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Name: Download GammaTron
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 01-Mar-2011
Released: 01-Mar-2011
TMX id: 3553250
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 74,029
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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1:03.06   Fulax+ 0:00.0074,029
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1:03.19   Freddy Mountain+ 0:00.1373,114
1:03.25   smok3y+ 0:00.1972,691
1:03.26   haenry+ 0:00.2072,620
1:03.29   osna+ 0:00.2372,409
1:03.34   Cool-T+ 0:00.2872,056
1:03.42   renarda77+ 0:00.3671,493
1:03.45   Dag@bert+ 0:00.3971,282
1:03.47   DaKKoN+ 0:00.4171,141
1:03.52   MaB+ 0:00.4670,789
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Author Comments

I worked for more then 2 years on this track. Therefor I'd like to think this is as good as an islander from me is gonna get. I tweaked it like mad over the years and therefor you should find a very extreme track which is somehow easy to finish cause of good signs and easy enough jumps. Anywayz, that's how I feel it is. The track is really fast, contains red boosters, but those are needed to make some really impressive jumps all over the track. I tried to give HUGE hang-times to the car ar all the jumps. Flying through scenery every where without touching it. As long as you follow the intedned path off course xD I really worked hard on this one. In the end probably over a 500 hours maybe? I race the track to much while building, but only then you get a "prefect"-track path with "perfect"-signs. *"to me"*

So what we got is a huge track. It contains over 10000 coppers... So I kept it @ daylight, since that tends to use the least power. And it shows the path the best. The track length is about 1 minute 5 seconds. The total length of the track is about 15500m long. Which brings an average speed of about 870km/h So as I stated before: quite fast The intro shows a quick overview of the track and a few ghosts jumping 2 huge jumps. Ingame you will find a GPS and loop-cams. (not on all the loop/bowls though, since some tend to be easier to coördinate without the cam) Also there are 2 CP-ghosts. I had to cut a few CP's to make them all work xD Still the track is not cuttable. I'm quite sure of that. Off course there is an outro which I worked hard on to get some "stunning" cams to display a good run!!

That's the track. Then about the testers: There were 2 testers that influenced the track here. TO start: About 1,8 years ago I asked Hageldave to finetune the scenery, cause I've always loved his scenery. He mainly thinned out the scenery by getting less and less coppers. And created some great concrete-scenery-parts. So thx for that m8!!
Then there was Cool-T, I wonder if he still remembers xD since it is already a loooong time ago he helped me. He helped me smooth out a certain drop which I had loads of troubles with finetuning it. The problem was I had a transition which didn't always work because of a bug. He managed to take it out and make it work even better!! Thx there m8!!

The rest of the testers is a list which is TO big to produce here. Also I don't feel like digging into my PM-list (over 40 pages by now...) to fins out who helped me out and who didn't. So let's just state it like this: If you remember this track you probably gave constructive comments that helped me out smoothening out the track!! So I must say to you here: Thx for helping me perfecting my Island-masterpiece!! You know who you are!!

Now go race and tell me if you think I am right!!


User Comments
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  DaKKoN 01-Mar-2011

Thx VIP, you're so kind!
Thx Wallaby, haha I love making days^^
Thx Cool-T, your inputs made me be proud of the track!!
Thx Crazy Cat, great!! xD
Thx Kratze, you must have high standrads xD ^^
Thx SEnpgm, really!
Thx Shock, that's me!
Thx Racho, great replay m8!! xD And well, that turn was needed :-(
Thx sylvaer, I hope those are tears of happyness? xD
Thx :DrannLr, haha I hope it's not just you! ;D
Thx Stoney, glad you like it!!!
Thx Wormi, haha I hope so to, 10011001000110113
Thx ohei2, so glad you liked it!! It's created in about that sunrise time.. xD
Thx slebbertjes, haha what a cool name xD
Thx mlokan, great to hear you liked it!!
Thx HonGo'o, good time there, and also: Scenery all the way baby!
Thx wardav, cool m8! I worked hard and they guided me through ;D
Thx Osaka, ehhh well I can't really express what I feel, but: It's good!!!! ^^
Thx Banjee, I almost fell a sleep reading your award xD Haha kiddin' m8!
Thx franz-jozef666, I kinda had a feeling you'd like it. You love to fly!
Thx O$NA, that dreaded turn... ;D Still really glad you like it m8!!
Thx Kriss[NR], thx a lot m8!! I always hoped to pleaze islanders! ^^
Thx Hotsch, lol you make me blush ;+)
Thx paddy, I really apreciate that!!
Thx Redrot, haha years ago... a few months tops! xD
Thx TGYoshi, as is your award! (:
Thx Crixu', I love eveyone thinks it's easy!! I succeeded!
Thx haenry, brilliant time!!!
Thx lolig, Great to hear!!
Thx Fran_de_Kler, (....) ^^
Thx MaB, I most definetly do!! Bedankt! Top tijd!
Thx Chomp, etc. ^^
Thx Aldherrian, Great!
Thx Zubitxu, always really apreciated m8!
Thx Rosse!, gr8 award xD
Thx Wraith, thx a lot m8!!! Really apreciated!
Thx Mr.Brow, So great to have you back!! xD
Thx Fulax, great (:
Thx eyebo, wow thx a million m8!! highly apreciated!!
Thx Wulfy3, great to hear!
Thx Edge, always a leasure to hear your opinion xD
Thx Tuta, my favourite silly Swede!! -x-
Thx Alex BF, didn't know you could drive the island car xD
  FT|Joyeux 01-Mar-2011
Again, sorry for not doing the intro
  Dag@bert 01-Mar-2011
wow, huge text
(maybe you forgot to mention Tarquin ^^)
  Cool-T 01-Mar-2011
oh yes, i remember
i was always wondering when you're goin to release it ^^
  DaKKoN 02-Mar-2011
lol Joy ;D
You're right D@go, I had several people tell me that yesterday... He even made 2 versions.... But those are from october 2005 so I don't think he'll mind (btw I never knew about the track until stoney told me yesterday on PPO )
Well Cool-T yesterday ^^ (I was wondering myself to tbh... )
  Rava 02-Mar-2011
this one did not really hit my taste - so I dont feel like awarding yet, still I can give you a little feedback-comment.

Start off was allready hard for me - took some tries to find the well calculated jump first. Rest of the track is in general too fast for me. Too many red boosters, too many "blind"- jumps. Aswell there was too much tube-rolling and loops for my taste. I did not really get a fine run on it - theres soo many ways to crash and you allready do by making a tiny little mistake.
Still it's aswesome smooth and looks fantastic aswell the MT was breathtaking.
  Acid-Redrot-Skilla 02-Mar-2011
  Redrot»LT 02-Mar-2011
Ignore the comment above me.

I was a key beta tester, wasn't I?
  Fallout 03-Mar-2011
The scenery is awesome.

But there's no driving sections - only 2 turns in the whole track xD
  DaKKoN 06-Mar-2011
@ Rava,

I would have bene surprised if this suddenly seemed your style I've driven several tracks form you and well, there couldn't be a bigger difference in our styles I think I really apreciate you took the time to react here!! Thx!! And well about the "supposedlu blind jumps" I believe if you simply jump towards the signs you always have a good landing?? Anywayz, thx and I hope it will "hit your taste" someday!! Thx for the feedback. Beers m8!!

@ Redrot,

yes m8, you changed the track in a way I knew I had to make that start as simple as possible ^^

@ Fallout,

I know 2 turns is an issue for you, since you probably crash @ the 1st?? *(hehe sorry ^^)
Anywayz, thx for still commenting it m8! Care for putting up a time? I mean you do rock that way (Being insanely fast and all... xD) Thx!
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User Awards
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User Award   mec.robert 08-Mar-2011
Hated the slanted red booster right after the first wallride. i crashed so many times because of that bastard...

But the rest of the map was outstanding!
User Award   GrimR 12-Mar-2011
awesome fullspeeder
User Award   *speedy* 12-Mar-2011
Speeeeed is all you need.
Damn. That was a quick thrilling ride.
Very nice long jumps and I love those wallride-bowl-things-which-I-don't-know-the-name-of.
Outstanding work!

User Award   Sriver 13-Mar-2011
awesome jumps - incredibly well calculated!
really fun to play, though it's not the best map to hunt on since you kept the amount of turns as low as possible xD

>> <<

User Award   JakeOIL 16-Mar-2011
Incredible track Dakkon

Perhaps one of the best "high fly map" i've ever played

I it

See you
User Award   MeFFF 21-Mar-2011
Hands down! This is your best Island Map so far .....


User Award   Shadowstalker94 22-Mar-2011
Just awesome
I´m speechless.
This track is epic.
I love it so much.
Perfect jumps and perfect MT work!

User Award   Cephid 29-Mar-2011
like it
User Award   smok3y 03-Apr-2011

2 years of polishing sure is something, and this turned out to be one heck of a thrill ride
I thoroughly enjoyed it
After a long long time I have started to play TM again and I'm loving it
Though it is till a bit hard to keep my concentration going for longer but I manage to just put in a little time to this lovely game that brought me great friends such as yourself
This map took me back to the age old days of wind in the hair and pants on fire
Absolutely Dakkon style all the way
Speed and loads of it
Big monster jumps
Some really challenging sections'
Loads of loops and corkscrews
And 110% fun all the way
Well I managed to nail the WR for now, that's the best I could do with my aging old bones hehe
Keep making such rocking maps m8, we absolutely love them and you as well

Big Shiny Cup->>
User Award   egare 14-Apr-2011
Awesome track

User Award   smartyyy 27-Apr-2011
A masterpiece.
User Award   Daniël`LT 04-Jul-2011
Holy crap, this is one of the most impressive Islanders I've ever driven =O those 2 years sure paid off^^
User Award   ebbrorberowerip 04-Jul-2011
Omg... epic
User Award   vince78 31-Oct-2013
Certainly one of best island map i ever played

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