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Name: (Desert) Island Acrobatics!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pjw
Version: 18-Jul-2011
Released: 18-Jul-2011
TMX id: 3878553
LB Rating: 1,073
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Platform Style: Stunt
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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World RecordPenByDifferenceScoreLB
1:36.94 + 0s  Acid+ 0:00.001,073
Top 10PenByDifferenceScore  LB
37:11.65 + 710s  Sandder+ 35:34.710
38:35.96 + 910s  maphios+ 36:59.020
52:37.08 + 1320s  Fachs+ 51:00.140
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Author Comments

This track *was* going to be the next "Way Too Hard For You!" track, but as I worked on it, I found myself making each CP a little bit easier, and each time I did, the track became a little more fun to drive, and a little less about pure difficulty and pain, wasn't meant to be.

The track is relatively short for a platform track (only 4 CPs plus the finish), and I suspect times down around 1:30 might be possible, but my 0-run was a lot slower and more careful, since I was running out of time to finish it tonight.

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated, as are replays. First-runs are especially fun to watch, since I enjoy seeing peoples' brains at work...

User Comments
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  |lDgAl|Luffy 18-Jul-2011
rly hate the lucky part after the first cp.... cant get it with skill
  Acid 18-Jul-2011
After getting the first jump done, which wasn't easy, i failed to get to the next, i landed on the side of the wallpipe many times but couldn't get through those narrow spots on top once, made it a few times to the second wallpipe block, so there was only 1 narrow part to go, but it's impossible, neither going over it fast, nor slow, nor getting around the left or right edge did -__- would really like to go on but i suck^^
  Fachs 18-Jul-2011
Then just jump straight to the last part of this walls. ^^
  pjw 18-Jul-2011
Luffy and Fachs, thanks for the awards! Fachs, thanks for the first-run replay--I had a lot of fun watching it, and watching you figure things out. (And sorry, I laughed really hard when you got high-centered on the railing 10 feet from CP2. ) Yes, you did things as I intended.

Acid, yeah...what Fachs said. I haven't found a way to reliably cross those narrow bits, so jumping to the last section is your best bet.

Luffy, which part do you mean re: lucky? The landing on top of the wall, or...? I can get the landing pretty consistently (probably 2 out of 3 at least), and when I don't get it, I know what I did wrong.
  |lDgAl|Luffy 18-Jul-2011
Cant get on the platform after the jump on the wall
  pjw 19-Jul-2011
^^^ You're right. Getting on top of the platform (jumping the gap) would be very hard and very lucky. I've never done it.

maphios, that was fun to watch! Yeah, it took you a bit to figure out CP2, but you got it! Thanks for the award.

I'm kind of wondering if this one should be given a higher difficulty...? Or do you guys think it's probably not that hard once you figure out what to do at each CP?
  Acid 19-Jul-2011
Had +5.57 at the first cp and the part to the second CP wasn't good aswell, perfect would be 1.20 or so, but i'm not gonna try that, was insane luck to get a this already
  pjw 20-Jul-2011
Sandder, that was fun to watch. Way to hang in there! I really didn't intend the railing to be *that* hard, and I think I heard you say something about my mother the third time you got stuck on it. I was also saying out loud, "nonononono..." when you almost skipped the last CP. Scared me for a second. I was impressed that you were able to drive over those narrow bits, at least most of the time. Tough! Anyway, thanks for the replay, and thanks for the award; I'm glad you had fun on the track!

Acid, I'm glad you gave it another try! That's a great run! As far as going straight or right at the railing section, I always go right (and usually don't have too much trouble with the railing). I'll have to try going straight and see if I like it more. In any case--great driving! Thanks for the record replay, and for the award!
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User Awards
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  |lDgAl|Luffy 18-Jul-2011
Nice map!
  Fachs 18-Jul-2011
So you asked for first runs.

Nice track. Hope I can make it way faster the next time I'll try.
I don't know if I made the CPs the way they are done.

  maphios 18-Jul-2011
Terrible first try here
There was really some pain for me as I finally recognized how to get to the 2nd CP . Clever design here.
Also the next two CP´s are tricky and cost me quite some tries. I´m curious how the track will develop when I get used to it.

  Sandder 19-Jul-2011
nice little platformer

I'm not too sure how to get out of the railings to the 2nd cp but rest seems easy with a little practise
  Acid 19-Jul-2011
Thx for the tips well it made me retry and i spend ages to get up the platform like sandder then i spent ages to try to turn right at the first railing instead of accidently going straight and then right which was easy as hell, from there on till the finish is muuuch more fun to me, the gaining speed part and the house drop are just my cup of trialness, well done
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