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Name: Bay Rumble
Pack: scottmc-TMU-race-tracks
By:   [ATP]scottmc
Version: 17-Jun-2007
Released: 13-Jun-2007
TMX id: 345445
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Symmetric
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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0:56.88   CubicReg+ 0:01.06-
0:57.01   hippie+ 0:01.19-
0:57.25   Ricardo Rix+ 0:01.43-
0:57.58   Dalefan+ 0:01.76-
0:57.61   allinz*on vacation*+ 0:01.79-
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Author Comments

This is a Bay clone of my popular stadium track, Let's Rumble.

Should be easy for most to finish, but tough to get the best times. It has a few tricky parts to it so be careful out there.

Special thanks to Alcator for the great MT work, and insane for the screenshot and testing. Also a shout out to Beevis, (Beta Tester Badge #3) for his feedback after testing this one in the early stages. I think most will enjoy this one.

Special signs on this one were made by Jonkster, you'll see more of them if/when ATP Stunts #1 is released

Ok, let's do another Copper Challenge on this one:

1. place: 1000 coppers
2. place: 750 coppers
3. place: 500 coppers
4. place: 250 coppers
5. place: 100 coppers

Deadline June 22nd, midnight Pacific Time , (June 23 8am GMT)

EDIT: CUT removed in version v1.1

User Comments
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  [ATP]scottmc 13-Jun-2007
This one works good for online, especially Teams mode, where one team takes the Right start and the other teams the Left start. Players cross paths 3 tries before finally merging for the run to the finish.

Thanks for the Trojaner, glad you liked it.

Thanks Crawdaddy for the award.
"And why the low time replay post? Is that just so people are more encouraged to upload their own replays? :sly:"
Nope, that was just the best time I could run cleanly. I have a hard time playing the game without lag with the servers running on the same PC, but will be moving to a new PC soon and leaving the server on it's own, so maybe that'll help make me a better driver, but probably not.
  [ATP]Crawdaddy 13-Jun-2007
Oh - I guess someone else may have validated it for you then... because with my time I only got a Gold medal.

See, that's why I was confused
  [ATP]scottmc 14-Jun-2007
Heh. Yeah Alcator validated it when he did the MT. I got under 1:03 once i think
Hate when the lag hits me just as i'm making a critical corner or loop jump.
  Alcator 14-Jun-2007
I liked adding replay to this one, as the track is very "changing" and allows plenty of angles to chose from.

Although I think a bit more directional signs and warning signs (for turns) would be nice, it turned out pretty well. Good job, scott!
  [ATP]scottmc 15-Jun-2007
I finally managed to get a 1:03 on my own. So many places where a minor slip costs you a great run. This is going to drive WR hunters CRAZY.
  [ATP]Trump 15-Jun-2007
Ok. Wheres the Cut? Im gettin mad here.
  [ATP]scottmc 15-Jun-2007
CUT has been removed. Any replays that used the cut will not be allowed for the copper challenge. If you ran a replay with the previous track but didn't cut those will still ok for the copper contest, so don't worry about having to play it again, that is unless you were one who got there by cutting.
  CubicReg 17-Jun-2007
Can still be improved, but too bad there's the bar we hit before the very last jump is we goo too fast.
  [ATP]scottmc 17-Jun-2007
Nice time there CubicReg, nice way to kick on the new challenge.

  Marius 89 23-Jun-2007
It's 9:00 am in Germany (GMT+1).
I've won!
  [ATP]scottmc 24-Jun-2007
Marius89 won again... coppers being sent out soon.

  CubicReg 24-Jun-2007
It is encouraging to see finally a competition on something else than stadium / fullspeed island.
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User Awards
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  Trojaner 13-Jun-2007
Hey Scott ...

a really additive bay track with awesome design, wonderful
flow, great jumps and cool ideas, ...MT work
is also very nice...same the Screen ...

All in one - superb job ....

Troja ...
  [ATP]Crawdaddy 13-Jun-2007
Good track. I didn't like a few things, but all in all it is laid out pretty well - signs tell you where to go and the flipping finish works every time.

And why the low time replay post? Is that just so people are more encouraged to upload their own replays? :sly:
  rkade 13-Jun-2007
great track
  » Ebou / Busy! 14-Jun-2007
Very nice symmetrical track scott.

awesome intro. great camera angles
The corner after the offroad bit is really hard and I often slide off I'm a n00b
Really nices jumps and beautiful flip at the end.

---> !
  Mr.Brow 14-Jun-2007
Nice speed
Nice tech
Nice ideas
nice track
Big from me

  tyzz 14-Jun-2007
nice track

cool mt-work
nice speed
cool screeny
awesome scenery
good flow
nice transitions

  insane 14-Jun-2007
well, you heard what i think about the track in the beta stages
damn addicting track, and even better than its nations version
nontheless there are still a few spots that are critical to take at full-speed, e.g. the loop and the finish
If you go to fast you will crash and almost have no chance to get through it clean
Nontheless you did a good job on it and alcator did some nice MT work
Good job
  Andree 14-Jun-2007
Wonderful baytrack
Great symmetrical
Vool looping
Great containersigns (almost drive into them because i liked them so much)
Ubercool special made loopsection towards the end (from the house-hitting road and down)

  Edge 15-Jun-2007
Wow, great track scott!
Great ideas...nice jumps....
nice scenery and an awesome finish!!!

Well done!!!!

  crooms 15-Jun-2007
Cool track Scott
Great symettrical design, and great ideas all the way
Nice platforms, and excellent flip finish

  RustyMike/Mouse Floyd 15-Jun-2007
Amazing screenie
Great fun to play
Very good design
Awesome flow
Nice ideas

  [ATS] IronStar7 15-Jun-2007
Awesome track.
  Dalefan 23-Jun-2007
I forgot to award this one

Nothing to dislike about this one. Great all-around track. Speed, a couple turns that are tough to keep momentum going the first couple tries. I only had a problem going to fast on the jump to the roof.....kept going too fast and hitting the rail from the platform above

  ohei2 24-Aug-2007
A very good design for a symmetrical track.

Highly enjoyable.

(P.S.: The signs are very nice.)
  Ricardo Rix 28-Aug-2007
nice track scott, good combination of ideas.
  BrummHummel 18-Nov-2008
Nice tricky & fast challenge
I like the walljump very much but the loop is very buggy.
Good work!
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