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Name: Download (MTC) Physics n Stuff
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Line»UD
Version: 26-Mar-2012
TMX id: 4102395
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,924
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Desert
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0:54.68   Lukas»LT+ 0:01.2711,937
1:02.42   road64+ 0:09.010
1:02.79   FT»chalwhen+ 0:09.380
1:27.40   Thrawn+ 0:33.990
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Author Comments

Hey TMX people...

Here is my first ever MTC entry. I probally would have done MTC entries in the past, bu I am really lazy ^^.
Anyways, it's a Desert track. I haven't built one for a while, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Thanks to Siem, CAR-AZY, and Nitro for testing my track. ^^.
Have fun guys!

User Comments
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  »Glumanda 27-Mar-2012
just 7 awards?

will do something after MTC
  Lukas»LT 01-Apr-2012
Damn this MAP FUCKS MAY MAIND, damn that smoothness gtfo...BUT the second 180° pipe kills me while hunting for pb I try to get that fullspeed and noslide, but its so hard! 54 will come soon *edit* Cuuuuttt alllerrrtt 53 pos
  Thrawn 12-Apr-2012
O.o what a lousy time
I'll drive again ^^
  tmjonas 12-Apr-2012
btw. you should add other tracks than only this one on PPO, it gets boring to drive it again and again
  rad 18-Apr-2014
Just found a shortcut here, I'm sorry :/
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User Awards
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User Award   Lukas»LT 26-Mar-2012
Nice track, using some interesting transitions, look weird, but works well. Good job m8 (:
Greetz Behi
User Award   road64 26-Mar-2012
Very very hard track
The sudden changes of direction, long curves at high speeds, transitions, all this make a beautiful track.
User Award   Siem»LT 26-Mar-2012
Aweeessssooommmmeeee traaaaaaaacccckkkkkkk, really. Nice control, awesome turns, lovely speed, nice transitions and still not too hard
User Award   blizark 26-Mar-2012
nice track and transition
User Award   Redrot»LT 26-Mar-2012
yay i played it i leikkeed it it are veryy goodod
User Award   basbaas»LT 26-Mar-2012
Nice, looks like you got a good chance of winning the MTC
User Award   FT»chalwhen 27-Mar-2012
perfect style !
awesome jumps and smooth transitions
Good luck for this mtc
User Award   FT»eyebo 28-Mar-2012
This is seriously my favorite track out of all the United ones you've built. I love that awesome techy flow and perfectly spaced transitions. I think this has a good chance of winning... and even if it doesn't... I know I'll be driving this one for a long time to come!
User Award   PasSion. 31-Mar-2012
Cool stuff here.
User Award   FT»kamakaze 03-Apr-2012
Nice work Line! This is a great track, I found this extremely hard to drive as im a noob at TMU, but it was lots of fun to drive. Love the flow and atmosphere of the map
User Award   mav 05-Apr-2012
Very nice flow, good speed

User Award   Sriver 10-Apr-2012
nice execution of the theme

really fun to play although it seems impossible to me to get to the finish without crashing at at least one of those evil sharp turns in the second half xD

User Award   tmjonas 10-Apr-2012
absolutely great one!

the flow is fantastic when driven well. just once you were at the bottom it seemed like you ran out of ideas. also, there's some unnecessary scenery (e.g. the ramp next to the finish) which makes the driver drive into the wrong direction (at least me).

anyway, this is serious stuff!
User Award   Adsun 11-Apr-2012
Fun track! just played it on PPO
User Award   Drannn»UD 11-Apr-2012
but really an awesome build
User Award   Cuba.CZ 12-Apr-2012
Those black quarterpipe transitions are the highlights on this map which is shining as a whole
Really nice flow to it, fitting easy difficulty and fun, nothing more to add I guess

User Award   Thrawn 12-Apr-2012
Nice track with really cool jumps, although I'm a noob in this kind of Desert stuff.

User Award   FT»ciRu 28-Apr-2012
cool map bro!!
I really had fun on ppo playing this map : )
User Award   gadoweldosd 22-Sep-2013
like most of the time I award for the idea and not for the experience
> <
User Award   Golo 16-Nov-2013
I once thought about studying physics
and I cant really remember why...
I think it was the building of the physics and math part
of the university which had a certain charme, somehow eye-catching...
and also of course I dreamed about discovering the universe
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then I realized I am dumb and I didnt know what to do...
I did some work in an hospital for half a year and I know
I was alway daydreaming about breaking out and doing
something extraordinary.
I couldnt get along well with all this daily routine
why am i doing this? Because it will be good for you.
But what is good at the end? what does it mean?
I dont know. I was too unconventional to do something reasonable
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Im not sure anymore if I stayed the same as well...
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and the speed was very high. The luminous advertising was colorful
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When I left and walked down the street the city was sterile and transparent.
A girl was going by and I turned around to see if she turned to see me.
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