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Pack: SMSeries2
By:   kadaz
Version: 19-Oct-2012
Released: 19-Oct-2012
TMX id: 4272453
LB Rating: 1,732
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 3m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
2:44.65   darkness__star+ 0:00.001,732
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
2:44.81   Marius 89+ 0:00.161,721
2:48.39   viky27+ 0:03.741,495
2:52.03   berrymaster+ 0:07.381,266
2:55.25   Nim+ 0:10.601,062
2:55.27   Enryx+ 0:10.621,061
2:57.21   megakanonenfutter+ 0:12.56939
2:57.66   Pato7forever!+ 0:13.01910
2:59.05   junidan+ 0:14.40823
3:02.99   timce+ 0:18.34574
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Author Comments

MT Work= Small intro/outro and track FX fog.
Track Style= Tough 3 laps, under a minute each.
Copper use = Ok, a lil high, just a bit over 4000..
Author's time = 2:59:49, with time to knock off.
Mood & Mod = Sun rises in the east + addon mod.

=]| Track Description ~ An Kin Track to "SMTRAK_TEMP".

Like mentioned above, this track is very close to "SMTRAK_TEMP", the raceway with 6 laps, so I narrowed this speedy down to 3 laps, fixed the "bonked" multilap, and added a few little extra's to improve the overall appearance. I would like to see Smtrak Temp and this track both have 10 replays each, before I upload the newest track, yet in a few releases. yes always, surprise!! the Super Track of these two combined, flared with the ultimate design flow.. wait till the rest, hint, for soon to watch the level up, raise the bar.

All Checkpoint's are Respawnable... I think?

=]| A small incentive, track bonus

A 500 copper bonus to each of the first "10" REPLAYS submitted.
A 500 referral bonus for any replays to knock off my replay on TEMP.
A 1500 copper extra bonus for everyone posting a time under 2:45.
A 1000 extra bonus coppers for completed all the above three bonus's.

=]| Track Downloads

Under 5 megabytes, *fixed* all downloads are included in game URL's


An absolute download, the MOD called - SMTRAK ISLE - also can be mod downloaded in-game, the mod size is near 70 mgs.. very well worth it.

Enjoy the game.

User Comments
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  kadaz 19-Oct-2012
Stay tuned for the Grand Prize tourney for an Upcoming SMTRAK
  darkness__star 22-Oct-2012
under 2.45 is really hard! You need a perfect run! Add a 0 to the jackpot to motivate me^^

EDIT: Already 3hours of play on this map It was hard but I finally reach my goal ! Enjoy my replay I think 2.43.xx is the best time we can do on this map ! Nice job!
  kadaz 24-Oct-2012
Way to go, raise the copper pot a little and you rake in the shine! Liked how you took the corners, you made really good time.
  Pato7forever! 02-Nov-2012
Login: phelps888
  viky27 03-Nov-2012
Nice multi-lap track, a bit too fast , but nice

Login: viky27
  berrymaster 06-Nov-2012
Nice map

My login : berrymaster
  Marius 89 23-Jan-2013
under 2:43 is very good doable. I just can't do it with my old (and little broken pad) as I loose in the last right turn always 0,6 seconds.
  kadaz 24-Jan-2013
I will send out a message for the release 'END SEQUEL' to all those that participated on TEMP & MERC once the TOP TEN fills up.
  timce 06-Feb-2013
Nice track
My login: timce
  junidan 07-Feb-2013
login: junidan
  megakanonenfutter 08-Feb-2013
Great track i try to improve my time and beat yours

login: megakanonenfutter
  kadaz 10-Feb-2013

The sequel is under construction, yet a little has to be done.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Enryx 21-Oct-2012
Nice lap race

  Nim 21-Oct-2012
not my type of track, but definitely a fun multilap

  darkness__star 22-Oct-2012
Brilliant map So hard to drive it right !!! Really really good and hard challenge
  firehorse 25-Oct-2012
nice old new track.
why not just update?

good work and idea
  wardav 30-Oct-2012
Oh very nice flow track.
I em not fun of multi,
but this ids veryy fun.
And scenery - great and beautiful.

Rly good and interesting work !

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