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Track Name
Name: big lake
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wrathwell
Version: 12-Jun-2007
Released: 12-Jun-2007
TMX id: 344193
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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1:21.02   Cibermix+ 0:00.00-
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1:21.33   Roa+ 0:00.31-
1:21.88   [CMC]Figos+ 0:00.86-
1:22.56   Feanor+ 0:01.54-
1:22.68   *Garfovsky+ 0:01.66-
1:23.42   'Q'+ 0:02.40-
1:23.69   Eviltim+ 0:02.67-
1:24.11   tcq+ 0:03.09-
1:24.50   [UMF] DIO+ 0:03.48-
1:24.60   X_Darkman_X+ 0:03.58-
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Author Comments

My main goal in this one was to make it so that no parts were "sudden". This one takes place....... at a big lake .

This track contains:
an intro
some in-game mts
and an outro
some cool jumps
some technical areas near the beginning
some speed corners near the end
1:29.?? author time
(hopefully) no sudden corners or jumps
one skinny bridge
lots of dirt
an offroad corner
also lots of tarmac
three speed boosts
some nice scenery
a BIG lake!

Try your best, if you do well until you get passed the mountain area, you are in the clear! Good luck, and don't fall off the bridges when you are going over the big lake! HAVE FUN!!!

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 13-Jun-2007
Congratz dude for making the showcase

Now the track will recieve the attention it deserves (imho)
  Djoszee 13-Jun-2007
lmao @ the showcase description
Quote ...
"it has a big lake"

  wrathwell 13-Jun-2007

Sorry for deleting all my comments, but I am exceeding the 4000 character limit

Thank you all for awarding my track, and thanks TMX for putting this up in the showcase!!!

~My thanks to the awesome TMX community~

Thanks memy for the award!

Thank you Axon for the award!!

Thanks DaKKoN for the award!

Thank you TYZZ for the award!

Thanks Andree for the award!!

Thank you for the award [ATP]Crawdaddy!!

Thanks for the award CRO|Bare for the award!

Thank you Mr.Brow for the award!

Thanks walkman for the award!

Thank you for the award Master_Track!

Thanks for the award |AS| ben75 for the award!

Thank you crooms for the award!

Thanks [ATP]Eviltim for the award!

Thank you for the award alche for the award!

Thanks for the award Iquere « for the award!

Thank you tmjonas for the award!

Thanks DeathBat for the award!

Thank you for the award HeaH for the award!

Thanks for the award Jaal Krok!!

Thank you dark tompaku for the award!

Thanks Kubix for the award!

Thank you for the award BrummHummel !

Thanks for the award dodg3r!

Thank you ohei2 for the award!

Thanks Disco_Stu for the award!

Thank you for the award speeddriverr!

Thanks for the award pitstep!

Thanks for the award xgt1!

Thank you [UC]Feenux for the award!

Thanks JohnnyBazooka for the award!

Thank you for the award uetzer!

Thanks for the award tcq!

Thank you Feanor for the award!

Thanks 'Q' for the award!

~final comments~

Thanks again for the awards!! You have all given me lots of confidence and I hope I can make some more fun tracks for you to enjoy !
  Feanor 20-Aug-2007
Don't even think about it tcq...
  Eviltim 27-Nov-2007
Thats an awesome last turn you had Feanor!
I had you up to there, but for some reason I just can't do that one.

Edit: haha, nice time 'Q', I'll have to try again later
  'Q' 28-Nov-2007
Well, the run was pretty average, I was far behind you before the last turn and then you decided to stop.
  Feanor 01-Dec-2007
i know updated the time. And you were right EvilTim, my former ending was quite brilliant. the one on this replay is far slower, but the rest is also far faster. Up to the last wall i was -0.9 on my old time, and i finished with only -0.38 so there's much room for improvement still. 1:21 is possible.
  KiWiNiNjA 07-Dec-2007
There we go, boosted the LB another 6,000 Took a while though, and I crashed through the last corner

A bit too long for my tastes so no award for me

Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Kubix 17-Jun-2007
Hey !
I love your rally track !
Fun to drive !

good job !

  BrummHummel 17-Jun-2007
superb creative and flowing rally!
wonderful jumps and transitions
i love the sceney! looks awesome!
very very good track!
  dodg3r 17-Jun-2007
very pleasant track with good speeds through turns and some nice jumps and transitions
  ohei2 17-Jun-2007
Very pleasant to drive.
Very good understanding of the game physics, e.g. the wooden planks leave enough room to take those full speed etc. etc. pp.

Well done.
The outro is worth watching too.

  Disco_Stu 18-Jun-2007
very good long flow rally race
  speeddriverr 19-Jun-2007
good race and cool big lake
  pitstep 22-Jun-2007
very nice racetrack
fun to drive
good mt
  Wraith 22-Jun-2007
great track,do not like rally that much but loved this,looking out for more of yours,keep up the good track making:)
  [UC]Feenux 24-Jun-2007
Cool track
May be a bit long,but wonderful!
  JohnnyBazooka 30-Jun-2007
Finally I found a rally track which is really rally. Great and challenging.
  uetzer 09-Jul-2007
what a great track...

I didnt like rally but this track is relly cool

for you
  tcq 20-Aug-2007
great track, so fast all the way, but at no moment unfair.
very smooth cool ideas, just a great challenge ^^
  Feanor 20-Aug-2007
Yes really nice flowy and speedy track!
And although it is very long (which can bite you in the ass if you try to drive records) it remains fair but challenging, it's always your fault when you mess it up.
  'Q' 28-Nov-2007
Hmm I was pretty sure I'd awarded this one months ago. I guess I forgot, anyways, I enjoy playing it so the award is well deserved. I agree with what Feanor said, you never get the feeling the track cheated you out of a good time, it's always your own mistake.
  *Garfovsky 07-Jun-2020
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