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Track Name
Name: Stuntman Mountains
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   tmjonas
Version: 05-Jul-2007
Released: 05-Jul-2007
TMX id: 376030
LB Rating: 34,059
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Snow
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0:48.19   GranaDy!+ 0:00.0034,059
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0:48.34   Mr. Bones+ 0:00.1533,423
0:48.36   Keenou+ 0:00.1733,338
0:49.04   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.8530,454
0:49.19   Wallaby+ 0:01.0029,818
0:49.28   Cibermix+ 0:01.0929,436
0:49.85   Acid+ 0:01.6627,019
0:50.16   freezer+ 0:01.9725,705
0:50.35   *Garfovsky+ 0:02.1624,899
0:50.45   Mout+ 0:02.2624,475
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Author Comments

Hello all trackmaniacs!
Here is my third snow-track! I have made a little story to this track.

You are a stuntman!
This is a stuntman contest.
You have to finish four stunts.
Are you confident to reach the finish?
Don't think it's easy... Good luck

Your Stuntmaster

Well, the MT-work was definitly a lot of work!
Intro: 72 Blocks
It shows the story and the four diffrent stunts. In the intro I made a lot of letter-effects!

Ingame: 109 Blocks
Including a nice GPS, a stuntlog and sightseeing. Do you know, what sightseeing is? Well, try this one!

Outro: 66 Blocks
Outro with A LOT of FX-colors and other effects. And a lot of cams, of course!

The track is a normal racing track:
There are a lot of smooth jumps, drops and transitions. I also made three different tubes! Two of them are PF and in one you have to do something^^
The four stunts are the central jumps/tubes in the track.
Then the track has got three offroadparts and a lot of curves...

So, now to the special thanks:
Big thanks to SoulFly for this wonderful screen and the betatesting!!
Big thanks to [BL] Marci for cutsearching!
Thanks also very much to my other betatesters (there are quite a lot )
Mr. Impossible
Jim Hal Wilson

I know, that are quite a lot, but I wanted to go sure, that there aren't any faults, because I don't like updates!

Bigger Screen

Have fun and enjoy the MT work!

User Comments
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  tmjonas 05-Jul-2007
First thanks-list

Thx bachl: Thanks for the unbealivable fast and awesome award! I'm so glad you liked the track!
Thx Gx-Death: For the nice award!
Thx Andree: Your comments are always very nice (I love them), thanks very much!
Thx pitstep: I like your little comments! Thanks very much for this nice words from you!
Thx Acid: Thanks soooo much! I'm honoured. Really awesome comment, one of my favourites! And a unbelievable time as usual!
Thx kastun: Nice award, thanks very much!
Thx Jim Hal Wilson: Thanks again for betatesting! The track wouldn't be so good without you! And thanks for the lovely fb you wrote me at the DS-forum!
Thx Rusty Mike: Wonderful award! Thanks so much for these wonderful words from you!
Thx ? captain: Nice award from you man!
Thx OLDA_X: Oh, what a wonderful award! Thanks very much, I'm so honoured...
Thx BelaZZ: Thanks man! Nice award from you!
Thx MOZ: Thanks for the nice feedback at the DS-forum!
Thx Mortaas: Thanks for your words!
Thx etidu29: Wow, what awesome award!
Thx crazers: Thanks friend for your wonderful award!
Thx Low_B: As always nice words from you!!
Thx TaBle: Thanks very much for your nice award!
Thx dj coco: Thanks guy! Cool feedback at the DS-forum!
Thx Lareneg: Thanks for your award and the super time!
Thx CMC*Wally: for that awesome feedback! Thanks very much! And btw your new snow-track is also very nice!
Thx uetzer: Thanks guy! Cool award!
Thx JuneRat: What a fantastic review! Thanks very much m8!
Thx D3viL: Thanks for this cool award from you!
Thx DaKKoN: What a wonderful feedback! The Outro-Cam @ the jump out of the tunnel is bad, I know, but it's the false one. I have made another cam there, which would be the right one, but sometimes it doesn't work. I don't know why. If you drive more in the middle, you should see the right cam!
Thx bigxxx: Awesome award from you! Thanks very much
Thx Iquere: Wooho, an award from Iquere, one of the best trackbuilders!
Thx X-MASTER: Thanks guy! Cool feedback from you! (Yes two days is a long time! )
Thx coastracer: WOW! What a feedback! Thanks very much friend!
Thx n3crid: Thanks for the cool feedback @ the DS forum!
Thx tmu_zocker: Wonderful review! Thanks for the #30 Award!
Thanks for all the awards, replays and downloads!! 30 Awards after four days, it's sick! Thank you so much!
Thx SuperKiller: Thanks for the cool award from you!
Thx [ATP]insane: Wonderful award you've written! Thanks very much for the WR, too!
Thx Sk84funPrzemo(Loony): Wow, thanks for this awesome award! Min. 50 Awards? We'll see...
Thx *speedy*: Thanks for this cool award from you!
Thx flo91: Nice little words, thanks!
Thx wrathwell: Awesome feedback from you! Thanks very much!!
  bachl 05-Jul-2007
I have a question.
Originally posted by tmjonas ...
Intro: 72 Blocks
Ingame: 109 Blocks
Outro: 66 Blocks

how can i know how much blocks i need at Tracks for the mt work?
  tmjonas 05-Jul-2007
Did you want to say: "How can i know how much blocks i need for the mt-work?" ?

Well, I counted all blocks (that means: Text-Blocks, Cam-Blocks, FX-Blocks...) and added them. So in the hole ingame-MT (Sightseeing, GPS, Stuntlog, Ingame) I've used 109 different Blocks.

Sorry, I'm german, perhaps I haven't understood your question the right way...
  TimeBreaker 08-Jul-2007
lol he's german too, tm jonas
think you understood it right
  bachl 08-Jul-2007
tmjonas allready told me in a pm (in german )
  tmu_zocker 08-Jul-2007
My time is too bad...
I couldn't reach the finish under 55 seconds...

A question: How long did you spent on working with the MT?
  tmjonas 09-Jul-2007
Well, I don't know the time exactly... But it was A LOT of time
60 hours at least!
  DaKKoN 10-Jul-2007
after 4 days so many 's
Yo know why you got them ??
Because you deserved them for 60 hours of hard work m8 !!!
He track simply shows it was a lot of work. People (luckily) apreciate that for you and give you the you deserve.
  TEP=Julien= 11-Jul-2007
I'll try this one soon
  tmjonas 16-Jul-2007
Next thanks-list

Thx gadget: OMG! You write always sooo great little comments (here and in the DS-forum ) Thanks for this! I'll write a comment to "humor me" soon...
Thx speeddriverr: Thanks for the cool award!
Thx Harmony~Brothers: Fantastic award! Thanks for these nice words!
Thx Sivert: Superb award! I really like your little comments!
Thx ravager: Thanks for the nice award!
Thx TEP=Julien=: Hehe, funny award! Thanks for these wonderful words!
Thx crooms: Woooho, an award from crooms!! Thanks very much, you're also a great trackbuilder!
Thx bryan072: Thanks for the nice award!
Thx Eagle: Cool award from you!
Thx Mr._Impossible: Thanks soo much my friend! You've helped me really very much with this track! At the beginning this track was never so good as now. And your comment at the DS-forum is really outstanding (if somebody want to see it, here is it! ) You were completely right with your feedback, thanks again!! And I'll always ask you for betatesting...
Thx Shanki: OMG!! What an awesome review! I like it, of course! I'm looking forward to the fb at the DS-forum!
Thx [BL] Marci: Thanks very much again for cutsearching! I was glad you didn't found one! And thanks for the great feedback of course!
Thx Bryan: Thanks for the nice award!
Thx Ripper: Cool award at the DS-forum! Thanks very much m8!
Thx Crystal: Wow, thanks very much for your award, friend! Your awards are always so nice! I'm looking forward for a new track from you!
Thx Cephid: Awesome review at the DS-forum!! Thanks so much for these nice words there! (and here of course )
Thx -Homie-: Cool award at the DS-forum! Thanks very much! And I hope you'll get more awards in future
Thx Maniac: Yeah, I'm really glad you liked it! Thanks very much for this lovely comment!
Thx Majestic: Thanks for this awesome award from you! I'm so happy about it!
Thx FT'Justicool: OMFG! What an award!! Thanks so much for your awesome words! Your feedback at the DS-forum was sooo nice, thanks for everything!
Thx ErManito: Hey, I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for this award and the cool feedback at the forum!
Thx Marcel: Hey clanm8! Thank you so much for the feedback and the award! I'm looking forward for your new snow-track!
Thx LT. Smash: Thanks for the lovely award from you!
Thx MiniZyko: OMG! Wonderful, phantastic award! Your comments are always so funny and this one is one of my favourite awards I've ever gotten!
Thx boy43: Thanks very much for this Thanks also for your comment at the DS-forum!
Thx BrummHummel: Wonderful award from one of my favourite trackbuilders! Thanks so much!
Thx DonAlfonso: Hey Don! Thanks very much for these lovely words!
Thx Silvan: Cool award from you, lovely words!
  Bye Tom 28-Jul-2007
The ingame:
The ingame is pretty interesting, but you can see that the racing is the major thing in this story track!!
It´s a nice way to show everything you want to say with those "boxes"!!
Very nice, but not so much to discuss!!
The track wouldn´t be as much fun without the ingame!!

Points: 6.2 / 10 It´s nothing special, but still good!!

ingame > Sightseeing:
This is a new idea, but not the most interesting, but it´s still somehow nice to watch this stunning scenery!!

Ingame > GPS
Wow, the way to the GPS is sooo cool!! The best part of the track!! (Sorry )
But... Damn, it´s so nice, and smooth!!
And the GPS by itself is very good too!!
It´s very nice with those infos of which stunt it shows, and I really like the way you show how much it´s left of the track, very cool!!
The best GPS I´ve seen this far!!

Points: 9.8 / 10


The outro:
Very great cams with very great effects, a very nice use of camera-angels!!
I LUV the stunt cams, and how you have made stripes over in all so it looks like cams!!
Not so much to talk about!!

Points: 9.8 / 10
  tmjonas 29-Jul-2007
Next thanks-list

Thx Bye Tom: OMFG! This is definitly the best and most detailed award I've ever gotten!! I love it soo much! The text is so detailed, I couldn't find any faults, perfect! Big, big thanks to you, Tom!! I'm so speechless...
Thx Stripe: Hey Stripe, thanks for this lovely award! I'm glad to hear you liked the track!
Thx TimeBreaker: Hehe, your PC works again and you award my snow-track!! Thanks very much m8, I like your awards, all of them!
Thx TYZZ: Holy shit! Thanks so much for this outstanding award! It's so funny to read your comment! I had to laugh so much!
Thx chris_du_21: Hey, thanks very much for this awesome comment! I'm honoured. Thanks m8!
Thx roman44: Thanks so much friend! Lovely comment from you, I'm glad you liked the track!
Thx Gluragator: Nice comment and nice review at the DS-forum!
Thx maphios: Cool award from you! Thanks for these lovely words, I'm so happy!
Thx Golo: Hey, thanks sooooo much! You were betatester from beginning (like MI ) and you helped me very much with this track! The track wouldn't be so good without you, m8! And thanks for the UNBELIEVABLE feedback at the DS-forum! It's even longer than MI's!

Thx all others for their lovely awards!
  Wallaby 28-Jun-2009
KB pwns cibermix!! xD

Originally posted by tmjonas ...
Sorry, I'm german...

btw...since when that^^ ?
  Keenou 01-Mar-2010
Great time Bones
  tmjonas 01-Mar-2010
yeah very sick, both of you
can't even manage to get into the top10^^
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User Awards
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  Techno! 15-Aug-2009
nice map!
  ADIo 21-Aug-2009
Great track!
  Manu13 02-Feb-2010
Yes it's good
award for you
  Park 03-Feb-2010
amazing track!!
i luv these tubes
  sBMXer 27-Mar-2010
really nice track
i love it
nice mt
nice track

  Nim 31-Mar-2010
just awesome
  -Rilez- 16-Apr-2010
Wow, Really nice work here...good flow...good speed... the tubes...
Deserves my:
  b.dnl 09-Aug-2010
  ZachD 13-Jul-2012
  GranaDy! 23-Nov-2013
Pretty cool map! Tricky and probably the funniest snow map ever seen. Cant get a better time than 48.53 ^^ but almost perfect

New: Hm okay got a better time ^^
  ziro_der_hutt 15-Dec-2017
Holy Shit

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