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Name: Download Last Kiss (MTC)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   CMC|Taylor
Version: 09-Sep-2011
TMX id: 3962758
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 22,177
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:46.37   Marius 89+ 0:00.0022,177
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:46.45   CMC|Taylor+ 0:00.0821,947
0:46.60   rad+ 0:00.2321,517
0:46.68   Cool-T+ 0:00.3121,287
0:47.43   _firestorrm+ 0:01.0619,135
0:47.55   rodeo+ 0:01.1818,791
0:47.63   kotarou+ 0:01.2618,561
0:47.84   Pablotm2004+ 0:01.4717,958
0:47.99   pitstep+ 0:01.6217,528
0:59.89   jackino+ 0:13.520
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Author Comments

Last Kiss

Taylor Swift Series - Act IX | "Speak Now" Subseries - Act III

Built for the TMX Monthly Track Contest, September 2011


Well, one year since my last MTC track, that was a while ago. I was not really into trackbuilding lately, but this theme was just too good not to compete ;D. And who knows, I might even get something good out of it ;D. Unlike my latest tracks, this one is a Fullspeed map. Lately fullspeeds were only boring to me, because they looked all the same, with no diversity and no fun while driving. While building this one, I discovered again how fun it is to drive an oldschool FS map. No platforms, no retarded bumpy transitions, just lots of roads, offroad and inflatable.
This one is not really absolute oldschool - more like a middle 2007 DeFacer-styled map, with my usual touch that probably made it a bit too hard xD (even though I don't have particular problems while driving it, I hope you guys won't have those either ^^).

-46 to 47 seconds with good driving
-Three loops, one wallride
-Some long smooth jumps and drops =O
-Tricky long turns xD

MT Intro/Outro: x, why bother if it's not judged? ;D
MT Ingame: (GPS, loopcams and respawn ghosts)

Validation time: 46.46
GPS time: 46.44 (both shouldn't be that easy to beat O:)
Scenery: 3913CC (how cool, 39 is 13x3 ;D), quite colorful compared to other competitors

As in each of my recent maps, the screenshot is made by one of the best guys ever on TMX, eyebo!
Bigger screenshot

Copper competition: click here!

Have fun, and drop some replays if you manage to get a nice run!
RKO 90

User Comments
Showing 13 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  CMC|Taylor 09-Sep-2011
  Braadje 09-Sep-2011
Eyebo you keep surprising me with your amazing screens!
  Marius 89 09-Sep-2011
is there a deadline for contest? or am I first under 47 and get coppers? didn't understand
  CMC|Taylor 09-Sep-2011
Woops, I knew I forgot something xD

Deadline is on the 16th. A time under 47.00 is needed to win coppers

Did you like the map?
  Marius 89 09-Sep-2011
yes and here is your 20.98

deadline on birthday
  eyebo.wp 09-Sep-2011
Thanks Braadje

Here's something I made for fun.
I hope it doesn't take too much of the magic away:
Evolution of a Screenshot
  Taka»LT 10-Sep-2011
I loved the "add Taylorness"
  CMC|Taylor 10-Sep-2011
Hehe, I loved that too

Very nice, Marius, I didn't expect both the AT and the 21.00 challenge to fall so quickly, I guess I'm a bit too rusty in FS driving now xD. I'll send you the coppers after the deadline so I can save a bit on Nadeo Tax
  Marius 89 10-Sep-2011
wohoo, a birthday present
  Forgot10 11-Sep-2011
Fullspeed? I'm disappointed, son.
  plastorex 11-Jan-2012
Is it Taylor Swift on a screen?
  CMC|Taylor 11-Jan-2012
Sure she is
  plastorex 17-Jan-2012
Love her
Don't know why I wasn't sure, maybe too much ps
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 7 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   eyebo.wp 09-Sep-2011
I tried for about an hour to get a clean run, with no luck. Mostly it's a lack of speed before the very end that gets me. I guess it shows how rusty I am at stadium.

The track is really nice though, and a great old school feeling to it. Speedy and fun... those narrow roads and the excellent scenery gives a great feeling of speed and that "eek I'm gonna hit something" feeling. I can see with the right speed that everything is very very smooth.

Good luck in the MTC. I haven't tried the other maps, but this probably has a good chance of winning if the judges can handle it.
User Award   Marius 89 09-Sep-2011
I needed a bit to finish, but then it's quite amazing
User Award   Cool-T 10-Sep-2011
Well, this track was kind of frustrating,
but you get an award for the perfect calculation and the "OMG, I made it!!"-feeling, when finally finishing the track without crashing
good luck for the MTC

User Award   robert0796 10-Sep-2011
amazing track
very smooth and very hard
well done
>>> <<<
User Award   kotarou 04-Oct-2011
This track is very hard but not bad
smooth jumps is so great
for you
User Award   pitstep 14-Oct-2011
hmm i hate this track

very hard (for me)
User Award   RachoVolker 29-Dec-2011
There's a strange curse on your tracks. I think I've never managed a single clean run on any of you tracks and this one is no exception

Even without nailing a good time I am amazed by this track. Great old-school fullspeeder. Some smooth jumps and drops, an awesome flow, nice layout and great scenery. Very addictive track

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