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Name: Illuminate Your Life!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   FT|Joyeux
Version: 28-Jan-2011
Released: 28-Jan-2011
TMX id: 3467574
LB Rating: 58,420
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:57.18   »Kratze«+ 0:00.0058,420
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0:57.47   Sriver+ 0:00.2956,642
0:57.60   osna+ 0:00.4255,845
0:57.67   Kriss[47]+ 0:00.4955,416
0:57.83   FT|Joyeux+ 0:00.6554,435
0:57.84   Dag@bert+ 0:00.6654,374
0:57.97   FT»Shock!+ 0:00.7953,577
0:57.99   Drannn»UD+ 0:00.8153,454
0:58.18   Crixu'+ 0:01.0052,289
0:58.40   wardav+ 0:01.2250,941
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Author Comments

Hey !

I'm very proud to present my best, my longest and probably my easiest islander so far! It's a 1min map, with some smooth jumps, Have fun!
No, it's not a new duo by me and shock, but I liked this "blablabla Your Life!" , and took inspiration

-- Illuminate Your Life! --

Features and times

Enviro' :
Mood : day
Signs : Blue Nightime, and FT sign at the start.
Coopers : 7700


Intro A really simple one, neither special ghost effect or something else, just some cams
Outro I'm tooo lazy, and it's better without outro I think
Scenery By me, sometimes pretty light, but it looks good I hope
Music Mr.Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan ... Many thanks to Ninja for importing the music!!

: 58.22
: 1.oo.oo
: 1.o4.oo
: 1.12.oo

Special thanks :

I wanna thanks all my beta testers :
Green Lock

And especially Sriver, who gave so much awesome advices!! Many thanks to you my mate!

Showcases :

1° showcase : For Cart, such an underrated map!

Stay the Night by   Cartman»LT

2° showcase : For Ninja, for importing the music!
Express Yourself by   NinjAstar

3° showcase : For Sriver, such an help was really wonderful, thanks!
mental illness by   Sriver

4°showcase : For Row!e, because of his epicly insanely amzingly awesome screen
Pre Run. by   Rowie

That's all and enough, have fun and enjoy!

User Comments
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  FT»Mandark 29-Jan-2011
  Drannn»UD 29-Jan-2011
kb powaaa
  MaB 30-Jan-2011
Sorry, I hate the learning process on this one. When you make a mistake during the first few tries, the respawn alternative way to drive isn't clear to me. So I get annoyed and frustrated and don't continue trying.
  Dag@bert 01-Feb-2011
lol, come on MaB, that's just another flat slide monsta beefed up with loops and MT and overboosted like most keyboarders's tracks
should be a joke for a big guy like you to finish it
  FT|Joyeux 01-Feb-2011
Well, maB, my first objective was to make an easy map. And 9/10 of the people tell me it is So, there is normally neither "learning process" Oo Thanks for the comment anyway, and thanks for your award on my duo with shock
Dago, if I want to build a map like this one, let me do
  Sriver 01-Feb-2011
@ dago:
if it wouldn't be 'overboosted', u'ld complain about overflying everything^^
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User Awards
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  smwforever45 29-Jan-2011
The screen is outstanding, and the track too
Great work on this!
Big for you
  Crazy Cat 29-Jan-2011
  FT»@ndy 29-Jan-2011
quite good
  FT»lolig 29-Jan-2011
nice map,,
  suchor 30-Jan-2011
  Yozora 30-Jan-2011
Yeeeeeah !


Best regards.
  »Kratze« 30-Jan-2011
Overdone MTwork but still awesome as well at the track of the track.

Keep on mapping like this!
  Wulfstan 31-Jan-2011
Great Speed and Flow, Great map!
  Fulax 01-Feb-2011
  OLDA_X 02-Feb-2011
Exellent highspeed islander . I like sliding platform and perfect smooth jumps in to the looping's combos . My time is not good because way with more red boosters is just overly for me , but i really like this map . Deserved 30th ~* *~

.... .... OLDA_X
  .Fakecheese» 02-Feb-2011
Great track
Very smooth and fun

- Fakey
  Nim 03-Feb-2011
holy shit, what a screen anyways, pretty insane track! Many amazing jumps and curves, Scenry and MT work are also amazing. I love the GPS It's just much too long if you ask me

  wardav 04-Feb-2011
I first thought it was Iluminate track, and I wondered for so long that it is best if in the week.
Today,I discovered that it's a different map from You.
I must say that it is really nice, clear, fast and smooth. MT work too, or rather as usual perfect.
Nice screen. Just missing the outro.
However, the track for everyone, not heavy but light and it can comfortably go to the end.
Very good work - BIG :award.
  Jenox 04-Feb-2011
Holy cow...
It's fucking' awesome!

Rating: 9.5/1o
  htpioneer 11-Feb-2011
I really enjoy this map
  Pet-Placka 24-Mar-2011
great one
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