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Name: Download Kinetic Energy
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   *speedy*
Version: 02-Jul-2010
Released: 24-Jul-2007
TMX id: 403951
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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0:50.29   rad+ 0:00.00-
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0:50.49   AR »Down.+ 0:00.20-
0:50.51   CMC|Taylor+ 0:00.22-
0:50.92   clemarox+ 0:00.63-
0:51.12   Keirabxtch.+ 0:00.83-
0:51.15   *speedy*+ 0:00.86-
0:51.27   Nim+ 0:00.98-
0:51.34   Gizmo.+ 0:01.05-
0:51.45   Wallaby+ 0:01.16-
0:51.46   Swagbo+ 0:01.17-
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Author Comments

I know what you think: Huh? Thought he was gone

Well it a strange story which i will tell you now...
The plan was to leave here forever, and spent the last months on TMN - TMX...
So i made a track for TMN (this one) and upload it, but WTF i think its still 8 awards
I couldnt live with the unknowness and the boring people,
this is where i belong and this is where i wanna be
So for that reason i'm for 100% back here, maybe not so much tracks as in past but whatever; Speedy is back

¤Track - Info

Hard track to master, a lot of tricky curves and obstacles...
Fullspeed and very smooth jumps... There's one wallride, It flows very much and gives a great feeling
Much jumps and cool (normal) transitions...
Includes ofcourse the best MT-Work like:
- Great Intro (new)
- Ingame, LOL
- Outro is woota as always

This is it, he's back and ofcourse i wish you a great race, enjoy the race and have fun!
And almost forgot to say: Watch out for the [PF]??!?!!

§Þeeð¥...Big Screeny!

¤¤¤Thanks - List¤¤¤

Thanks for that very fast award, and what? All CP's are respawnable...

-Pluto- Try to feel the flow, its much more easy than... Thanks for the award

X-Master Yeah, cool award I'm glad you like it but it wasnt that original

Andree I think this is the longest award from you i ever had Well, i really like it.

Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) I said it in "Remember" ... I have loads of idea's

[ATP]Speedy Award from you That means you are coming back Yeaaah, thnx m8

Harmony~Brothers Thank you for those words but i have to say your's better

[ATP]Trump Awesome award dude

T_Z_ Yesss, I'm glad, Finally someone that say it isnt hard many said it was Thnx

p-devil I've wrecked my brains with figuring out that start... Thanks for the award!

Smok3y OMG. You crazy banannaman Again an award from you, that is a must for every builder Sometimes i'm thinking how to thank you for all the things you've done for me... I allready made a tribute track... Don't know more things but you know how to thank me for this track With a beautiful comment Thanks for it, I love it/you lolz, *kiss* *kiss*

[ATP]kopatch Dont know what to say, maybe thank you very much

-HQ-CeLoX- Thanks for the award and next time you are driving this track: Pedal to the metal!

-:BIC:-Z-i-o-n I think there's nothing wrong with the jump... You dont need to go to fanatic to the left Many thanks for the award

Tillus hell yeah, you can right damn nice comments Big thanks for the detailed award

pitstep WooT, thank you very much for that great comment

uetzer How can i ever thank you Thank you for that wonderfull award!!! Its really cool!

130rlilo yepeeeee, again an award from you Awesome

swesebbe Well, i can remember that award... So i knew that one was awesome Thank you again for that awesome award

[LoRd]Keyser Thank you for that small award And i've expect a better time from you Will improbe later

Kev Fan OMG, A great Islanddriver is driving my Stadium track Terrific!!! And the greatest thing: You liked it thank you very much

KoBe That's my big friend You really suprised me with that great comment I had to read it twice I really love it! Thank you

User Comments
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  *speedy* 31-Jul-2007
dont give up!!!
You belongs here, TMU, let that crappy TMN go
Just let your fantasy go and make an awesome track
  AchillesHeel 31-Jul-2007
the other problem is that my pc can't survive with tmu. minimum quality settings and even then when the computer lags, all the timing graphics (lap times, Time attack time remaining) goes completely blurred and i can't read anything. I suppose it's what comes with running 64Mb Radeon 8500, and a 5 year old PC with parents who have no intention of changing computers any time soon.

I'll keep trying though, might be a while though. Might even go to my tmn tracks and give them a tmu facelift
  *speedy* 31-Jul-2007
buy your own new "good" pc?
  AchillesHeel 31-Jul-2007
I'm 17, where d'you think I'd be able to find the money to get my own PC?

Anyways a PS3 is first on the list

Have a replay in the meantime.
  *speedy* 31-Jul-2007
I'm 16...
Bought a new pc with last chistmas...
Not a easy calm pc...
Am2 5400+
8800 GTS 512 ram
DDR2 - 800 4 gigs
Logitech g7 mouse... Not a cheap one
And much more

Its possible to buy a good pc on young age... Just need to work
  tyzz 01-Aug-2007
I'm 16 too

I have the money to buy a better PCC than this PC but my parents don't want because I must work before TMU

In one year, I have to get a new PC because I want entry in a ingenior school at 527 miles of my parents' house and it's my mother who must buy a "hight" PC ^^
  CMC|Taylor 09-Aug-2007
later m8 first I have to take the #1 place in the Stadium LB
  *speedy* 09-Aug-2007
is ok
Take that first place...
But not on here xD
  CMC|Taylor 11-Aug-2007
Ok, awarded I was going to forget it xD
  *speedy* 11-Aug-2007
Thnx for the awards:

p.o.b. KekX Great award my friend... I really like it

RKO 90 =ITA= Wooohooooo... That award rock! I love it!!! Just the details I had to read it twice
And you time, how you did it let's keep that a secret...

CraxX Omfg, that's the best award i have on this track... Tiny little details and freakin' awesome words Many thanks for it...
And "CraxX" is the best nickname i've ever heard... It sounds wonderfull

13ORGus WoW, thnx for your time and your great award, i truly like it

That's a lovely award scala'w4, thank you very much

Thats a quite nice award xxxbot Thnx for the feedback and the super words
  Sd. t!bo05 02-Apr-2009

sry RKO
  *speedy* 02-Jul-2010
There has been a TRACK-UPDATE

After 3 years lol
  Wallaby 02-Jul-2010
stadium is sadly not snow , so I guess I can count the seconds how long it needs till the rko90-machine comes ^^
  CMC|Taylor 03-Jul-2010
50.81 = first try ^^

<3 speedy for updating

Edit: 50.64 = ~15-20th try ^^
  rad 18-Mar-2013
Another 3 years - new shortcut I have to admit that I really wasn't sure if that will be faster when I was trying - did it first time after one hour - finished with 53. Now I'm sure there is a lot more to gain.
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User Awards
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User Award   xxxbot 12-Mar-2008
super track
good work,Speedy
User Award   MáSler|iSM 26-Nov-2008
User Award   Wallaby 02-Jul-2010
kool track
User Award   Nim 23-May-2013

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