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Name: 20:01: a coast odyssey
Pack: (no track pack)
Version: 18-Jul-2011
Released: 18-Jul-2011
TMX id: 3878448
LB Rating: 18,528
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
18:41.64   _evan_+ 0:00.0018,528
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
19:07.40   Fallout+ 0:25.7615,975
19:46.20   [CMC]roaSone+ 1:04.5612,129
19:55.84   J-Man+ 1:14.2011,174
20:31.65   Blind+ 1:50.017,624
20:45.97   eyebo.wp+ 2:04.336,205
21:08.32   Storm2630+ 2:26.683,990
21:25.59   tmjonas+ 2:43.952,278
21:33.07   Acid+ 2:51.431,537
22:14.63   Duck+ 3:32.990
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Author Comments

2 years and 1 week since I began making this monster, and it's finally done.

19 minutes (AT)
4124 blocks
15397 coppers
over 40km
over 50 reuses (at last count, probably closer to 70)
so many countless hours, building and driving it.
over 100 checkpoints
several new blocks
hundreds of transitions and jumps
record-breaking amounts of procrastination

and loads of other listable things that, at this stage, I'm too tired to remember

It was built in stages. originally it was a duo I made with Dengel in the summer/autumn of 2009, where we built about 10/11 minutes.
It was great fun building and tweaking. We would build 30sec-1min at a time, and send it to the other to test, and get feedback and ideas for improvements and tweaks.
After that few weeks, we just stopped, we came to a point where we couldn't figure out any way to extend/improve the track. I had school, and deng had work, so the track was left to gather dust for a few months, eventually in early 2010 I came back to it and found a solution to get around the dead-end. Deng thought I was crazy, and couldn't find any way to add to the track, so I was solo building from then on.
Again, I stopped after a while, content with the track. It was around 16/17min at this stage. And I went into another long period of idleness.
Then, earlier this year, I got back into it and worked on extending it to it's final length of 19min (20:01 if you're not as pro as me ), that was followed by another break.

Now after all this time, I finally decided to put in the signs, do a few final tweaks, and come up with a suitably epic name, for my most epic track in 6 years of playing TM.

Finally, I wanna give some huge thanks to all the people who've helped test all the incarnations of this track over the last 2 years.
There's more than I can remember, so I'm sorry if I miss you from this list

Firstly, Deng, for the fun times building the older track sections.
all the feedback from testing, and bugging me to finish it and release it

Big thanks also to eyebo, for fun times on skype with bushmonkey, jason, and the others. For hosting the track loads of times on his server, and driving, and giving great feedback.

And thanks to everyone else who's driven it and given feedback:
(in no order other than who who I remember first)

Gorb McNasty

without all the feedback, suggestions and encouragement, I would probably never finish the track, so again, THANKS

and big thanks to all of you who take the time to read the story of how this track came to be, and everyone who tries it out.

I wanted to release it before TM2, and I achieved that

P.S. if I forgot you on the list, plz PM me and I'll add you.

User Comments
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  tngg 24-Jul-2011
I´m too lazy too ending the track
  CAR-AZY 24-Jul-2011
Woooo great job Fallout
I was at my cousin's wedding, and just got back. I saw your time, and thought it's about time I get a clean run.

....but since I'm very not sober, it didn't go too well. 2 days of drinking doesn't make you drive as well as you'd think it would :/
  _evan_ 24-Jul-2011
So close...................
  CAR-AZY 24-Jul-2011
_evan_ great job, you're to first to beat my AT
you can do it, gogo 18:xx
  _evan_ 24-Jul-2011

I'm tired now though... I'll have to wait until tomorrow to try again
  Fallout 25-Jul-2011
18.3 with a clean (and quick) run imo
but .4 and under will be very hard
  _evan_ 25-Jul-2011
I got it!!
Only a few small mistakes in this run
  eyebo.wp 25-Jul-2011
I counted 7 wall touches.

Incredible run _evan_! Truly a pleasure to watch such great driving.
Congrats on your time.
  Marius 89 26-Jul-2011
hm this is sth I could play today after GiantCup and before going into holidays
  CAR-AZY 26-Jul-2011
awwww yeah

awesome time evan

PM me your login name, and I'll send the cc's
  _evan_ 26-Jul-2011
My login is: _evan_

It was a pleasure to play such an awesome map
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  osko 13-Apr-2012
Page 3
  Dr»dB 25-Jul-2012
This award only took 3 hours to do.. Enjoy

  ziro_der_hutt 30-Jan-2018
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