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Name: Download Insight
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   XT Projects
Version: 01-Jul-2007
TMX id: 370218
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 40,792
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
1:13.81   Zemano !+ 0:00.0040,792
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
1:13.82   FT»Marky+ 0:00.0140,758
1:14.58   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.7738,238
1:14.61   Axon+ 0:00.8038,139
1:15.39   Kendar+ 0:01.5835,553
1:15.46   KEV Fan+ 0:01.6535,320
1:15.58   JakeOIL+ 0:01.7734,922
1:15.74   samurai-jack+ 0:01.9334,392
1:16.34   Dr.SharK+ 0:02.5332,402
1:16.53   Mr.Brow+ 0:02.7231,772
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Author Comments


KEV Fan and JakeOIL are proud to present their first duo map! We had a lot of fun building it and hope that most people will have a lot of fun driving it . The first half of the map is bit more "techy" while the last half is speeeeeedy...don't worry, it should be easy to finish!

Some infos about the track :
Coppers: ~7000
Author time:1:14.93 by KEV Fan
Intro by JakeOIL
Outro and again outro music by KEV Fan
Screenie by JakeOIL
Music:Yes....but can't remember the name
Track details in TMX by JakeOIL ... who cares about this?

There are custom billboards... every item is associated with a loc everything will download automatically!
Thx a lot to Markus for his betatest and to all XT mates for their kind support!!

What are you waiting??? Go Go Go !!!!
Feedbacks and replays are welcome!!

Have fun!!

KEV Fan & JakeOIL

User Comments
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  JakeOIL 01-Jul-2007
Thx for everyone for the kind awards you left for this duo map...
It was a real pleasure to build with KEV Fan.. learn a lot of things...

Can't wait to do other ones !!
  » Ebou / Busy! 01-Jul-2007

What is the format of the animated boards???
  KEV Fan 01-Jul-2007
Same with me Jake - also learnt a lot of things - especially from your awesome MT skills you showed in the intro. Was big fun to me too and I hope we'll make another project in a different environment maybe

Thx a lot Ebou for the nice comments - format is 512 x 256 - first I made animated gif files - then transformed them to bink files (.bik)

Thx dr.shark for giving us 9/10 - cheers dude

Danke pitstep for your nice comments

Cheers ODS reading 3 times "cool" makes me feel

Kendar Huge megaawesome thx buddy -I'm glad you enjoy it that much - jumping a bit sideways on the sandbank is risky thrilling and sometimes much rewarding if you do not hit the lefthanded wall when landing

Thx YRP - nice you like it - glad you recognized the custom signs

Yoooo Sam - cheers for the cool s

Thxs a lot SK84fun for the nice comments

Thx iquere for the two cups

Cheers axon and great time

Thx Vince - go go go - it can be done - thx for award and time

Gracias Master Track por award

Thx s8ndm8n - great time

lol smok3y - "bread and butter" - nice comments - thanks a lot

Mega merci Ersatz

Thanks a lot MasterDisaster for this brilliant award

Big Big Thanks to Mr. Brow

Thank you Shane - good to see this late award - shows me that the map still is played - "Insight" is still one of the best map projects I´ve participated in and one of my own favourite maps

Marky - thx a lot

Zemano cheers mate
  [ATP]Shane 01-Jan-2008
kev fan did u also work on xterminator? that track was also amazing, one of the top 3 tracks ive ever played
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User Awards
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User Award   » Ebou / Busy! 01-Jul-2007
sweet track guyz!!!
cool start
sick jumps, loops,flow and smooth!!
maybe a bit more signs to guide you through just b4 the MT jump near the end

Super job!!
---> !
User Award   Dr.SharK 01-Jul-2007
Not an easy track by any stretch of imagination-- that's a good thing though.

A fairly challenging route you deviced, with some clever block usage that I have not seen before.

Mediatracking is excellent, though the intro might be a little tiny bit overkill.

There's a random moment in the track, but it's so rare that I won't let it bring the grade down.

Overall, this track is great, and you deserve an award for your hard work.

User Award   pitstep 01-Jul-2007
great speedtrack
great intro and start
very nice big design and jumps
cool outro
User Award   ODS 02-Jul-2007

Very cool fast smooth Track
Cool Design & Style
Very cool to drive.

Great Work !!!


User Award   Kendar 02-Jul-2007
This track is Beautiful and Awesome!!

A great intro really kicks off this masterpiece.
The ubersmooth start is like floating on clouds.
That next right turn with the opposed angled tracks is a great element.
Then some really huge track design with fun signs scattered about.
Awesome beach skip combo with left turn - I really have to try a few different things there to find the best line.
And of course we have the MegaHuge final jump and tripple tube finish.

Just fantastic stuff. Screenie, outro - everything is great!!!

You guys really kicked some arse and made an outstanding, fun track.
I'm gonna play it some more and then post my time.

User Award   Yrp360 02-Jul-2007
Very nice large speedmap
Great intro and enjoyable outro, famous custom signs and pleasant music
Wayfound is quite easy and intuitive, smooth all the way with nice jumps

User Award   samurai-jack 03-Jul-2007
Very Very nice track,
cool intro and MT
cool layout
perfect for my style of driving..

User Award   Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 03-Jul-2007
Nice track guys!
Fun to play!
good ideas!
so for you
User Award   iQue | tm2 08-Jul-2007
Wahoo awesome track by two awesome track builders...

!! x2

(Didn't feel like writing a long award)
User Award   Axon 08-Jul-2007
Hey guys...

A successful partnership i decree...
Excellent track with all the elements pieced together well for a good fast smooth ride...

Cheeeeeerrrrrrrrrssssssss Axon ...
User Award   Vincent 15-Jul-2007
Definitely a great track with a strong artistic touch!

Some very hard turns make it challenging to get a good time, which I was unfortunately unable to do so far...
User Award   Master_Track (TMBreak) 15-Jul-2007
nice map guys!!!!
cool and easy jumps are well placed here -FUN.

User Award   s8ndm8n 17-Jul-2007
Nice challenge and an awesome layout
User Award   smok3y 17-Jul-2007
Sweet mama
You two complete each other like bread and butter
Flow is perfect
Smoothness silk like
Jumps marvelous
Nice wide open racing
Brilliant work guys
User Award   Ersatz 25-Jul-2007
Great duet

Really awesome flow through all the map.
Very well done for the MT ingame
intro cool and outro is nice

Very fun track, online must be great for ^^

Mega for both of you
User Award   MasterDisaster 27-Jul-2007
Ehy guys! What a cool fast island track!!
Nice screeny
Really fun to play-->should be cool for online
Cool start with a nice jump series
Great end with a biiiiig jumo
Brilliant work guys ^^

User Award   Mr.Brow 01-Sep-2007
Awesome Speed
Awesome Jumps
Awesome Platforms
Nice Tunnels
Nice Intro And Outro
Nice Track
Big Big Big from me

User Award   [ATP]Shane 01-Jan-2008
this track is fantastic, well done
User Award   FT»Marky 18-Sep-2009
This track is Great

very Great
User Award   Zemano ! 20-Feb-2010
Really good project !

Nice screen too !

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