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Name: Origins (MTC)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eyebo.wp
Version: 07-Sep-2011
Released: 07-Sep-2011
TMX id: 3961534
LB Rating: 34,094
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:42.40   Acid+ 0:00.0034,094
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0:42.54   CMC|Taylor+ 0:00.1433,418
0:42.57   |PT| CakeyFA+ 0:00.1733,274
0:42.63   gadoweldosd+ 0:00.2332,984
0:42.94   rad+ 0:00.5431,488
0:43.18   eyebo.wp+ 0:00.7830,331
0:43.37   Beridok+ 0:00.9729,414
0:43.53   wardav+ 0:01.1328,642
0:43.62   _cros_+ 0:01.2228,208
0:43.67   ohei2+ 0:01.2727,966
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Author Comments

I'm back with what will most likely be my last track in TM1.

Khan Cipher messaged me with the theme for the September MTC and I was compelled to build a track for it in a few hours this morning.

The theme? Build a track in the style of maps from TMN ESWC (that's the old Trackmania Nations). The theme didn't limit you to using only TMN blocks, so instead I tried to go for the general feel of TMN style tracks. Where possible I've tried to use only blocks I remembered from TMN.

This track is a tribute to two things.

1. Jozii and the history of the MTC (Monthly Track Contest). He started the MTCs many years ago on TMN TMX. He wasn't even a moderator at the time, but it was an idea that was quickly adopted into an official contest that carries on to this day. It's become a staple of the TMX experience. It was one of the main avenues of how I got more active here on the site, and I also credit the MTCs with giving my tracks a lot of exposure. Thanks to Jozii, and to all the hosts of the MTCs through the years, both here and on TMNF TMX!

2. A tribute to TMN ESWC itself. It was the game that introduced me to TM back in 2006. I played it via LAN parties with friends and had a lot of fun bouncing around the tracks, smashing into things and always trying to improve. There's something incredibly nostalgic about opening the game, from the music, the menus, to how the physics differed slightly.

Ironically, I never made a track in TMN. I never even opened the editor. It wasn't until years later that I reinstalled it and played around in the editor. I never finished a track though, much less released one. So this is really my first TMN-style map.

I didn't learn to drift until 2009 in TMUF. So my memory of TMN is very much a no-slide environment. I know I know, it was actually big on drifting, and I've since played a lot of really great tech maps from TMN, but I remember TMN as being much more fullspeed... and primarily I remember it for the Nadeo campaign maps, which I spent most of my time playing.

That having been said, there is one drift in this map... a tight 180 near the end. Some may say it lacks flow, but whatever! A lot of TMN tracks I played, especially the Nadeo ones, lacked flowed (most people never even heard the term flow back then). So it's very much in-line with the style. And I remember those maps being as fun, if not more so, than many of the modern and more refined maps I've played.

I hope you enjoy this track as we both make a journey back to the Origins of the MTC!


Some stats:
Coppers used: 2006 (same year I started playing TM)
Author time: 43.17 (it should be pretty easy to beat)
Gold: 46.00
Silver: 52.00
Bronze: 1:05.00


The results are in. I tied [bad track link] for 10th Place in this last TMUF TMX MTC. There were three judges. I'd like to thank each of them for taking the time to judge my track. Only marti488 wrote judging comments on my track though. So I'd like to quote what he said here for posterity.

Originally posted by marti488 ...
First of all, this track BREATHES old school, great job at the theme! The track itself however has multiple flaws, which each feel very 'back to the roots'-ish, but are not that interesting for track design. Nontheless, one of the best theme implementations of this month; nice entry!

The final scores were (out of a max of 45):
marti488 gave 34 (11th in personal rankings)
TimeBreaker gave 29 (7th in personal rankings)
iSpunki gave 34 (12th in personal rankings)

User Comments
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  Drannn»UD 07-Sep-2011
now thats a surprise
  CMC|Taylor 07-Sep-2011
Trying it tomorrow
  wardav 08-Sep-2011
Nicely written by U :
... There's something incredibly nostalgic about opening the game, from the music, the menus, to how the physics differed slightly.
  CMC|Taylor 08-Sep-2011
Well, seems like there was some more room for improvements I didn't see before... nice time though, Acid
  Acid 08-Sep-2011
Gogo , you're the stad pro, not me^^
  eyebo.wp 08-Sep-2011
Gogo 41.xx? just kidding
I watched your runs together. Quite interesting. Nice driving.

Thanks all for awards. I like hearing "old school" in so many of them.. it gives me hope that I did the right thing for this MTC.
  Enryx 11-Sep-2011
Sorry mate but I dont like this:

/constructive feedback
-First part is very slow
-After first wallride I dont know where to go. I got another checkpoint (idk if it's the right one) then I was stuck again The track would need a GPS (it's allowed even if it wasnt possible on ESWC, and you won't lose 'theme' points). I had to watch Acid's replay to understand what to do.
  eyebo.wp 11-Sep-2011
Thanks for taking the time to write some honest feedback.

But, I won't be changing anything. Here's why:

The route is quite clearly marked with signs and I think for most it's very intuitive, especially if you've played any old school TMN maps before, many of which had grass slides... it was one of the major styles there. I'm of the belief that GPS is completely unnecessary unless you're using some really cutting edge transitions that no one has ever seen before OR you have a route that crosses over the same area multiple times and the user must use some memorization of the route in order to finish. Neither of those scenarios is true on this track. Your lack of intuitiveness is not a reason why I should include a GPS on a clearly marked track.

The first part is only slow because you're used to the insane speed of the modern stadium fullspeeders which kickoff early-on with a booster and get you up to speed very quickly. To me, the speed of this track is more representative of a cross-section of the old TMN maps that I've played. I'm not saying they were the best or that they're better than newer faster maps, but they were what they were. And obviously there were some very fast old school maps as well, but I didn't play many of them back in those days.

I don't expect to win the MTC with it, as I never do. I just built it to express myself creatively through the prism of old TMN-style mapping techniques. My goal was achieved before I even posted it.

I'm happy a few people liked it enough to post some times and garner it with some awards. But I'm quite satisfied even if no one else ever tried it.

Thanks to all for making my last TMUF track one that wasn't completely ignored; a sad fate that's befallen so many tracks much greater than this on this site.
  Enryx 12-Sep-2011
Well thanks for explantion
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User Awards
Showing 16 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Kent 07-Sep-2011
Fun track!. I like the flow of it. I especially like the off-road grass section. Great job!

  hb 08-Sep-2011
Funny, cool, Nice, excellent Work
  CMC|Taylor 08-Sep-2011
Nice one, great oldschool feeling in it, especially the two 180°s towards the end
Your AT is not as bad as you think, there's not really much space for improvements here

  wardav 08-Sep-2011
This is the right and original old TM.
Drift section is not lack flow -its challenging :

  Green Lock 08-Sep-2011
Nice oldschool track eyebo
Its fun to race on, not hard, and nice ideas
Keep it up
> <
Green Lock
  Drannn»UD 08-Sep-2011
that drift turn is rly fun, and the grass part is tricky

  .Dominik 08-Sep-2011
I'm awarding this track because I had fun hunting on it, which I rarely do at any track, and even though I haven't beat your AT, I'm pretty proud of my 44.82.

GL in the MTC.
  Acid 08-Sep-2011


  kaugummi59 08-Sep-2011
  Nibor 09-Sep-2011
Nice Track, eyebo. Very fun
  racer963 10-Sep-2011
Nice work again,,, easy track, but hard to get the perfect run...
  Braadje 10-Sep-2011
Nice and easy.
  _cros_ 11-Sep-2011
The new style is an evolution of the old and with both is essential to create fun, here you did very well, congratulations
  FT»Mandark 12-Sep-2011
Great feeling of year 2006.
  |PT| CakeyFA 13-Jan-2012
ESWC powaa
  gadoweldosd 18-Aug-2013
funny track
although i usually hate grass this is actually cool
> <
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