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Track Name
Name: reunited
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sriver
Version: 08-Jan-2012
Released: 08-Jan-2012
TMX id: 4043157
LB Rating: 34,786
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:44.66   Sriver+ 0:00.0034,786
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:44.66   spedzo+ 0:00.0034,786
0:44.75   Flappi+ 0:00.0934,365
0:44.93   KG¬ShOcX[nr]+ 0:00.2733,524
0:45.32   KG¬Nik+ 0:00.6631,701
0:45.65   Dag@bert+ 0:00.9930,159
0:45.98   FT»Shock!+ 0:01.3228,617
0:46.17   kroco+ 0:01.5127,729
0:46.42   rad+ 0:01.7626,560
0:46.48   maze+ 0:01.8226,280
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Author Comments

Finally, after almost 9 months without releasing a track, I have managed to build something again. Only purpose of this track is telling everyone: 'Come back to TMUF - it's good again!' ^^
I've tried to keep the track rather easy to finish, but I'm sure it will be fun for you to hunt for a good time.
Scenery and track building style should remind on TMS tracks from about 2006, so you won't find lots of crazy new transitions or something, but mainly little jumps and slide turns - and I have also integrated some fullspeed noslide turns for the analog freaks. (Don't worry, kb users, the track is perfectly playable for you. )
MT sucks (as always )... but I have again used cars from different environments in the intro.

Special thanks to...

... Shock for his nice comments during beta-testing, and for this wonderful screenshot!
... KEV Fan for giving me helpful advices that I didn't listen to in the end. xD
... eyebo for saying weeks ago that he'll beta-test my track and having tried it not even once yet.

Some tracks you should also try:

Shining Down by   Redrot»LT

FullAuto by   Micster

Have fun!


P.S.: If you struggle with getting the first turn, you can still get to the next CP. Just follow the road and use the quarterpipe to jump onto the platform.

User Comments
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  Sriver 08-Jan-2012
Thanks Dag@!

I see my track has worked out exactly how I wanted it to.

Thanks Rava!
Good to hear it's that easy.

Thanks chalwhen!

Thanks ShOcX!
Waiting for your time... hehe

Thanks Shock!
Have to say it once again: lovely screen!

Thanks Lapos!

Thanks DaKKoN!

Thanks spedzo!
I wondered how long it would take you to take over the wr. xD
But I'm sure we both can - and will - do better. ^^

Thanks DrannLr!
Shining Down is probably the track I played the most often after my little TM break. And together with FullAuto, it motivated me to build a similar oldschool-styled, easy, hunting-friendly, fun islander.

Thanks Caesar!

Thanks Nik!

Thanks jackino!

Thanks Cat!

Thanks wardav!
It's my favourite track style, too.

Thanks Kriss!

Thanks Hotsch!

Thanks Vincent!
I'm really sorry for that turn that seems to destroy all the fun for you.
Though, considering the others' feedback, I'm sure it won't be too hard for you anymore after getting used to driving island tracks again. (But of course, I agree with you that it's even better if playing a certain track doesn't require practise at all.)
Don't worry - next track will be easier.

Thanks Felix!

Thanks j-a-m!

Thanks Siem!

Thanks nod32!

Thanks mysen!

Thanks Fran_de_Kler!

Thanks Alex!

Thanks Morio!

Thanks lolig!
Cool to hear you think I could make it.

Thanks Calin!
No clue what you are 'doing 2 me', but thanks anyway... lol.

Thanks KEV Fan!
Yeah, I also thought about building such a transition. But I have already used it several times in my track. So, I guess there is no perfect solution. ^^
Thanks for the beer btw - I hope it's Kölsch?

Thanks Chaldan!

Thanks eyebo!

Thanks Cool-T!
... one of the few people who actually found all the possible noslide zones... ^^

Thanks tmjonas!

Thanks Cephid!

Thanks Morte!

Thanks Joyeux!

Thanks firestorrm!

Thanks kroco!

Thanks Torque!

Thanks Edge!
Nice to see ppl still play this.

Thanks rad!
Glad you liked it!
  Dag@bert 10-Jan-2012
bofffff, Spedzo must be from outer space ^^
  Sriver 10-Jan-2012
indeed, amazing replay
you lose 0.02 at the start though (yeah, the canyon burst-start works on island concrete blocks, too )
and, to me, it looked as if you could've taken the airport turn closer... so, i won't give up yet xD
  KG¬ShOcX[nr] 10-Jan-2012
here's my promised better time
It's far away from perfect and i think i can drive .8x with some time...
I'll keep on trying to beat spedzo

Ok .73 is too sick for me... vnt spedzo!
  spedzo 10-Jan-2012
Haha, I seen it in your replays before but I didn't understand how to do it.

So hold brake, and release on "go!"

I don't know how wise it is to teach me more tricks, but thanks
  Sriver 10-Jan-2012
now spedzo's going to improve his wrs by 0.02 on every second island map
incredible time, impossible to beat for human beings xD
edit: i'm not human... lol
.5 possible
  spedzo 18-Jan-2012

Again I want the Canyon thousand ^^
  Sriver 18-Jan-2012
i don't (you are actually slightly faster)

have to try again... wanna get at least a .5 xD
  eyebo.wp 11-Feb-2012
Originally posted by Sriver ...
Special thanks to....
... eyebo for saying weeks ago that he'll beta-test my track and having tried it not even once yet.

I feel so special.
  Sriver 11-Feb-2012
You are special.
(In a good way of course. ^^)

Btw, I'll finish my MTC track soon... maybe you can do the screenshot this time.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  nod32»UD 12-Jan-2012
  mysen dk 13-Jan-2012
NICE track
GREAT fun 2 play
  Fran_de_Kler 14-Jan-2012
Good track.
Speed, layout, fun. All on a high level.
  Alex BF 14-Jan-2012
nice and easy
  Morio 14-Jan-2012
beautiful image
  FT»lolig 14-Jan-2012
awesome map sriver
btw Good luck for your FT apply
(I think you've got a big chance!

hmm well builded map and not to hard but still nice to hunt on
it has some things away from surf rider...
well done!

  Calin 15-Jan-2012
Great work! RESPECT! Amazing island! Sry but my tine isn't g00d from top10!
Pls exuse me 4 what I do bad 2 u!
  KEV Fan 15-Jan-2012
Thx for giving me this one in beta stadium
About that one jump: Maybe we have both been wrong and a transition using concrete blocks without any use of this road piece with that damn lantern post would have been an alternative ?
Anyway - this map is great - although it is transitional there are no bad surprises. Easy to finish and hard to master - that´s the way I like it
Beers and
  Chaldan 28-Jan-2012
Just saw it online.

Awesone track!

  eyebo.wp 11-Feb-2012
Awesome track!!!
  Cool-T 09-Apr-2012
Always fun to drive this one online.
Good combination of slide and no-slide.

  tmjonas 09-Apr-2012
great one as usual!
  Cephid 10-Apr-2012
really nice
  -Morte_745- 18-Aug-2012
Nice one
  FT|Joyeux 20-Oct-2012
It's fun.
  _firestorrm 26-Apr-2013
smooth, easy, very fun to drive!

  kroco 05-May-2013
Cool Track!

Creative Intro and also a nice Outro.

  FT»Torque 29-May-2013
hard, but very nice. once u managed it to get a clear run its evry nice!
  Edge 01-Jun-2014
Wonderful track!
Well done!
  rad 02-Oct-2017
Great track here, fast, smooth, fun to drive, challenging. Good work
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