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Name: Paradise City
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Micster
Version: 02-Feb-2011
Released: 02-Feb-2011
TMX id: 3481598
LB Rating: 76,184
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:50.88   -tchocolat-+ 0:00.4472,197
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0:51.18   MaB+ 0:00.7469,478
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Author Comments

Welcome to Paradise City!
(where the grass is green and the girls* are pretty)

I could honestly say the very same stuff as I did on my other track, Sensational. Fast jumps, fast scenery and plenty of reuses to boot. This track has taken me at least 24 ingame hours to produce, so I hope you enjoy what has been a bundle of love and joy to me.

Many gracious thanks go to Davwader, s8ndm8n, Cephid and Mikey for finding the patience to help me beta test this track! You guys rock!

Small thanks go to Neurario for getting me back into TM.

Please put up your Personal Best whenever you can!
Coppers: 7000+
MT Intro
MT Ingame
MT Outro
Guide Vehicle (GPS)
Custom Music!
Many reuses!
Cars in the screenshot are:
Montgomery Hawker Solo
Tempesta GT

Larger textless screenshot!

Suggestions? Comments? Please provide Feedback so I know what is good and what isn't.

Please comment or Award if you enjoy the track!

Have fun driving!


*DISCLAMER: No actual girls were hired for the making of this track.

User Comments
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  Micster 02-Feb-2011
Thanks Mikey! Your feedback towards the track was much appreciated.

Thanks Green Lock! Just what I was aiming for.

Thanks OLDA_X for the kind words.

Thanks davwader! This was as smooth as I could get, but thanks for noting my style of building.

Thanks Crixu'! Nice to know my tracking style differs from most, yet is still entertaining.

Thanks Mr.DvD, good to know!

Thanks Cephid! Great to hear.

Thanks -Sriver-! Just what I was hoping for.

Thanks FT»Rast! Glad you enjoy the music.

Thanks Dag@bert!! Great to know you enjoyed.

Thanks »Kratze«! I see there is still appreciation for the older TMS style of building.

Thanks O$NA for the kind words! I'll have to check out your replay, fantastic time!

Thanks Hotsch! Great you found this so much fun.

Thanks MaB! Glad you had fun!

Thanks NitroGuY!»LT, that means a lot to me!

Thanks s8ndm8n! Yeahhhh, I know. Just another one of the reasons why this track was a little delayed.

Thanks Kriss[NR], great to know!

Thanks Edge! I'm seriously hoping I stick around TM for a little longer this time.

Thanks jackino!

Thanks gruebchen, great to hear!

Thanks Fellbein! I didn't think it was too hard.

Thanks FT»paddy! You might be the first person to get the game I was referencing.

Thanks JakeOIL! It does take a little getting used to, I agree.

Thanks Redrot»LT! No worries.

Thanks Wallaby, glad you had fun!

Thanks Bye Tom! Welcome back to TM yourself.

Thanks tmjonas! Really glad you enjoyed the intro too, I guess an old dog can still learn new tricks.

Thanks KEV Fan! Very kind words there! I'll try not to take too long next time.

Thanks spedzo! It'd probably help if you go play for reals.

Thanks Fran_de_Kler!

Thanks Chaldan!

Thanks Norman!

Thanks wombatbreath for the kind praise!

Thanks drunkdriv3r!
  Sriver 02-Feb-2011
Originally posted by Mikey ...
Quality track micster, smooth, playable and great fun !
I would be happy to build something this good in 24 years

  NinjAstar 02-Feb-2011
Welcome back. If this is anything like the mentioned track Sensational I'll be sure to enjoy it.
  Sammon 04-Feb-2011
micster lives!
  Wallaby 05-Feb-2011
jakeoil lives ;-P
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Fellbein 03-Feb-2011
Wow, amazing Work here, too hard for me, but the replays and the GPS are brillant, smooth like silk, great Scenery, very well done
  Nim 04-Feb-2011
I really love tracks, that are perfectly smooth, but I also love it, when they are not too smooth, that brings an awesome old-school feeling into the track (imo) anyways, I love this track! Insane jump combos, lots of great slides, where you can improve your time I had lots of fun to get my time into the top 10 list and Burnout Paradise and the Guns'n Roses song rule awesome screen angle, the text placement is not my taste

  JakeOIL 04-Feb-2011
A lovely one Micster,

Nice overall flow, with some very nice jumps and transitions...I still am very uncomfortable with this sharp road block between the two platform sections, but I'm getting used to it with some practice

A great MT work as well,

Well done, here's a little gold for you
  Redrot»LT 05-Feb-2011
very fun one. good replay value too.


cool screen
  Wallaby 05-Feb-2011
really awesome =)
  Bye Tom 07-Feb-2011
I managed to finish it in my first attempt, which stunned me. Not only because this is basically the first map I played for more than a half year, but also since the map was so action-packed and exciting to drive on.

Great work, hope I get to play more by you!
  tmjonas 07-Feb-2011
Cool track again Mic

Easy to learn and finish, not that easy to make a good time. Well timed jumps and transfers, good flow etc.
And even I don't care, you did a good job with the MT, too (gosh, I guess that was the first intro I've watched for ages).

for you!
  KEV Fan 13-Feb-2011
It immediately came back to me .... the good I feeling I always have when I drive a Micster island map
Awesome speed, great jumps and sideway forces tearing at your car most of the time - I love it mate
Please don´t take anther two years for your next release
  spedzo 20-Feb-2011
Grr, you return when I go inactive

Track looks sweet! ...I watched a replay, sue me ^^'
  Fran_de_Kler 26-Feb-2011
Great track.
Big fun.
  Chaldan 15-Mar-2011
Did'nt know this had been released, just saw the Beta....

Well.... The track is awesome! Not much more to say really.

  Norman 06-May-2011
very nice map!
  wombatbreath 06-Jun-2011
Very cool - wicked g's on the turns and very nice transitions & jumps
  drunkdriv3r 12-Jul-2011
Transitions 8/10
Speed 9/10
Music 10/10
MT 10/10
Overall 9.5/10
Amazing track

  Loe 26-Jun-2012
  fonzie 01-Feb-2013
Absolutely superb track. As I described it online "I was wrecklessly throwing my fingers at the keyboard to control my car on this track". Once I could control it I realised how great a track it was.
  shadi 13-May-2013
Awesome MAP! Very good work!! NEVER SEENN SUCH AN OUtstanding fs map like this! :
  Raul Vad 15-May-2013
Amazing track, great work.
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