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Track Name
Name: ax-lr
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   medina
Version: 06-Aug-2007
Released: 02-Aug-2007
TMX id: 417658
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:59.03   Eviltim+ 0:00.96-
0:59.31   'Q'+ 0:01.24-
0:59.83   Eagle+ 0:01.76-
1:00.27   tcq+ 0:02.20-
1:00.61   yavuz+ 0:02.54-
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Author Comments

my 1st rally track...
version 1.2 with easy start
have fun...

User Comments
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  medina 06-Aug-2007
thx jake
thanx for comments roaaaa
thx crooms
thx tcq
thx feanor i'm keyboard player
thx vincent glad for the rally connection
thx Q-SLO
thx dakkon
thx waratah stupid house
thx yaVuz
thx toxic
thx babar
thx eviltim
thx bark

wahou, awesome times guys
thx all for comments,
maybe later....
  crooms 09-Aug-2007
Author time wow
  Vincent 23-Aug-2007
******** The Rally Connection is here! ************

Hey medina, if you should wonder why this track will get more popular now: We have founded a new group, The Rally Connection, and we are having our third competition on this track. Congrats!

For more information look at this forum thread
  Feanor 23-Aug-2007
Vincent no you can not crash for being too fast!
You can crash for being too slow^^
Tcq had the same idea at first, but i crashed never, and i convinced him he was just too slow. just watch our replays, and you will see what i mean.
  Vincent 23-Aug-2007
Maybe it was just bad luck. I was much faster than the replay of medina there and jumped quite far, but the back part of my car touched briefly the upper border of the wooden part, so my car turned over and fell on it´s roof. If I would be even faster than that, then I would not hit the border any more, that´s true.
  Feanor 23-Aug-2007
Yes i know what you mean. It happened to me too, you can flip your car there. But it is possible to exactly land right at the top without touching the steep part at all.
And of course if you don't managethat you can always brake a bit so you land smooth on the slope. But if you hit right the edge it becomes dangerous, that's right.

Edit: Nice time Q-SLO!
Let's see what i can do still^^
But good to see a time that good already!
  DaKKoN 23-Aug-2007
btw who's driving KB?? I am
Because the start is SO much better to do with pad/stick then kb I think, since I pulled it off only once without touching the banked wooden-part @ the start with my sweet old kb. But obviously the CP narrowed the road so I crashed...
But anywayz, is this track easier with pad?
  tcq 24-Aug-2007
i think with pad the map is much easier dakkon, cause you could drive the first tunnel fullspeed
  crooms 24-Aug-2007
Pad (Analogue stick) or Joystick or Wheel is king for no-slide. It makes a huge difference playing rally imo
  Feanor 24-Aug-2007
Yes almost everybody agrees that a wheel is clearly best for rally. Which is also one reason why i'm so good, as i drive with the Logitech G25 wheel. But a very good Pad-players can be almost as good, but it is extremely hard for them. Even harder it is for keyboard-players, but they also can achieve quite impressive times with enough training.

Speaking of times: Got you again Q-SLO!
Let's see if you can beat me again^^
Or anyone else of course
  DaKKoN 24-Aug-2007
Hehe I improved a bA big second , but that start is just not do-able for me
But I don't think I can stick it all in one drive to beat the author, but I'm still trying
Well I have a steering wheel somewhere Back then it was about the best there was without ForceFeed..
It's the Thrustmaster Ferrari momo steering wheel But I think it is to old perhapse to be good ?? (10years or more...) but it is a solid one
  Feanor 26-Aug-2007
You really should try the wheel. But you have to accept that you will need time to get used to a new controller.

So now that is the best time i can get right now.
  medina 02-Aug-2008
thank you razor big update...
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Jake 04-Aug-2007
WOW great rally track
  [CMC]Roa 08-Aug-2007
Awesome Map !

Superb feeling all the map
Very well calculated jumps
Awesome transition and flow
Nice tech and speed map
Lovely rally map !

Your Dear Roa !

for this Gr8 work !
  crooms 09-Aug-2007
Wow! what a great track
Superb design, and so much fun to race. Beautiful noslide speed sections and some slower corners too
A brilliant track, i enjoyed it a lot

  tcq 23-Aug-2007
yery cool track with cool ideas.
The start is ultracool with the upjumping to the wood bridge
  Feanor 23-Aug-2007
Awesome track Medina!
I just love all these transitions, they work all perfectly, and on a wide range of speed too, you don't have to get them all at exactly the right speed. That's a very rare thing! I also love the speed throughout the track, it keeps the adrenaline high.
Good screenie and authortime too!

All in all outstanding work!
  Vincent 23-Aug-2007
Wow - great track! Not an easy one, and on the first jump out of the tunnel you can crash for being too fast. But the track has many good ideas and is super challenging!
  'Q' 23-Aug-2007
Quite hard at first but very rewarding once you get a couple of turns right. And the finish is evil. Thumbs up.
  DaKKoN 23-Aug-2007
Wow, this track gave me the cramps in my right-driving-hand...
And that's awesome!! Because that's been a while since that happend
I also know that this track has some amazing transitions and it all works well IF!! you drive it flawless... And that;s the hard part about this one
The scenery looks amazing with this MOD and how you plsced it off-course
Before I come with a few critics: Your 1st rally track!! That's very impressive then!!

I think you wanted the track to be this difficult... But I got a few problems with the block-placement of the house-road-block after the drop-off after the 1st CP. Before that "dirt-jump"-block towards the 2nd CP. Because of that stupid little house, I had to stop chasing your author-time(which is hard to beat (great job )) because it became to time-consuming... I kept crashing there because of that block... And some parts might have needed a block more to "ease" it up all a little bit. Same driving lines, but more space to try them on. But it's also a matter of taste, since when you DO finally pull it all off, it's very rewarding!! Gives a great rush!!

Overall Impressive 1st-Rally track and an very well reserved!!


Maybe some day I'll give it another spin...
  waratah 24-Aug-2007
I keep on hitting that house on the last corner grrrrr.
  yavuz 25-Aug-2007
Nice one =)
  ys-tp»toXic 27-Aug-2007
Uncredible map!! what a fun to play the track with many new ideas. I love the Speed and the challenge on it
BUT with Keyboard its too much luck to get a good time because you need detail at jumping
  Babar 31-Aug-2007
lucky but addictive track gg !!!
  Eviltim 23-Oct-2007
This was a super fun rally course!
It is challenging to continue improving your time and has lots of fun turns and jumps .

Great job Medina!
  Bark 25-Oct-2007
I played this track on a server one time and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Another player there said that this track was damn F*cking bad, just because he could'nt manage the first AWSOOOOOOOOME part, but then I kicked him if I was admin!

(Don't forget to play his wonderful track: dz-rt)
  Razor. 30-Jul-2008
'What a map! Great speed and jumps!'
  Nukedragon 19-Jun-2009
so fantastic medina woow !

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