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Name: We didn't need a real world
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Redrot»LT
Version: 12-Jun-2012
Released: 12-Jun-2012
TMX id: 4180482
LB Rating: 26,494
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:48.70   Zemano !+ 0:00.0026,494
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0:49.09   maze+ 0:00.3925,221
0:49.47   MEFjihr+ 0:00.7723,980
0:49.50   Fallout+ 0:00.8023,882
0:49.64   kroco+ 0:00.9423,425
0:49.72   MasterGary+ 0:01.0223,164
0:49.96   Kriss[47]+ 0:01.2622,381
0:50.33   renarda77+ 0:01.6321,173
0:50.35   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:01.6521,108
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Author Comments

[Warning: long writing ahead]
Haldo there.

Well, it has been a whole year, and now I return. Junior year of high school has been rough, and has been the worst year of my life. Sure, good things came out of it, but overall, the stress and workload damn near killed me. I started playing StarCraft II also, but that is a stressful game as well. I needed to do something to unwind. And at the exact moment I am writing this, in exactly one day, I will have left to go canoeing out in the Canadian wilderness for a whole month. I guess that will suffice quite well. But even more, something was missing from the year, and I pinpointed it: mapping. Mapping for me has been a way to unwind and release a lot of creative energy out into something. My mom is an artist, but I have never been good at painting. I play two instruments, but for some reason, that just won't cut it either. Mapping is the way for me to express myself - the map style, environment, scenery, and even music is reflective of something inside of me. In a way, this whole game has become an influential part of my life. I play it for a variety of reasons: it is fun, it interrupts my real world troubles, it can be one of my forms of expression, and even more important, can be a place where I can simply lean back, relax, and race with some damn nice guys (who I have never met, but still). Heck, were it not for this game, I wouldn't know about 1/3 of the music I listen to. While I am at it, thanks, Nitroguy. Over the past few years, you may have been one of the best friends I have had, and I barely even know you. I love you, man, in a dude way. And thank you everybody else too: you keep this game alive. What is the point of tracking if there is nobody to play your track? Or race if there is no competition? Thank you everybody who has stuck with TMUF after the release of Canyon, this game must live on somehow. In all the years I have been around and known people, for some reason, the people in this game always seem more appealing to me than the ones I live near. The people I live near have beaten my spirit down, but the people on here have been inspirational and helpful - and brought me out of my shell a bit. Thanks, again.

I know you may think of me as that ranting (edit: asshole) who hates old people and awards, but there is more to me than that. Sure, I can get easily pissed off and frustrated, but deep inside, I do regret all I had done the past year with the release of the track Indonesia. I am deeply sorry towards anybody I offended.

Now about the map: this is a pretty easy island slide map with some nice jumps, transitions, and such. NitroGuY designed the last 10 seconds or so of the track too, once again, a whole lot of thanks to him for that. There is no MT because I am lazy. There is some smexy scenery though. Music too: M83 - Intro. It should auto-download.

This may be my last map, but I doubt it. Making this map made me pretty happy, and made me desire to build more. Hopefully, I can keep making stuff for all of you, and keep the friendships I have made from this game too.


The screen was done by me, PM me if you want a larger version.

edit: Holy shit, 6 years later I'm reading this and I hardly remember half these things. Turns out though I was very likely clinically deeply depressed for the latter half of high school and the first year of college, so that may explain a bit of it?

User Comments
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  basbaas»LT 12-Jun-2012
That's some pretty touching writing right there, and I couldn't agree more.
  NitroGuy!»UD 12-Jun-2012

btw I love you too <3

all the homo
  Fallout 12-Jun-2012
High school is so serious.
  NitroGuy!»UD 12-Jun-2012
  Wulfstan 12-Jun-2012
Keep making more maps!
  Redrot»LT 12-Jun-2012
omg hi shool presur so bad
  Fallout 12-Jun-2012
I really hated high school.

New topic of discussion: How awesome would it be if they just put new graphics on island and scrapped canyon altogether?
  Redrot»LT 12-Jun-2012
Thats what I have been wishing for the whole time canyon was out.
  j-a-m 12-Jun-2012
I'm happy to see you grow up - nice words to our community here
  Fallout 12-Jun-2012
I don't like the last part, the loops are quite buggy.
Lost about .2 on this run on the u-turn because the car jumped

48 is possible, I'm noob now xD
  kaugummi59 12-Jun-2012
My best Time
  SplaciK 13-Jun-2012
Very nice track !
But is too hard for me
  wardav 13-Jun-2012
rest is in PM

  FT»chalwhen 15-Jun-2012
great to see you here again red
omg ... what a great text
  FT»Osaka 31-Jul-2012
I'd actually add "I'm an engineer" to finish the useless piece of advice in the award, but I don't think I'm allowed to say it in the next 3 years until I actually AM an engineer, so i'd just say that I'm an engineer in progrees.
  Zemano ! 26-Jul-2016
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  kroco 09-Jul-2012
wow, this one is amazing!
surprisingly I could finish it on my very first try (0'52''35). That's fascinating, normally it takes me some time to get through without crashing, especially on tracks like this
I most like the smooth upward-double-jump-combo at ~22 sec. My thoughts on first run there was kind of "wooooouuuuat "

For my taste the end with the loop-wallrides doesn't fit 100% to the track, but that's ok to me.

  Dvil»ken 22-Jul-2012
Wouw !! ecellent map !!
  FT»Osaka 31-Jul-2012
It may have been a year since you have last mapped, but I'm sure as hell that it's been more since I've last awarded a United map

Back to my usual award format, with italic text and all that shit, I must say that I LOVED this map. Island FS, with some simple transitions, good for online AND with what seems a reasonable amount of work from your part. That finish was quite unexpected, there is some weird shit going on with the double cobra loop and the change of banking. But it is actually quite smooth and lovely.
The layout design is also pretty cool, fast without being unforeseeable, and with enough ups and downs to build a rollercoaster (That's how I like it). There are some classics, like the almighty jump off a banked turn or the always classic drop into 2x1x1 ramp block. A good use of red boosters to keep the flow and a very nice scenery to enhance the athmosphere. I didn't like the music tho, but you can't please everybody .
I hope that you keep mapping like this, after all you're a teammate and an all-around nice guy. The trackname sounds VERY deep, like rl took much of your own personality and shit. If you want a completely useless advice in this award: Don't sweat it TOO much. Everyone has his own limit, I happen to have mine unexplicably high so I never got to it (except at sports, that one is unexplicably low and I got to it TONS of times), but going over the top is not worth it unless you can prove to be the very best. It's better to enjoy life than to have a bad year because you didn't take any time free. Trust me.
Now, after the completely useless piece of advice, it's time for the cup to arrive. It was some international delivery, but I asked for it a couple of weeks ago so it might arrive on time *knock knock* - OH, there it is. They tell me I have to send it to you, so expect it in 6-8 weeks. Meanwhile, here is a little sketch of how it looks like:

tl;dr: Good map, had fun, don't ever forget to have fun,

From somebody who acts like he gives a shit (although I actually don't, I must fake really well)

  s8ndm8n 31-Aug-2012
Fast, furious and full of cool ideas

A time will come another day

Great work
  Cephid 01-Sep-2012
excellent job, a hell of a track
  Zemano ! 26-Jul-2016
Really cool flow and a good place to hunt !

  NoTimeToDrive 25-Dec-2018
Man...this is fast!!!
Fantastic build
Love it
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