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Name: Download Magnet!c
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Acid
Version: 21-Jul-2007
TMX id: 398940
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 42,151
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Snow
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:30.73   Kaka+ 0:00.0042,151
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:30.81   Wallaby+ 0:00.0841,493
0:30.86   Mr. Bones+ 0:00.1341,081
0:30.98   Acid+ 0:00.2540,093
0:30.99   KaboOm+ 0:00.2640,011
0:31.02   Keenou+ 0:00.2939,764
0:31.13   mysen dk+ 0:00.4038,859
0:31.21   »Jan'+ 0:00.4838,201
0:31.23   TaBle+ 0:00.5038,036
0:31.26   RazoR+ 0:00.5337,789
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Author Comments

here's my new Track, called Magnet!c:


MT Intro: Yes

MT Outro: Yes

GPS: Not necessary, so: No

Coppers used: 1883

AT: 31.25

Its a short, smooth Race with some Jumps,
drops and Offroad Parts. It's not hard to finish
it, so i hope you like it and

Bigger Screeny

Thanks very much RazoR, for that great Screeny !

Please upload a Replay

So, what else is to say ? ...
... maybe ...

Have Fun !


Thank you Eagle for your cool Award
Thanks CRO|Low_B ! Nice Award and very good Rec.
Good Luck beating my Record
Thank you RazoR for the Award and the great Replay
Thank you [ATP]Crawdaddy for that nice Award and the
Replay. Where didn't you exactly know wehere to go ? I though the
Route was obvious enough ^^
Thanks Axe ! I tried to make an original One, which
isn't easy by now. There is nothing no one already did ^^
Hey, thanks Andree. Sweet Award. I'm glad you like it Thanksy for submitting a replay
Thank you very much tmjonas. That's the best Thing an Author
could hear Great Award. The Second Jump really is - i like to say 'different' , if you understand Anyway nice Words from you
Thanks MiniZyko. Short and exact I like it.
Thank you pitstep. An Award from you always lets me think
that i did a good Job Thanks for the Replay, too
Thanks BL Marci for that sweet Award of yours
Thanks RustyMike. Your Imagination is just as weird as mine. Anyway, cool Award, thx
Thank you Keen. Nice Award, and great Record, as usual I'm not surprised anymore
Thanks Schandmaul. I'm glad you like it. I wanted to keep it a short Track. Hm, i'm going to learn
how to do a GPS soon, if its needed so much. Snow Bugs - My deepest Enemies
Thank you bachl. Sweet Award, hehe, that Second Jump is a Point to Discuss.
Either you love it, or you hate it Thanks for submitting a Replay
Hey, thanks smok3y my Friend, great Award. Always a pleasure to hear that
Thanks [CMC]Sandder, m8, cool Award, I'm glad you liked the Start
Thank you ? Captain for all your Awards. Nice One
Thanks Seychellen for that beautiful Award, m8
Thank you crooms. Sweet short Award. Exact and friendly

I'm in ''Best of the Week''
.:TY'all VM for testing it:.

Thank you InixXx.
Thanks SkunkY for that cool Award and the Replay
Thank you Harmony~Brothers. Nice One !
Thanks Deng, cool that you like the Start. Thanks for the replay, too
Thank you kevin916. maybe i should add more Signs in the Future
Thanks ohei2 for that sweet Award. Snow is the Best Envi ever
Thank you Sivert. Great Award, makes me happy
Thanks buchi, m8, for that sweet Award
Thank you xp33 for this nice, cool, short and exact Award and your Replay
Thanks [RX]K£NdU. I like to hear that Thanksy for the Replay
Thank you __Felix__ for your Award, m8
30 Awards ! THX to everyone
who testet the Track.
I never thought of getting
that much Awards.

Thanks Hageldave. Very nice Award
Thank you TimeBreaker. That's what an Author
wants to hear I'm glad you like it. When I got Time
mybe a second one will follow ^^
Thanks Don Alfonso for that super great Award
Liked to read that one
Thank you Manu16 ! Sweet Award

User Comments
Showing 9 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  CRO|Low_B 21-Jul-2007
It will be hard to defeat you on your terrain!
I'm going to test your track now.
That last tube is soooo mean!
Replay to raise LBs a lil bit.
You had a good run Acid
It will be very hard to beat you!
  Acid 21-Jul-2007
is it really so hard Didn't think that
Good Luck
RazoR is getting close ^^
  CRO|Low_B 22-Jul-2007
Wow,here is Keen.
Keen,try ''Mini Snow by Clown''.
I and Acid are fighting there for WR.
Come and destroy us both so we can quit!
  Acid 22-Jul-2007
  Keenou 22-Jul-2007
ok I will look at...
  Acid 16-Aug-2007
Thank you n3crid. Very nice Award.
I'm glad that you liked it
Thanks again, maphios, for that sweet
Thank you XR_Dominik
Thanks Mr. Bones !
Thank you Vincent. Glad to hear that
Thanks Maximilian_der_13.
Thank you TaBle always nice to get awards from you
Thanks Mr._Impossible Hehe, great award Cool if it's your fav
Thank you -RazoR- Thx anyways, i like it
Thanks f.enzo
Thank you Merze Really appreciated
Thanks Skilla Nice
Thx MT»trek
Thanks hoheb Awesome dude
Thx eyebo
Thx -simon-95
Thx Wallaby haha you're extremely lazy, that's why, thanks for the insane rep aswell
Thx SweSebbe glad you like it
  tmjonas 24-Jun-2008
hey little revival here!
  Trek 31-Dec-2010
OMG, I still love this one
  Acid 31-Dec-2010
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 57 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   TaBle 24-Jun-2008
great jumps!
User Award   MI 24-Jun-2008
I haven't awarded this awesome track yet?
Please forgive me !
It's the best 30s snowtrack I know on tmx!
Great transitions everywhere
User Award   Razor. 24-Jun-2008
Starting with clever jumps or transitions, continuing with highspeed transitions and finishing with a great end-jump-combo.


Sry 4 short award again, gotta learn ;D
User Award   f.enzo 26-Feb-2009
eXtreme nice map from eXtreme
User Award   Merze 20-Mar-2009
nice one i like it
but it's a way too transitional
User Award   Skilla»LT 22-Mar-2009
nice map great jumps

play it many times@ mistral
User Award   Trek 03-May-2009
great track with awesome flow and a nice scenery.
-> <-

User Award   hoheb 03-May-2009

haven't award this yet !?


very nice map man

User Award   FT»eyebo 19-Jun-2009
Wow!!! Great route! Very fun! Very addictive! Awesome map!
User Award   -simon-95 25-Dec-2009
Totaly Awesome
>> <<

User Award   Wallaby 26-Jan-2010
lol I suck , why did I never award this when I always play it at mistral
User Award   SweSebbe (Tmn/Tmnf) 13-Nov-2010
Really nice alpine track. It's great from the start to the finish. Really enjoyable

Here have you a big from me
User Award   wormi 27-Nov-2010
Short, but fun jumps replace that problem

Many regular but awesome transitions with nice jump & start, good work!

User Award   Draco35 15-Jan-2011
Very well calculated jumps, nice FS...
Really easy to finish, so good online hunting map
User Award   Thor" 30-Jul-2011
User Award   Drannn»UD 11-Apr-2012
great smoothness
loved that ramp at the start, you dont see that often these days
User Award   Cephid 13-Apr-2012
I didn't know that I haven't awarded it yet
very nice map
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