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Track Name
Name: RallySprint
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   crooms
Version: 21-Jul-2008
Released: 08-Aug-2007
TMX id: 425284
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Rally
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0:47.51   [CMC]Figos+ 0:00.70-
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0:47.66   *Garfovsky+ 0:00.85-
0:47.96   JumperJack+ 0:01.15-
0:48.02   Zeref+ 0:01.21-
0:48.79   Vastapaavi+ 0:01.98-
0:49.06   Bloody+ 0:02.25-
0:49.20   crooms+ 0:02.39-
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Author Comments

My first Rally track, one of my favourite environments
This is a fast, challenging track which is not fullspeed but is fast and flowing
Contains a few jumps, some offroad, crossovers and a short re-use
Should be good online or offline

Author time 49.2
900 coppers
MT intro, outro, no need for GPS

All comments, Replays or awards are welcome

Updated due to cut

Updated again....

User Comments
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  crooms 08-Aug-2007
Thx Mr.Brow
Thx Romai
Thx gman
Thx Vincent
Thx Stoney
Thx Roa
Thx Andree
Thx Insomnia
Thx Dengel, Over and over again is just how i wanted it
Thx Manu
Thx P-devil
Thx MiniZyko
Thx Tcq, nice time
Thx Gadget for the great award, i don't think i've had such an insightful award as this. I do love this track, and you described it perfectly
Thx Feanor
Thx Deng
Thx Smok3y
Thx Zippage
  R0mai 08-Aug-2007
author time is pretty good
  crooms 12-Aug-2007
Not as good as Feanor's ^^

or Tcq's
  thommy3 17-Dec-2007
My time obviously involves a cut. Pretty easy to spot cut i thought.
  crooms 17-Dec-2007
lol it wasn't that obvious, it was a pretty clever cut

Updated now and uncuttable.......hopefully
  DaKKoN 17-Feb-2008
To tech for me to really enjoy
Nice outro though!! Looked really good.
Specially for rally!!
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 14-Mar-2008
2 easy 4 me, cr ms!
Just drive the track on Mistral and found that funny cut!
After a few minutes this time arose!

  crooms 15-Mar-2008
Bah! i have already updated it once....
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 16-Mar-2008
Sorry crooms, but it was just fun!
Hope you know it!
  Bloody 09-Jun-2008
Is that cut now fixed? Would be cool since the track is fun to ride without using cuts..
  crooms 21-Jul-2008
Hopefully fixed now, a lot more checkpoints and some fences to block anything. The final wooden platform to side jump section has to be driven now, with two new checkpoints.
  MasterGary 21-Jul-2008
I'll try it m8
  Bloody 21-Jul-2008
Cool, thanks for updating!
  JumperJack 13-Dec-2008
i don't know what was the record on the earlier versions, but i'm sure that a 47.low is possible.
  [CMC]Roa 24-Jun-2009
  crooms 24-Jun-2009

Welcome to the .01 club
  [CMC]Roa 25-Jun-2009
Better now
  [CMC]Figos 25-Jun-2009
yeah, probably better to stop stupid games
  Rom 25-Jun-2009
TM isn't a stupid game ! what a shame to say that O_O :shocked:
  [CMC]Figos 02-Aug-2009
i said lets stop stupid games in the sense of uploading replays that are only 0.01 faster than the current rec ...^^

TM itself is gr8, dont missudnerstand me
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 38 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  ys-tp»toXic 16-Aug-2007
nice rally track. i even know that its hard to make a tech rally track special and not boring. But this one is special, so award for this great techy map.
  ¤ATS¤The Zanar 29-Aug-2007
I forgot to award this one. Oops.

This is a fun tech track and many will like this because it has a combination of good speed and jumps. Although, I am not a fan of the many tress that lurk towards the ending.
  SkunkY 11-Sep-2007
Very creative rally track that is very cool to drive.
Many cool jumps and transitions.
Thats the way I like Rally.
Great work!
  Harmony~Bros 22-Nov-2007
Wow nice one

Played it online today, a nice tech challenge. I liked the diagonal jump and the nice little reuse at the finish.

Great map
  KiWiNiNjA 22-Nov-2007
A big A for Awesome

Really fun, really fast rally.

  sonicspeed_cro 03-Jan-2008
very nice track.,.. I love stadium the most, but this is great

here is your , be happy

please, come and see my new track, mate

  'Q' 12-Jan-2008
I lost this track when reinstalling and forgot about it... stumbled upon it again today, therefore the late award. A good mix of challenging turns and speed passages with plenty of sweet transitions. Lots of time to be found, so the replay value is quite high.
  Mikey 13-Jan-2008
This is one of my favourite rally tracks, a few challenging parts but it feels 'Just Right'
  Mosht 07-Feb-2008
Can´t find words

  Rava 13-Feb-2008
again a nice one here
Perfect mix of tech and speed, great flow superb corners and tricky parts here
  Bloody 09-Jun-2008
Nice & groovy track, pleasant ride.

What else to say... except that i like this kind of rally tracks.

Here, your
  MasterGary 25-Jul-2008
Too tired for a long review ^^

-Screenshot = superb
-Intro = not bad
-Outro = very nice

Track is good, easy to finish but hard to get a good time
The re-use is very nice here, but I don't like the finish (lucky imo)

  Ricardo Rix 28-Jul-2008
slightly confusing, but excellent map, great re-use.
  rad 30-Oct-2008
Great tech map! Nice curves, jumps, scenery and all
  JumperJack 13-Dec-2008
speed or tech, or is it in between?! ^^

the track
it's in between, for sure!! ^^ a nice mix of speed and tech, well packed into a flowing track. ^^

the rest
some nice scenery, nice mediatracker, nice screenie. so... nice!! ^^

the fun factor
this track was pretty fun to play. nothing to complain here either. just missed some kind of special touch to get a higher grade. but, i don't know what to be honest. if i'd knew, i would've told you for sure!! ^^

final rating: 8/10

an excellent track from an amazing builder!!
  Draco35 06-May-2009
great jumps, really nice track
  Nim 06-Jul-2009
excellent rally track with nice ideas!
  Cibermix 14-Sep-2017
Not bad for a Classic TMX track
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