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Name: Download Stupid mini 6
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   walkman
Version: 15-Jun-2007
TMX id: 348496
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,662
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:16.52   JumperJack+ 0:00.0039,662
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:16.53   Nika+ 0:00.0139,518
0:16.59   GAD+ 0:00.0738,653
0:16.61   P.r.o Knt-1+ 0:00.0938,365
0:16.64   Harmony~Bros+ 0:00.1237,933
0:16.67   CraxX+ 0:00.1537,501
0:16.68   Darki+ 0:00.1637,357
0:16.71   don_fronn+ 0:00.1936,925
0:16.72   ludix+ 0:00.2036,781
0:16.72   BNC-Magnet+ 0:00.2036,781
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Author Comments


This time this stupid tracks go´s on snow. Could be fun (could)!
Trackname Stupid mini 6
Authortime: 16:90
Coppers used: 791
Intro: Yes
Ingame: No
Outro: Yes



Have fun!


RustyMike LOL Be an *biip* it´s fine by me Thank you very much for this fun ´n lovely award!

p.r.o knt-1 (exams) Thx for letting me know your weekness I will build many many more snow track Thank you for the award! Now I can finaly take the first place

JumperJack Awesome award one´s again from JJ About the sign, I can´t go that fast on this enviroment so I could not know that it was to low placed...sorry about that. What can I do to get an Gold from you?

Harmony~Brothers Well none of my tracks should be easy or are they? Just hope they are little funny! Thank you very much for this award!

crooms Great...thanks crooms

MiniZyko *..................................................*

՚ŠSuperb...thanks maan

Kendal should continue to mini 7 could that be an normal track?

Sivert Great award my friend, thx and yes, this was my first alpine.

TimeBreaker Yep I shall make stupid minis on every enviroment...(maby)

CraxX aka. ScRappY your award

User Comments
Showing 9 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  P.r.o Knt-1 15-Jun-2007
it's difficult for me this environement
  walkman 15-Jun-2007
You must be kidding with me
  P.r.o Knt-1 15-Jun-2007
i'm not good in english ^^

What do you mean by kidding
  walkman 15-Jun-2007
lol 16:78 is better then the author time (my best) and you said you were bad at this enviroment
  P.r.o Knt-1 15-Jun-2007
ahh ok ^^
-0.12 sec for your best is almost nothing compared with the variations in stadium stupid tracks
  RustyMike/Mouse Floyd 15-Jun-2007
Now I've got one question Walkman, which one program you use fro screenshots?
  JumperJack 16-Jun-2007
no indeed, knt-1, -0.38 is more like the average stupid time, hmm?!

-edit- hmm, to get a gold from me?! well, then you've got to make a perfect that that i can play for hours...

but don't worry walkman, of all tracks i awarded, i only gave five a gold award now, so that absolutely not much - once you'll get one, i'm sure of that, i'm just waiting for that uber-perfect track...
  P.r.o Knt-1 16-Jun-2007
woaw nice time time JJ ^^

I think that its impossible for me to do better than U

I'm not a fan of this environnement
  Nika 18-Feb-2008
I did 16.41 online...And didn't manage to do it again in solo mode..
Btw nice time JJ
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   RustyMike/Mouse Floyd 15-Jun-2007
Well, I can be an a**hole and say, that this track is rubbish, because I can't do the jump from the checkpoint, but I'm not that type of person.
Another really stupid track from you
Stupider of all
Really enjoyable and fun ride
Great and big
For really solid track
Great for internet

User Award   P.r.o Knt-1 15-Jun-2007
nice first stupid snow track ^^

I'm not strong in this mod but it's fun
User Award   JumperJack 16-Jun-2007
awesome stupid mini again!! and finally in another environment than stadium!!

really, this one's fun!!

only... i've got to brake at the first jump, since if i don't, i'll mostly fly and crash against the "arrow down" above it - concluding that you can go too fast...

anyway, it's not faster to fly so high, even when the sign wasn't there...

nothing less than a silver for you!!
User Award   Harmony~Bros 16-Jun-2007
Nice funny little map. Not as easy as it first looks though. Have to judge those jumps right
User Award   crooms 17-Jun-2007
Cool track
Nice idea, nice jumps

User Award   MiniZyko 17-Jun-2007
Nothing to say,
Just Stupid
User Award   Masadow 18-Jun-2007
Very nice track Short and VERY FUNNNN !

User Award   Kendal 18-Jun-2007
Finally arrived at mini 6.
Hope this is the long awaited normal lenght tech-track.
Let's test it...
NOOOO, this time I'm lost in the snow and no tech-track in sight.
I leave an award behind and keep my fingers crossed for mini 7!
User Award   Sivert 21-Jun-2007
Once again you prove yourself as a great trackbuilder This is your first alpine... right?!? Great flow but too hard for me to get a good time

User Award   TimeBreaker 22-Jun-2007
wow, a stupid snow mini
even better than your lkast stad minis i think, really nice jumps, and woot, how can JJ be so fast
User Award   CraxX 24-Nov-2007
wonderful snow track...even its short - damn beautiful and funny to drive

get ya

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