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Name: Intermediate Scramble
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   franz-josef666
Version: 21-Jan-2011
Released: 21-Jan-2011
TMX id: 3445924
LB Rating: 33,653
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:37.11   Dag@bert+ 0:00.0033,653
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0:38.84   HonG+ 0:01.7324,240
0:40.32   franz-josef666+ 0:03.2116,187
0:41.43   Draco35+ 0:04.3210,147
0:42.40   Hotsch+ 0:05.294,869
0:44.46   The Bohemian+ 0:07.350
0:44.49   OLDA_X+ 0:07.380
0:44.72   basse+ 0:07.610
0:45.02   banjee»UD+ 0:07.910
0:46.45   Frx ben75+ 0:09.340
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Author Comments

I am sooo pissed!

I wanted to built a track that challenges your driving-technique. You have to spend a few moments to get the start right, but the learning curve on this track is very high (and pretty fast).

But that's not why I'm pissed. During driving I discovered (with the help of ZettZen) some driving-bugs in Trackmania which really upset me. To do them you have to press some combinations that feel like Finishing Moves in Mortal Combat, and that's not really fun in a driving game. So I had to decide to rebuilt the track for those who use these bugs or keep it so that the normal driving is still fun (for me). The decision was to ignore the bugs.

This is too much for a Franz-Josef, so I retire from trackbuilding.
In the future I will be represented by my good old friend Dale Cooper.

So be prepared for something different when driving the INTERMEDIATE SCRAMBLE!

"This must be where pies go when they die."
Dale Cooper

User Comments
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  franz-josef666 21-Jan-2011
Stage I:

Beginner Scramble by   franz-josef666
  Dag@bert 21-Jan-2011
Originally posted by franz-josef666 ...
During driving I discovered ..... some driving-bugs in Trackmania which really upset me. To do them you have to press some combinations .....
what you're talking about ?
which bugs do you mean ?
what combinations I have to press for that ?
  franz-josef666 21-Jan-2011
Don't want to tell too much, but it has something to do with the reverse-boosters.

Watched your replay: I thought about many ways to drive the start, but this obvious route I've just missed.

Tried your route Dag@bert: Just can't do it. I blame the keyboard.
  Dag@bert 21-Jan-2011
the start is not a problem of keyboard or not - just stay on the gas AND brake when you turn left at the red booster, then the car slides 180° back with a short curve
  franz-josef666 21-Jan-2011
OK! That's the same thing I discovered when driving backwards ("bug"). But I somehow can't do it properly.
  Dag@bert 21-Jan-2011
anyways, I still don't understand your "bug"
  franz-josef666 21-Jan-2011
ZettZen figured out when you drive towards the first booster, get of gas, hit gas, brake, you are much faster driving backwards.
On the second reverse booster you can press forward and backward together for more speed. For me this is a bug, because it's not the "natural" behaviour of a car.
  Dag@bert 21-Jan-2011
aaahh ^^

I know that, it can be called a bug, but if you know how it works, you can use it. But you also could say that red boosters are not normal for a car, so what. ^^
(I think the "natural behaviour" of a car not even exists in real life, and TM is just a virtual game only, hehe.)
  franz-josef666 21-Jan-2011
Very true Dag@bert. But it feels like it's not normal for the game-physics.
  MoaraShira 21-Jan-2011
pure nonsense
not to compare with your last 3 brilliant tracks....
  franz-josef666 22-Jan-2011
The reference is the racing-game Rollcage. It's incredible fast, the environment is destructable and the best thing, the cars have no up or downside. It's also very difficult; the later levels are only possible to play if you are not thinking, you have to let your subconscious drive. Rollcage also has the special mode called Scramble. There you have no opponent, but a very weird track. You have to accelerate, break, jump, turn the car on it's "roof", stop in the finish-field and all of this against time. It's very challenging, often you have to decide how much you can speed up to get a turn where you have to break (you want to do it as fast as possible 'cause it's against time). Here's the only video I've found for the Scramble-Mode:
  Dag@bert 22-Jan-2011
Rollcage rules !
  Frx ben75 12-Feb-2011
I don't like this strange track. No award! Sorry!
  franz-josef666 18-Feb-2011
Calmed myself down by making a track without booster:
"Coffee with Tiger by   franz-josef666"
Changed me back to the good old Franz-Josef.
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User Awards
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  Dag@bert 21-Jan-2011
wow, that's a pretty cool, innovative and funny start-combo
  OLDA_X 21-Jan-2011
cool and original ideas , I like it

.... .... OLDA_X
  TitanTree 21-Jan-2011

Well thought out track... Fun to learn, and thanks for the GPS

>> <<
  ZettZen 21-Jan-2011
Yo fj, you old Wurstfälscher,
I lote this track, I really do (whatever that means).
You probably should point out the reference to the second most insane racing game there ever was...
Your mom... and so on...
  luporacer 22-Jan-2011


nice idea,
cool track

  Alex BF 22-Jan-2011
Crazy map
>>>> <<<<
  Draco35 29-Jan-2011
Crazy... great experimental map
  The Bohemian 02-Feb-2011
Awesome track as always Cool ideas I've never seen
  basse 04-Feb-2011
fun shorty - creative ideas - good job!
  HonG 12-Feb-2011
funny one^^

  Hotsch 13-Feb-2011
Crazy and funny stuff
  Ropesbart 15-Mar-2011
unusual, surprising, courageous, unbeatable (for me) and awardworthy ( -Strecke !)
  witooZ 06-Aug-2011
Clever idea! Can be tricky sometimes and it requires some time to handle it well but it's really nice when you get into the trackflow.

Acid jazz for the win!!

for you
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