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Name: (ncb) skatepark
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wardav
Version: 03-Jun-2012
Released: 03-Jun-2012
TMX id: 4175541
LB Rating: 73,649
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Coast
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1:01.33   rpee89+ 0:00.0073,649
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1:01.47   Psikopate+ 0:00.1472,640
1:01.73   wardav+ 0:00.4070,767
1:02.39   ketrab+ 0:01.0666,011
1:02.90   oldmack»BioH+ 0:01.5762,337
1:03.03   mysen dk+ 0:01.7061,400
1:03.23   -Chaos-+ 0:01.9059,959
1:04.80   Xendramir»UD+ 0:03.4748,647
1:04.97   rulz+ 0:03.6447,422
1:05.22   Alex BF+ 0:03.8945,621
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Author Comments

Hi friends and !

I present my 2nd „ncb“ track : (ncb) skatepark

To the track :
(ncb) means "natural coastal building"

Start is a bit tricky, downhill over the ramp wants a little training,
but then the track is not anything that would be difficult to finish.
This track is bit dedication to...
Another info you can find on my 1st track page.

This track is harder then first and follows theme skatepark,
becouse there is some jumps over ramps.

Others info

Mod : original TMU
Mood: sunset
Blockmix : No
GPS : race
Lenght .. about 1 min. My author time 1:03.03 : )
CPs ... respawn all

Have a fun - wardav

User Comments
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  wardav 03-Jun-2012
Tnx for and WR all ... below some my answers
loe * Gudulis * oldhil * road64 * j-a-m
* oldmack * Wulfstan * jackino * Hotsch
* kaugummi59 * Psikopate * ExRaptor * rulz
* Alex * ketrab * paddy * scar * Trendalas * bk2008
* hb
  road64 03-Jun-2012
Fun with this fun track, but:
I scratched knees, broken collarbone, broken nose, hands and elbows are scratched. So i go to the hospital and play comin Back.
  oldmack»BioH 03-Jun-2012
real good track inside..
soigned layout ..and some good transfert

by mail.
  jackino 03-Jun-2012
Cau mesic jsem nemel PC ale je to horsí jak jsem si myslel
  wardav 03-Jun-2012
@ Road - lol - nice and fun comment - go to the doctor to get in orrder your bones
@ oldmack - thank you I check e-mail tonight
@ Jackino - diky cece , sem si rikal co je stebo. WB príteli. Dal bych si od tebe nejaký nový dirt
@ Hotsch - Greetz m8
@ Kau
@ rulz ... thank you for nice comment. The start is FS to the first jump.
You must be near the midle line (as GPS saw). But its not tight too much.
Some tries and be successful
@ Psikopate... !!!
@ Ketrab - rly great smooth start ramp and super time
@ paddy - thank you for your comment and . I understand what you wrote, but I only dont like make shorter coast then about 50sec - 1 min.
so sometime seems to be on the same line. This track is easier version at the last jump / landing on GP 6/3 , there was after shicane to drop on block 6/8 double and after was shorter end. But this verion seems to me be more confortable for casual players (as me) and rest on second half.
  Psikopate 04-Jun-2012
@ rulz :not enough speed for the loop?look my replay
  wardav 04-Jun-2012
@ Psikopate - yes m8 - after I saw your rec, I made race with your car and load time.
Its possible cut lop but. after restart you lose speed,
but tnx for attention
  Psikopate 04-Jun-2012
you're right ..... or not .....
  wardav 04-Jun-2012
We will see
  sTeImOlO 07-Jun-2012
No question that loop cut is faster!
  ketrab 07-Jun-2012
I need to improve your time! ^^
  wardav 07-Jun-2012
Rly constructive feedback and I dont know ....
No answer that "loop cut" is faster ... and has more value than the work on the entire map...

I have not much time at this time to hunt cut time on my KB - Im prepare for vacation for tomorrow.

Be free and feel free to spend more time with faster and faster time with lop cut gentleman..

  ketrab 08-Jun-2012
Eh... hard cut
  hb 02-Aug-2012
I have the time for you, like, taken (you know why)
Greetings and have a good holiday

  wardav 02-Aug-2012
@ hb Im just preparing for uploading track of my son and
what a lovely reading I, ve met just now on this little older track.
First I must say thta I need saw agin your replay to remember this track and finish Rly ..
And the finish is now easier there was too tight space between end of road and GP.
Must say that I see this track after some days this one is harder and Im pleasant that
20th comes from you.

Thank you for very nice comment m8. Very nice WR.

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User Awards
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  Loe 03-Jun-2012
Very cool track

I love it ^_^
  Gudulis 03-Jun-2012
  oldhill 03-Jun-2012
Wonderful Track here.
  road64 03-Jun-2012
and for fun
Good impulsion for the start with the rampe
It's for the loop, he have must a good speed for well take it.
MT Pro
  j-a-m 03-Jun-2012
great work as usual david, very well done
  oldmack»BioH 03-Jun-2012
nice on my friend
sweet little jump...good speed and flow
  Wulfstan 03-Jun-2012
great track well done!
  jackino 03-Jun-2012
Dobrá práce
  Hotsch 03-Jun-2012
Entertaining and funmaking
That´s what counts
Cool work
  kaugummi59 03-Jun-2012
Great Track on & good work / flow =
  Psikopate 03-Jun-2012
  ExRaptor 03-Jun-2012
Parádní traticka, už se teším na další
  rulz 03-Jun-2012
Awesome track. Great intro and end of race camera work
Interesting start And a real challenge getting enough speed for the loop
Very nice work Wardav and I can tell you put in a lot of thought in the design
It made your track fast , smooth, fun and above all anexcellent challenge. Thanks
  Alex BF 03-Jun-2012
great one
  ketrab 06-Jun-2012

Now, in the TMX is lots of n00b's.
Old map-makers change the game on TM2.
I'm very happy that you don't leave TMUF.
After two weeks of my absence I think that now is less n00bs.

Track? It's perfect!
I love your Intro. It is a lot of work.
GPS? As always - great cam.
Outro... Hah ^^ You know my opinion. Excelent cam.
That's all? Nice time David.

  Nim 07-Jun-2012
kinda great one! But you could have made it 20s shorter, then the trac k would have been much easier and the end part feels a bit uncreative and repeating for me. But the first half is really awesome

  >>Scar>> 09-Jun-2012
very nice track
nice mt and gps
one of the best
  Xendramir»UD 10-Jun-2012
Nice ideas, cool for hunting
  bk2008 19-Jun-2012
  hb 02-Aug-2012
The track begins with an entertaining and professional intro.
Professional is the track. An unusual start, but very good one.
Great is the jump from the CP on the lower road, and then the first Tunnel passage. Especially creative is the sequence Rampw, small S-curve,
Jump on the lower road, and then the loop. All other sequences of the tracks are very well thought out, well-calculated and you have fun at the track even if it runs several times. The finish, although it looks simple, a very good idea.
The speed is, in spite of the great flow, very good and the scenery, we do not need to talk. (It could not be better)
How Ketrab said so beautifully, GPS and outro are very good.
Again a lot of work that you've done you, but the track is (Ketrab) perfectly.
Thank you for the work and the great fun of the track ready.
>>>>>> the 20th at this track <<<<<<<<<<<<
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