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Name: Download Bay Parcour
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Marius 89
Version: 13-Apr-2011
TMX id: 3653392
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 5,777
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
15:10.32   Marius 89+ 0:00.005,777
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
15:16.64   sek` Zaitsev+ 0:06.325,536
16:49.79   DJinho+ 1:39.471,989
18:37.40   |lDgAl|Luffy+ 3:27.080
20:17.15   Edge.Fwo+ 5:06.830
21:27.28   _evan_+ 6:16.960
22:18.48   Mr. Bones+ 7:08.160
23:24.78   raz_zac+ 8:14.460
23:39.44   bobiszcze+ 8:29.120
27:00.94   koekimonster+ 11:50.620
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Author Comments

Bay Parcour

The Bay car is the car with the best accelelartion in TM. Cause of that it's very useful for climbing and the bay editor has lots of blocks you can climb on. So I had the idea to build an RPG-track in this environment.
I spended much time into this track, but now it's ready to upload. You'll drive on every block the environment has. Some blocks you'll drive in different ways. Look at the screenie or in the intro and you see, what the track is about. Surely this isn't an easy track, but on every checkpoint there are GPS Ghosts that show you how to come to the next checkpoint. So I hope everybody is able to finish this track.

I want to thank Zaitsev and Luffy for testing the track on Zait's server.
And big thanks to DaKKoN for this wonderful screenie.

GPS: (from every checkpoint to the next one)
Ingame: (don't ignore any warnings of the MT in you first try)

Author time: 19:30.61
Gold medal: 45:00.00
Silver medal: 1:30:00.00
Bronze medal: 4:00:00.00

Checkpoints: 46
Coppers: 2980
Screenie: Big thx to DaKKoN! Bigger Screenie

I would be really happy, if many of you try it. The track is in theory doable in 12 minutes. Of course you will need very long in your first try, but don't forget; there are GPS Ghosts on every checkpoint that will help you. You can see how to drive and some parts are easier than they look. If you really take your time for finishing this track you should get an award for that; so I'll give everyone finishing and being in top10 COPPERS:
- every one finishing and being in top10 gets
1000 coppers
- everybody being in top10 and beating the Silver medal gets
5000 coppers
- everybody being in top10 and beating the Gold medal gets
10000 coppers
Deadline for that is on 27.04.2011

And then there are 10 Hidden secrets placed in the map. Be careful; sometimes you need to have a speed of 0 km/h to activate the Media-Tracker. This is used on specific platforms or ends of something; look with cam7 over the track and you maybe find some places where a hidden secret could be. For every hidden secret the founder gets 500 coppers. You are allowed to find more than one secret and don't forget to post a link with a screenshot here in the track comments.

Now I wish you Good Luck, Have Fun, don't give up; you all can master it
Of course I would be pleased about comments and awards.

10000 coppers: Zaitsev, DJinho, Luffy, paul13, _evan_, Mr. Bones, raz_zac, bobiszcze, wladek69, mssa, koek-trommel, duiveltje1990, Igntul, HouseKeepR
5000 coppers: sortilege
1000 coppers: -
Time to beat for Top10: 27:37.12

Hidden secrets to find: 4,8
1 found by BeRgErEmIt
2 found by Luffy
3 found by Mr. Bones
5 found by Moopyy
6 found by Luffy
7 found by Luffy
9 found by Luffy
10 found by Luffy

Online version of the map to download: Bay Parcour Online

User Comments
Showing 53 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Marius 89 22-Apr-2011
Thx for
sek` Zaitsev thx for uploading a time so fast
NT_nosteam yes, but it was fun to study all the blocks
zero| L94
nod32|TMUF What did you mean? Half track after 45 min? Thx
Crixu' Thank you for playing
((( Ezom thx mate
((( Luffy »Fm. nice time
HouseKeepR thanks for this long I'm really happy I could motivate you to play a Bay RPG. xD Maybe I'll test your map, but 86CPs? oO
DJinho *grab*
Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] Marci nice to see you
:DrannLr hehe thank you
DaKKoN I'm happy you made that screenie for me; and the award
BeRgErEmIt nice to see s.o. uses the online version
SiH wow thank you hehe gogo Malte
illegal racer bay car is very nice for RPGs
raz_zac ok
sloidiot trial track

Everyone being in top10, when he uploads his replay, earns the coppers. That was the plan.
Of course it's very expensive now for me, cause so many good RPG/trial players played this map. I hoped to see more TMX user here, but they'll have it not that easy now to get into the top10. Anyway: I said everyone who finishs this and gets into the top10 should earn coppers, so you don't need to improve anymore, but if you want to, go improve your times.
  Mr. Bones 23-Apr-2011
Sorry no award from me. All in all, it's a good map but I dislike this style. There are no very hard or complex CPs and I saw a lot of these in other maps. The only difficulties are the lenght and pathfinding. By the way pathfinding, since the path is not clearly defined, I'm forced to use the GPS. If I drive such a map, then I will consider myself to find out the trick and no ghost showing me everything.
So I'm happy to be in theTop10 with my 3rd try.

btw Woud be great if you build a real platformtrack (pjw-style). I'm sure you can do it with your skill.

Edit: Hidden Secret 3
  Igntul 25-Apr-2011
so I'm done because I got in the top 10 for some days, even if now I am pushed out?
Man you are rich^^

I think I'll try to improve my time anyway
  S P I D E R 27-Apr-2011
my pb: 35:21:64
  Marius 89 29-Apr-2011
Competition is closed
I need your logins

The missing Hidden secrets you can see here:
  HouseKeepR 01-May-2011
login is housekeepr
  bobiszcze 04-May-2011
my login is bobiszcze
  _evan_ 04-May-2011
login: _evan_
  sortilege 04-May-2011
login: sortilege
  koekimonster 04-May-2011
login: kim_vh

  duiveltje1990 09-May-2011
mine is duiveltje1990
  koek-trommel 12-May-2011
login: koek-trommel
  Edge.Fwo 16-Feb-2019
yay, managed to get to the top10 here
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User Awards
Showing 32 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Jens007 16-Apr-2011
very nice map
User Award   SiH 16-Apr-2011
Added to WTF Trial + Platform Server
User Award 16-Apr-2011
Sick Trail Marius .... will try to set a good time the next few days

You rock
User Award   danekb 16-Apr-2011
very nice bay map marius
User Award   illegal racer 16-Apr-2011
Very good RPG! Especially so it isn't Stadium.
User Award   _evan_ 17-Apr-2011
I love it!
Nice new ideas
User Award   raz_zac 17-Apr-2011
So nice Map
For this one you will get 10 /10

This Map also inspirated me to build an easier and shorter Map like this.
I will let you know if its finished
User Award   smz 19-Apr-2011
Great track ! I didnt finish it, it's just too much, but I gotta appreciate the mapping craziness you put into it ^^
User Award   sloidiot 20-Apr-2011
Great RPG track
an 4ya

User Award   koekimonster 26-Apr-2011
nice track
User Award   Edge.Fwo 18-Oct-2012
Not that hard
Finished it in 82 minutes ^^
good job
User Award   _firestorrm 17-Jun-2017
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