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Track Name
Name: Desert Dash
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 25-Jul-2007
Released: 25-Jul-2007
TMX id: 405214
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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Author Comments

This track is created for the TMX-montly contest-July!!

This is the first track I build towards the competition. (The other times I entered I created the track before knowing about the contest... )

The description for Desert was Speed, Jumps and MT to support those jumps.
I tried exactly that
The track contains a lot of ingame-MT and intro and off course an outro.
I used a lot less FX-color then on my last track: Rally Fever
But still I used it.

I hope you all like the track and plz leave me a comment about how you felt about it That would be greatly apreciated...
Well hf now and make a nice time-comp...

If some people would like to drive this track for WR, I can remove the ingame MT so you get a very fast race-track. And it is easy to create small differences between times in top10 Perhapse this version is good enough for that as well though... But it's main-goal is to just enter the contest!!

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 25-Jul-2007

What an awesome 's !!!
I love reading such "emotions" !!!

Cab | 1st off, Loved the time and effort you took for your !!! And I gotta respond to a lot.. I'm not disagree-ing, just explaining The reason for all the ingame MT is that the TMX-contest of July Desert stated to be fast, big jumps and MT to support them 2nd, I wonder if you hit the hole while passing it through the middle?? Since @ max-speed only the middle of the hole will do. Else you hit the just starting curve. Although I believe I had one run hitting it, and then I went Very fast But never happend again... I out those holes there because else the jump would be a bit "borin"... And the author time isn;t that good since I got into time-trouble Since yesterday was the deadline for the TMX-contest. So I had to validate asap and upload But next time I will try to calculate better m8

pitstep | Hehe always nice to see such lovely words from you m8. Enjoyed every one of them

Iquere<< | lol I know exactly what you mean and I hoped people would pick it up and tell me about it Loved your I love to be Damned ^^

Andree | M A S T E R - c o m m e n t Hehe I read your comment like 5 times now and still rofl Haha Crazy track idd I had no testers, but I worked so intensely on this one I think it wasn't needed Since I drove a LOT of rounds It's a little hard, but with some gasoline-"sniffing" the right mood is always found on my tracks... Still laughing...

gadget | Very nice words m8, liked reading them! Specially about the ingame MT I figured you might fall over it... (as many others... ) But it worked out fine for me You can delete ingame MT of you want to, since there's no password on the track. Because I'm thinking of adjsuting a new version without all the ingame MT (except the needed... ) and some changed parts so for example the last part will become "smoother". I you dunno how or don't want to remove ingame MT, I'll do it for you and pm the track to you

smok3y | "... Suddenly The Cowboy appeared in the doorentrence of the Saloon and The Bandit got all excited... He got so excited he even offered The Cowboy a beer... The Cowboy looked surprised and while he moved his hand to his gun, he whistled. Then he jumped like a tiger and spun arounf while he drove a bullet right through the beers!! The Bandit was like "wtf are you doin' I just paid for those!! " Then The Cowboy turned around and a big old horse came walking in... The horse carried a lot of strangely formed yellow objects. And The Cowboy shouted: "Free bananas for everyone!!!"..."
-to be continued?
Oh and Loved the

BL Marci [TMX Cut Hunter] | Lovely and I;m glad you liked it so much!! One of the best ??? Nice And I hope I recieve so many 's but don't count on it...

$~SHIDO~$ | Thx a lot for those nice words!! I'm very glad you liked it!!

Ls777 | Very nice !!! It is very well recieved!!
  KEV Fan 26-Jul-2007
LOL - I do not have enough patience for that.
Get lost Dakkon you´re sick (although I knew that before)
Love the cam at first loop - I´m driving the Coyote (from Toons Roadrunner) and with that MT you created you can only see head and two long ears - looks very cool.
Although I do not dare to award - I like weird stuff like that
Cheers and good one.
  DaKKoN 30-Jul-2007
KEV Fan | Thx for giving it a shot and letting me know you did!! And about that cam-view, hehe I found out exactly that With standard skin, can in loop is just above front window, but with bigger cars: Monster-trucks are Trucks or Vans, you sit right in the cockpit And apearently you see ears... lol

Acid | Awesome !!! I;m very glad you liked it so much!! I really enjoyed reading your And what an AwEsOmE wickedly fast time, (As Cab btw...) Well I don't know what you mean with laOlA, but it'll surely be fun ?!

uetzer | Hehe very nice to still give an when the track is to hard Lovely words it were to read Thanks a lot, I'm glad you thought the MT was

Micster | Hehe you make ma laugh Thx for that, and I know you;re here to race So tracks coming up are without the ingam-MT so you can race them even better...

Hageldave | I know... I;m sorry for being one... Hehe I'm glad you enjoyed the ride and outro!!

Master_Track | Great words, by great author!!. I like you like the intuitiveness of the track I'm trying to build that in in al my tracks, but not all come out as good as I want, but this one did

Fallout(n00b??) | lol You sniff that shit all day right?? So no wonder it feels cheap... Hehe I'm glad you enjoyid it m8

Kendar | Thx a lot m8 for this marvelous again I'm glad you liked it! And I guess you're right about the alcohol part

gOd_NamusiS_ | Great And you make me go after such nice thoughts of me buildin'... But that does keep me stimulated to create more deserts tracks!!!

.dgp | Hehe well I'm glad you experienced the essence of the track: fun Thx for

SkunkY | an from SkunkY on desert?? I was pleasently surprised But you are right, the track isn't hard @ all Very much thx for this nice m8!!! you're desert track proved me you are enjoying it more and more

Squirrel | I;m glad you had fun!!! Thx for the nice m8!!

-HR-Easy | Thx for your nice !!! And I;m glad you enjoyed the outro as well!! Good time from you2!!

Ricardo Rix | Thx a lot for your nice constructive words! And I think you're right about the entertainment value Nice time 2

TYZZ | Just a crazy and awasome again from you!! Thx a lot m8!! I;m glad you enjoyed it all!!

-HR-n3crid | I didn't know the track could be considered that good!! (Mainly by the heavy use of ingame-MT) I wish I could get more 's but I;m already happy with this amount!! I mean, this is a nice amount All those nice words and then the no.24 is such a blast to read to!!
  Eviltim 12-Dec-2007
The track is pretty cool and the idea of the cameras are cool as well.
I did enjoy racing it some as well, I just don't like custom cameras very much while racing, so I'm not going to award it.
Good job anyways
  DaKKoN 18-Dec-2007
Oh YEAH!!!!
This baby turned classic today!!!
Love ya'll!!!

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User Awards
Showing 32 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Ricardo Rix 22-Aug-2007
I love the track, feel good fullspeed. amount of MT work is mind boggling and I think it doesn't add to the track but does crank up the entertainment value.
  tyzz 31-Aug-2007
awesome track again

cool speed
awesome OR
awesome scenery
awesome crazy jumps
awesome mt as usual
aweoms curves

the screenie is a bit less good than usual

  n3crid(inactive) 02-Sep-2007
That's simply one of the best dessert tracks ever!

awesome MT
awesome speed
awesome scenery
awesome jumps
and so on...

Hell yeah!!!!
You really deserve more
  JumperJack 09-Sep-2007
this is a nice and fun desert track, however, you can go too fast at some spots...

but that absolutely won't keep me from awarding this great track!!

an for you
  CommanderCool 09-Sep-2007
Fun Speed & jumps
Wicked MT
Ingame is EXTREMELY annoying, which makes u want to play it again 2 master it...
awesome job 4 a wicked track!!
  crooms 09-Oct-2007
Very cool track, the MT made me feel a little sick but is still very nice and doesnt take away from the important jumps etc.
Super smooth jumps and cool layout

  » Ebou / Busy! 18-Nov-2007
another fantastic map Dakkon!

the cameras make it hard for me but it feels like micro machines!!
Great flow, and again, magnificent offroad. Theres superb MT unlike your other ones
There is text where you go wrong, there are the cameras, theres a cool GPS, it's funky dude!
and it's fairly easy, so I can get a good rockin time!
cheers again Dakkon >>

  flurry 21-Nov-2007
Really Really great one here! You pulled off some very risky In-Game MT work here and made it a one of a kind blast. Yes the track is great, but the MT really shows it off in a unique way. Thanks for making this little gem.
  KiWiNiNjA 08-Dec-2007
Good track.

Would've been great without the MT
Wasnt gonna award this because I thought the unnecessary cams ruined the track. But the ideas and flow of the track is great by itself. So here I am.

  TaBle 10-Dec-2007
awesome track....
im no real fan of ingame-action-cams, but in this track its quite easy to get along with it

really nice work
  Nim 06-Jun-2010
lovely track
  david_34 15-Sep-2010
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