but it is still cutable
Took me quite a while to drive this, but I think you should fix it.

cheers 13
  Enai Siaion 20-Oct-2012
( edit )
  FT|Joyeux 20-Oct-2012
Underwater? Are ya talking about the same map?
  Jonathan~ 21-Oct-2012
I think he does, check nr.13's replay.
  _firestorrm 21-Oct-2012
ok let's see here.
@ all the people who wants to cut my track:
Stop it!
@ Enai :
maybe next time you should actually try my track and don't look just the WR It's totally clear that you shouldn't drive like that. There are not even signs pointing something like that.
  FT|Joyeux 21-Oct-2012
Why don't you watch the GPS before complaining about a route that is followed by a WR which is 3sec better than the author time?
  Enai Siaion 21-Oct-2012
"It's totally clear that you shouldn't drive like that"
Actually, you should drive the fastest way.
  FT|Joyeux 21-Oct-2012
Oh, c'mon, don't complain that much about the MTC track which have cuts, it's rly hard to avoid all the possible ones, especially in such a compact map..
  Enai Siaion 21-Oct-2012
  FT»chalwhen 21-Oct-2012
hehe ... thx for the hint firestorrm better replay now
  Jonathan~ 22-Oct-2012
Can't get any closer to the AT, rigth?
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  FT»lolig 20-Oct-2012
Award This Track

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Nice map! just awesome imo, it is smooth and easy to drive

also the scenery is so natural but still amazing

  nr._13 20-Oct-2012
Yeah, nice work dude
Great flow and very smooth transitions
I only don't know what I should do
with the loop at the finish...

But great map anyway

Good Luck for the MTC

  basbaas»LT 20-Oct-2012
Would have indeed be much more awesome if you extended the track.
It still makes for an awesome, smooth and flowing entry, I can see your tracks improve everytime. You're an excellent mapper looking at the average "newcomers" on tmx.
Keep it up!

p.s I feel bad for you, the mtc results for last month are still no where to be seen
  Alex BF 20-Oct-2012
map is soooo amazing , well done ,nice MT also like the cam near the end
>> <<

ps gl
  FT|Joyeux 20-Oct-2012
After trying it again, I take back what I said.

The jump at 16 sec never bugs now, I don't know how I drove before xD and the last series never bugs either now, I guess I didn't drive the map correctly enough at my first try.

So, it's nice, and most of all addictive! The transitions are cool and easy, turns aren't annoying and flow really well.

The only problem now is its shortness..

Well done, I didn't know about you before but now I'm looking forward to your next maps.
  asrock 20-Oct-2012
Good look for the MTC!
  Jonathan~ 20-Oct-2012
Can only agree with the others! very nice challenge!
GL in the contest
  Nim 20-Oct-2012
wow, really cool one nice transitions and really smooth, just gets to fast near the end imo, I liked the speed of the first hallf

  ketrab 21-Oct-2012
Awesome map! What a smooth, transitions... and cool MT
  FT»chalwhen 21-Oct-2012
omg ... pls don't be too awesome
  Enai Siaion 21-Oct-2012
Normally I'm not a fan of transitional tracks, but this one is one of the best I've seen. It is just fast enough when it counts and gets faster near the end for an exciting finish. It is also addictive even if you dislike transition hell tracks!

  j-a-m 21-Oct-2012
Wow, amazing stuff here, everything is said about this great map, well done _firestorm
  mysen dk 22-Oct-2012
NICE track
GREAT fun 2 play
  kripke 24-Oct-2012
I like it

  Cocktail- 24-Oct-2012
  riolu! 26-Oct-2012
Great hunting track, I had fun
  Sriver 26-Apr-2013
great one!
was fun on ppo

  GranaDy! 19-Oct-2013
Very good map and also nice to hunt! (I'm happy because I'm better than riolu and krip ) Very good work

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