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Name: Instant Velocity
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   banjee»UD
Version: 18-Jul-2011
Released: 18-Jul-2011
TMX id: 3871690
LB Rating: 71,518
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:49.01   Fulax+ 0:00.0071,518
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0:49.04   MrZw1231+ 0:00.0371,255
0:49.08   »Kratze«+ 0:00.0770,905
0:49.17   xZx+ 0:00.1670,117
0:49.18   MEFjihr+ 0:00.1770,029
0:49.37   MaB+ 0:00.3668,366
0:49.39   joooooooooey+ 0:00.3868,190
0:49.50   Kriss[47]+ 0:00.4967,228
0:49.51   Sriver+ 0:00.5067,140
0:49.54   OLDA_X+ 0:00.5366,877
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Author Comments

ok sure
i just finished my newest ISLAND FS!
as if there are not enough out there This one, however, is fun. It has alot of jumps, boosts, speed drops loopish things, checkpoints and more.

Well if you have read this far you must be deeply interested and so i will reward you with what follows: a narrative of the track!

The camera zooms on the car, you find yourself in a green valley. 3-2-1 go! you make a right turn slowly and drop into a tunnel, in the tunnel you are slowly gaining speed as you see the end approaching. you hop out of the tunnel and WHAM! you are rocketed into oblivion by a red booster. you are now flying through metal jumps and hanging craziness. in an instant you are back driving on the ground only to be shot off it again and then to land smoothly on a metal ramp which you then drift around a corner and are launched another beautiful jump. by now you are completely braced to your seat and if you forgot your seat belt you are probably dead. as you slice around the wallride/loop you begin to understand how amazing island fullspeed tracks are. another quick drop presents itself and you then find yourself sucked onto the road another corner and another jump are followed by a breathtaking drop. by now you are ready to puke on your keyboard if you have not done so already. one last wallride/loop and you find yourself on the final stretch smashing through the final jump and then you drop into the finish out of nowhere! you quickly minimize TM and race to the track page after which you click the award button-- oh wait nvm thats not mandatory

anyway have fun guys!

tons and tons of thanks to the beta testers:
Crazy Cat

User Comments
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  banjee»UD 18-Jul-2011
Awards Thanks:

Thanks Passion!
Thanks Hotsch!
Thanks Green Lock!
Thanks just-a-mapper!
Thanks Lapos!
Thanks MoaraShira!
Thanks Lolig!
Thanks Massa!
Thanks diplo!
Thanks sondre h!
Thanks Dagbert!
Thanks Crazy Cat!
Thanks marti488!
Thanks crazyDSB!
Thanks MLP!
Thanks Bark!
Thanks Sriver!
Thanks Acid!
Thanks Fulax!
Thanks Jet777! 20!
Thanks Cuba!
Thanks Mab!
Thanks JakeOil!
Thanks Line!
Thanks Kriss!
Thanks Grandpa's!
Thanks Witootz!
Thanks Drann!
Thanks Rava!
Thanks Stoney!
Thanks Pacha!
Thanks Mike!
Thanks Ken!
Thanks hex-os!
Thanks HonG!
Thanks Nibor!
Thanks movo!
Thanks sandman!
Thanks RallerValle!
Thanks Maiga! 40!
Thanks Joyeux!
Thanks Fran_de_Kler!
  PasSion. 18-Jul-2011
For me 2 screen.
  MoaraShira 18-Jul-2011
and i miss the cam inside the wallrides
  Sriver 18-Jul-2011
I don't actually.
  MoaraShira 18-Jul-2011
but me !!...okay ??
  Sriver 18-Jul-2011
well, you can change the cam manually while, if there was a forced cam change, i couldn't change it back...

btw, nice time, fulax... will see if i can beat you
  MaB 18-Jul-2011
@MoaraShira: it is programmable if you drive with pad or wheel. With this track I also need cam changes, but it is no problem for me cause I simply change cams with buttons on my pad.
  banjee»UD 19-Jul-2011
sorry about the loop cams guys when i play i dont really change veiw going through those things so naturally i didnt think to add the loop cams. next time i will make sure to have them tho.
  Fulax 19-Jul-2011
new time guys

  banjee»UD 19-Jul-2011
wow very nice o.O
  Fulax 19-Jul-2011
Thank you
  banjee»UD 24-Jul-2011
#1 BOTW! Thanks guys!
  Lapos 27-Jul-2011
As up to now #2 BOTM...
  Fulax 01-Aug-2011
new time again
  banjee»UD 01-Aug-2011
O.o wow very nice
  Fulax 10-Aug-2011
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  FT|Joyeux 25-Jul-2011
All your tracks are similar, but all your tracks rock.

Again, I beat gold at my first try, with epic smooth jumps and an awesome flow.

Keep mapping please.
  Fran_de_Kler 26-Jul-2011
Good track.
Only one thing that me shocked: The "written" diff. level Expert
(I think it's a lower one.)

  DaKKoN 28-Jul-2011
Really feels like I'm driving Think Faster tbh...
But well I really liked that track, and this one is no exception.
I need to say though: That start is really yugh...
Basicly you made a 40s track with a 10s-slow-start.
I rather have instant action on a track like this xD

  xZx 31-Jul-2011
nice veloce map
  Kenny 06-Aug-2011
Amazing Track
Design, smooth jumps, speed, flow, .. all great
  »Kratze« 05-May-2013
Loved it!
Great speed, cool smoothness and some jumps'n'drops as well as nicely challenging fullspeed noslide turns.
Though I agree with DaKKoN that this track doesn't really deserve the name "instant velocity".
Anyway, great track, so here you go:

Keep on mapping like this!
  andresaguado 16-Apr-2019
Fantastic FS track, with well calculated transitions and a lot of fun
I feel really proud to enter the top 10 list, it was sooo hard...
  kawatraky 17-Apr-2019
a very nice track
  Halogucker 17-Apr-2019
Great flow, great speed, great fun
  bless_dis_mann 17-May-2019
So great. out of
  OLDA_X 18-May-2019
An excellent track that is time-tested. It's really fun to hunt here records. I've been driving online many times this track on a server , This track is a real classic for me..
  Wallaby 26-Feb-2020
I played it on ppo. I really like your style of building. Really flowing but still easy track.

  Bladerunner78 09-Apr-2020
great work !!!

not so hard , nice smoothe jumps , a clear way with enough signs and great speed !!

on of my absolut fav island tracks
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