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Track Name
Name: Sunset Chill
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   .roja
Version: 22-Jul-2007
Released: 22-Jul-2007
TMX id: 400817
LB Rating: 40,800
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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0:40.56   (TZ)Twista+ 0:00.0040,800
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0:40.74   lilo+ 0:00.1839,713
0:40.83   smok3y+ 0:00.2739,170
0:41.25   O mit_B+ 0:00.6936,635
0:41.61   TimeBreaker+ 0:01.0534,462
0:42.15   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:01.5931,203
0:41.07   oktopeter+ 0:00.51-
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Author Comments

Hey all RoJa is back
2 weeks ago...
I just wanna play my game and i've startet the game.
and then...
"oh damn not again this stupid protective system"
I was out of words with shock
close to the half way it was aborted...
It was a doozie!
I've sended E-mails to the support-address and then I'sent teh game to the Support.
After 4 days i've get a new CD.
The Problem:
I have to create a new account.
my new account is now: -roja-
So but now i'm ready with my new track
Sunset Chill
3635 coppers used
Author Time: 0:41.09
all checkpoints work

Media Tracker
Intro /Y/ a new try
In-Game /N/ not required
GPS /Y/ normally one
Outro /Y/ normally one
Music /Y/ Hot Action Cop-Fever for the Flava

Here the .mux file!

Here is the .mux.loc file !

For the .mp3 or .ogg file please add me in ICQ: 331-199-400 -- or in X-fire: login= r0ja

The Track
You have to get:
Checkpoints - 6
Grass-offroad - 3
Dirt-offroad - 2
Jumps - 1
Plattform - 1
"inactice" Enginebreaker - 1
Loops - 0
Boosters - 0


So enoug of the comments.
I hope you enjoy your test drive
Don't forget to award it if you like and please get your replays in this Info-page
Go for the record

User Comments
Showing 7 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  .roja 22-Jul-2007
a gramma wrong
"GPS in"5" seconds inactivity"
shame on you RoJa ^^
updated in: "GPS after "5" seconds inactivity"
I'm so sorry
hf & gl all the way
  lilo 22-Jul-2007
40.74.. made with the first version.
I don't see any changes in the layout
only the GPS and the validition time. Am I Right ?
So I Forced the upload of the replay
  .roja 23-Jul-2007
Yes you are right lilo
there is just a gramma change
for "GPS in ..."
is now "GPS after..."
and a new author time is there too
  CRO|Low_B 23-Jul-2007
Replay coming later.
  .roja 23-Jul-2007
So now i can beginn with the thx list

+-Thx Oktopeter´ nice words and i know the start is a bit confusing but if you know the way it's easy. Bute great award from u glad you like it

+-Thx 13Orilo Glad you like the start but i don't think that its hard i think it's much easier than my avenue map but thx for that grat

+-thanks KN good that my gps can help to find the tricke start way glad you like the offroad drifts

+- Amazing smok3y yes, i've tryed to bring some new ideas in my track glad you like my new ideas but slowly but surely i've got no ideas anymore but i try to creaty some owned ideas and so on i hope you've enjoyed my start sectiond glad you like my screeny too Amazin from you Thank You!!

+-Oh aiKo. This track is not this one that you've tested maybe you'll change you're award but all the way. I know you'll like this one more than my old Thank for the grat

+-Again an thx Low_B. short but nice glad you like it all the way

+- Thx Tillus. Awesome comment glad you like the start section and the slide-offroad parts

+- Thx p-devil. great that you like the offroads

+-Thx frans short award but thx all the way

+-thx G-man you too? can't find the way at the start?? good that i've done a GPS i think it's easy to find the way but all the way great Thanks a lot

+- thanks Mini. Glad you like my MT-work

+- Thanks Andree sorry for the red-black screeny I've uploaded my costum signs on fileden and made a .loc file...but why is the wrong ? stupid. but all the way, thanks for your great award in the next days I'm going to test some new tracks from you

+-Great Nibor Glad you like this one frome me

+-Awesome drom wrathwell thx a lot m8 for that great comment

+- Thx KoBe for that . Glad you like this one

+- Thanks for that Olda_X

+- Amazin TYZZ glad you like the combo and flow

+- WoW again an from TimeBreaker. Trojaner tracks? WoW he's one of the best builders here but good i've never thoungt on Trojaner as i've made this work But Thanks a lot TB

+- Yeah an from Markus. Glad you like the mix of off- and onroad. That was my Idea for the track. A tricky off and onroad track. that you like it

+-My old TMN friend. EffeX. Thanks for this nice words and . Glad you like the mix in this one and the start section too
  Schnitzer 24-Jul-2007
sry roja but those TMX admins wrote i just should award maps i really like .
I like this track but i dont like it so much that an award is indicated .
Its a nice map , but i miss the speed . This Track looks like an Speedtrack but it feels like a track without Highspeed.
MT work is ok .
Come on , next track would be better

  .roja 24-Jul-2007
No problem schnitzer.
the admins are right.
please just award a track that you like from me

Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  oktopeter 22-Jul-2007
RoJa, RoJa

Nice Track again!
Nice MT; Intro-Ingame-Outro all
Nice Track, but the start is hard to figure out where to go so

All in all its a nice Track!
oktopeter -><-
  lilo 22-Jul-2007
what a track Roja !
1 - tricky-nice-original start
2 - 2 super drifts
3 - no boost ! use your own speed !!!!!

It's an hard track but fun !!!

So, big for you !
  KiWiNiNjA 22-Jul-2007
Cool track!

The start is a bit confusing, but luckily you have a GPS

Great drifting, and nice offroad and platform sections

for you

  smok3y 23-Jul-2007
Now thats the way to make a super addictive track
Marvelous work there roja
Brilliant layout
Superb ideas used
Lovely use of off road to blue tarmac to dirt transitions at the start
Great drift turns - actually 3 of them for me
@ are the actual drift turns and then the turn after the off road and before the platform jump
That one has a drift to it as well - or at least for me it sure drifts
Great speed
Nice deco, beautiful scenery
And the MT work is brilliant along with the screenie

  aiko 23-Jul-2007
-+hi m8
-+nice track i have it test beta u know ^^
-+i like this track realy !
-+nice ideas
-+nice flow
-+and smooth 2 drive!
-+and the the mt work awesome !!
-+next track is a dual track !!! by roja~aiKo
-+n2L.FreaksX aiKo+-
  CRO|Low_B 23-Jul-2007

This one rocks!
Addictive map!
Awesome speed!


  Tillus 23-Jul-2007
This is really a great track! I love this offroad start, then there are these great 180° curves, which you can t do fullspeed, then the next offrad part, which is great, too. Huge curve and then the jump to the platform. Nice platform part, and especially the ending of the platform, into the finish, is just great! The MT is super, too. I like the easy intro, and the fast but good GPS! Keep on Tracking! for you and your track

  °gOd°Frans 23-Jul-2007
interesting map again
good work
  Gman`w4 23-Jul-2007
Nice track Roja... i agree with kiwi...i was ditermined not to use gps but had to great compact ground design... nice offroad sections and jumps... nice fast turns... excellent track
  MiniZyko 23-Jul-2007
Rojas new track
Nice intro
Nice outro
Nice GPS
Good music
Nice offroad parts
Very cool and fun track to play
for you m8

  Andree 23-Jul-2007
Great track
I like the constructions
Nice offroading on grass and tarmac
Good layout of the track
Only bad thing is the red and black (common problem in TMU) signs

  Nibor 23-Jul-2007
Fantastic Outro
Treat Technical Track with a tricky Start.

Very good Job
  p-devil 25-Jul-2007
Great track with super drifts!
Very good job!
  wrathwell 25-Jul-2007
COOL! I really like the ideas for this track! The layout was very good and it played very well! Nice scenery and nice mts! I like the big off-road powerslide corners ! The jumps were fun and interesting! I really like this track! It is very professionally made! AWESOME JOB!!!
  KoBe 28-Jul-2007
Great Track!!
very fun to play!!

BIG 4u

  OLDA_X 28-Jul-2007
funny track
good construct

.... .... OLDA_X
  tyzz 30-Jul-2007
awesome track

incredible combo of stunts
awesome flow
cool jump
great spedd
cool outro and intro
cool GPS

  TimeBreaker 06-Aug-2007
omg rojaner, what a superrb track
nice mt work
nice screen
and awesome track
it reminds me a bit of trojaners tracks (what a compliment)
realy nice slide curves and great fullspeed parts
nice dirt offroad
great grasspart
superb transitions and tight ways
overwhelming work dude
  Markus... 06-Aug-2007
great ideas compressed in one track
the speed is nice and the off/on road mix is cool
sweet jumps and a really nice MTwork
nice construction!
ok you`ve to look the GPS to know..heh, go left and dont drive through the tent
very very nice made

here your
  EffeX 10-Aug-2007
Awesome track RoJa
Awesome and tricky start.
Great mix of on- and offroad
Amazin drift curves
Great Jump to plattform
very enjoyable to drive m8.
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