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Name: Octane
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Jet777
Version: 06-Jul-2011
Released: 05-Jul-2011
TMX id: 3849024
LB Rating: 62,371
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:42.82   -tchocolat-+ 0:00.0062,371
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:42.98   MEFjihr+ 0:00.1660,973
0:44.04   MaB+ 0:01.2251,709
0:44.40   Sriver+ 0:01.5848,562
0:44.62   Dag@bert+ 0:01.8046,640
0:44.92   JakeOIL+ 0:02.1044,018
0:45.09   Freddy[NR]+ 0:02.2742,532
0:45.10   Jet777+ 0:02.2842,445
0:45.19   Zeref+ 0:02.3741,658
0:45.22   Crixu'+ 0:02.4041,396
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Author Comments

: Jet! Where have you been?
Having a life.
: ...
: ...
...okay fine, i've been playing minecraft instead >.<
: I knew it.


Halluu theeere everybodddy
Here's my first track since New Year's, and it's an islander - the first of those since the crappy one I released as Jet777's first map

As i'm a keyboarder I can't do much with island.. the AT on this one is 45.22 (it WOULD have been 45.09 if i had saved the goddamn file last night ) ... [updated! 45.10]
which Fallout has already beaten at least twice on PPO...
Speaking of that the track got 51 beta downloads. Which is ridiculous, even considering how long it was in there for
Anyways, the track shouldn't be too hard, scenery is there, [i guess you'll judge how good that is] and... yeah

MT + other stuff
Here's the second track in a row in which I've added custom music... although in beta it seemed there was something wrong with the locator. I triple-checked everything, so now I'm just hoping it'll work now that its released... warning: if you're going to set a record early on, just know that I may be updating the track to fix this
Music, if it works: Queens Club - Danger Kids. I found this, of course, in a remix from this trailer (ahhmagaaahd i want it so bad)
Also, here's a locator (you don't need to click this.)

[updated, music set to default. I couldn't get it to work :(]

Oh, and I used a little FX in the intro/outro and even GPS, for a change. Nothing too heavy

  FT»Shock! made this epic screen for me in the competition i put up. b i g version

Under The Waves by   FT»Shock!


  »Flo.F® came in second in the competition - here's a showcase for him :
(PF)PuriFication [DesertCar] by   »Flo.F®

That's all folks, and award thanks will be in comments. Hopefully i'll get some. :^D


lol does anyone even read this

User Comments
Showing 11 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Jet777 05-Jul-2011
Thanks Crazy Cat Congrats, it was actually frightening how quickly you awarded this
Thanks just_a_mapper In response to your comment - I tried driving cam 3 on this one, couldn't finish Nice time!
Thanks Marti 'unsmoothnesses' may be my new favorite word
Thanks Jackino Thanks for the time!
Thanks Glumanda And apparently you just registered yesterday? Welcome man
Thanks Pacha [dunno what to say]
Thanks Xmas It's nice you have an open mind, some people just give up on tracks they can't finish straight off
Thanks DaK Never heard of that game
Thanks Dag@bert I agreed with you on the loop. It was you who pushed me to add the change in the update though, thanks!
Thanks Alex I love long jumps
Thanks Acid No earth-shattering time from you on this one?!
Thanks Nitroguy Damn, that means a lot coming from you, thanks
Thanks Ohei Fully functional! (and with this award i've reached 10th Best of the Week in one day.. awesome )
Thanks Sinister lol, late award response
Thanks Banjee Yeah i loved that award
Thanks Kriss Nice award!
Thanks Shock
Originally posted by Jet, right now ...

Thanks Flmns A4 lol.
Thanks Crixu I guess it is just you, cause I fixed Dag's problem... but whatever, as long as you liked it
Thanks JakeOIL That's what I like to hear!
Thanks Fluffy Bunny ehm... short award = short response?
Thanks Art ^ this
Thanks MaB ^^ that (epic time btw)
  j-a-m 05-Jul-2011
Nice one, but did you really forgot the wallride-cam (internal-cam)?

Maybe you can make an update
  jackino 05-Jul-2011
Music not Played
  Jet777 05-Jul-2011
@mapper: I personally didn't think it needed one, but you're not the first person to tell me that so I may add one in.

@jackino: Damn it.

Thanks Fallout Excuse me sir, what the fuck are you smoking to drive a 43.98, and can I have some
Thanks Wit 'masterpiece,' thanks man
Thanks Sriver ehm, no, how can someone possibly NS this
Thanks Mikealange 30 would be nice!
Thanks Haenry ... thanks mate
Thanks Daniel you too <3
Thanks Freddy That's great to hear, and of course thanks for the 30th award
Thanks Ninja I guess that's something I'd overlook as an author, just cause I'll know what's coming if it's my own track shank you
Thanks Olda Good to see you again!
Thanks Marcel Sweet award ()
Thanks Drann I make that mistake all the time, too thank youu
Thanks Robert
Thanks guteejehaaarr or something like that Nice login
Thanks Stoney i have official PPO approval now!
  »Glumanda 05-Jul-2011
My taste is a wallride without cam
  j-a-m 05-Jul-2011
Now for me its no problem anymore, i drove the track with ingame-cam no. 3
  Jet777 06-Jul-2011
Track updated, that bastard loc finally got the best of me. Default music now :/

However I did also fix the end loop (just made it change from looping right to looping left) to make things a little easier, @Dagabert
  SiNiSTER 06-Jul-2011
ahh you forgot to PM me when you finished the track, but i see you finished it.. yea no cam needed for that wallride from what i can see..
  Jet777 06-Jul-2011
Didn't know you wanted one
I usually don't PM my own tracks, some people really hate spam, even in the gentlest of forms ^^
  Fallout 10-Jul-2011
I bumped you up to #1

I'm too nice
  Jet777 11-Jul-2011

(more than <3)
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 37 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Wulfstan 07-Jul-2011
Great island speeder!
  Art' 08-Jul-2011
Nicely done.
  MaB 09-Jul-2011
Nice one!
  Fallout 10-Jul-2011
It's pretty good.

I didn't realize you should no slide it ^^

so no award before now xD
  witooZ 11-Jul-2011
Looks like I forgot to award this masterpiece
  Sriver 11-Jul-2011
Great noslider!
(Probably not what you had intended, but you succeeded very well. xD)
Really fun & challenging!

  Mikealange 12-Jul-2011
Great Speed no slider !
I like the diagonal jump part, really fine tune !

Great Job again Jet !

Going for 30 i guest

  haenry 12-Jul-2011
cool one!
  Daniël`LT 13-Jul-2011
  Freddy[NR] 13-Jul-2011
you obtain a big
your map is very addictive, fluid, well-made and not Risky.
i beat author time with difficulty.
  NinjAstar 14-Jul-2011
It's too fast for me to bother nosliding it, so forget about the leaderboard.

Anyways, great layout for this track, awesome flow and variation, lots of fun to play over and over again online.

That jump into the last corner surprised me at first, having a big straight and then all of sudden having to turn right as you land with no warning and all.

But I can look past that, I got it just fine on my second run.

  OLDA_X 16-Jul-2011
Great track

.... .... OLDA_X
  Marcel le Poivrot 17-Jul-2011
Very good flow
Sweet islander
  Drannn»UD 18-Jul-2011
i actually was sure that i awarded this one already - oh well, a great fullspeeder with a relaxed feeling
  robert0796 20-Jul-2011
great work here
>>> <<<
  geuutejeaahaaaer 25-Jul-2011
My favorite Island map...
Well done!
  Stoney 06-Aug-2011
cool fun islander jet
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