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Name: Rock!ng Bananas
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   RKO-smok3y
Version: 12-Jun-2007
Released: 12-Jun-2007
TMX id: 343119
LB Rating: 52,068
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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0:44.66   'lars+ 0:00.0052,068
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:44.86   Kaka+ 0:00.2050,669
0:45.11   MB:MARK+ 0:00.4548,920
0:45.18   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter]+ 0:00.5248,430
0:45.30   Sandder+ 0:00.6447,591
0:45.44   SMiiE+ 0:00.7846,611
0:45.79   CMC|Taylor+ 0:01.1344,163
0:45.82   Ditra+ 0:01.1643,953
0:45.82   Infini.Ty KmaR+ 0:01.1643,953
0:46.10   JumperJack+ 0:01.4441,994
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Author Comments

WelCome To The BaNaNa DanCe ParTy....

A challenging map, great for WR Hunting, provided to you by two banana-guyz, RKO 90 =ITA= & smok3y

Part 1:- Start to 1st loop --->RKO 90
Part 2:- 1st loop to Speedbreaker --->smok3y
Part 3:- Speedbreaker to 90-degrees loop --->RKO 90
Part 4:- 90-degrees loop to Finish --->smok3y

-Tech start
-90-degrees Loop
-Smooth jumps
-Speedbreaking section

Intro: smok3y
GPS: smok3y
Outro: RKO 90
Screenie: smok3y

Author Time: 46.21

Click Here For The Wallpaper

Custom Music: Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe
It will be auto-downloaded

Have fun!

Thx all for wonderful s

Thx Ditra for your nice 1st
Thx GPT for this great
Thx KiwiNinja for your great words
Thx pitstep for your nice lil comment
Thx ¤TMN¤SÞEEÐ ..... .... .... woota awardcomment m8
Thx RustyMike for all these s
Thx Lord M'zn for the award and betatesting
Thx TuneUp for your great
Thx OLDA_X for this nice
Thx Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) for your 2x
Thx ¤TMN¤Fonzy for your nice words
Thx CRO|Low_B
Thx MiniZyko yeah, Bananas Rox!
Thx publicPUBLIC for award
Thx p-devil nice words
Thx cl_ment for your lil nice
Thx Andree for this awesome , I'm honoured
Thx Micster for your great comment
Thx Mr.Brow for your Big Big
Thx Kendal wow, awesome award m8
Thx Harmony~Brothers glad you liked
Thx ukrgman
Thx ITA Legend wowowowo, awesome m8
Thx H2k.Sandder an award from the best player in the world, I'm honoured

User Comments
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  Sandder 16-Jun-2007
pfff i lost 0.13 in the end to my last replay
  CMC|Taylor 16-Jun-2007
...... Sandder you're just INSANE.... nothing more to say
  Lord M'zn =ITA= 16-Jun-2007
lol i'm still in top 10! hooah! hihi

!rewop rozmaps
  smok3y 16-Jun-2007
Sandder 45:30
  SMiiE 16-Jun-2007
woohohoo sandder please not too slow
lol just joking
i'll try it but don't know if i'll get the record
don't forget about the .2x
  CMC|Taylor 02-Jul-2007
The track has been reviewed at the TMU Blog, and rated 8.5/10
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User Awards
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  *speedy* 15-Jun-2007
that screeny
You need pure luck to find those bananas
Bit i think it isn't hard to find that in indonesia xD
Beautyful worked out in the screeny
But the track:
just awesome!
Sheer fun
And perfect calculated jumps
And the landings are way more better
The transitions are super
And than wallthingie idea
Perfect idea, and perfect worked out
Nice nice nice, than the hardest and smoothest jump i've ever seen
Man, i have to admit i can't make it
But its really cool xD
I think its because my finger is lightly broken
But mabye not and i'm just a worst driver
Great track, perfect for online... Should be pretty cool for rounds
Great work guys!!!!!!!
Let see some more of the 2 rockers of TMX
Big award, but a lil' bit smaller than SMiiE's one xD
  Infini.Ty KmaR 15-Jun-2007
Incredible track m8 ! ! ! Very creative and challenging ! ! !
Awesome intro and MT work !
Excellent screenie !
Very well planned corners !... and of course, a great fullspeed track !
A must have challenge for sure ! ! !
Congrats !

  Mirco the Racer 16-Jun-2007
Stunning shit

Just an awesome map
The screenie is just a thing very i must laugh when i saw it--->these bananas--->very cool screenie
And the whole map is a stunning thing.
I just like everything.

I cant say how much i like it but just remember this word ---->Awesome shit

well done map

Mirco the Racer
  JumperJack 16-Jun-2007
first of all, nice screenie...

and the track is flowing, smooth and fun to play, and also really smokey-styled...

nothing less than a silver for you!!
  GSA|Foxi 16-Jun-2007
nice flow
nice speed
lol screen

  Yrp360 16-Jun-2007
Fine track guys
You makes me improve my skill on stadium with this pb is a 1:12:32 after 6 trys... brounce medail is a dream for me xD
The track is also great, lovely scenery (I had the time to check it ^^), the outro is perfect very enjoyable cams angles

  harti 17-Jun-2007
  HeaH 17-Jun-2007
Yeah, it's a very cool one

Nice music I remember it from my old Need for Speed Underground game...

  Andre. 17-Jun-2007
This map is Deem Cool

- Start is Super
- Jumps
- Loops
- Drift
- Tech
- Mt Work Is Amazing (Gps,Intro,Ingame)
- End Is Super To
- And the Song

And the Screenshot ,Its Deem Cool

  Powt 18-Jun-2007
This track it's fantastic, i LOVE that drift!!!!
take this
  Sense 18-Jun-2007
High-End Production, by Pro´s for Pro´s, Noobs stay out please
I´ve read everything and come to the conclusion that there´s no more to say about this map, its just amazing..
Amazing as many recs here, how do you aliens get under 46secs lool
For you guys: Peace
  CMC*Wally 22-Jun-2007
these bananas roxXx!!!!!!!
i love this track, nice start, i thought that it's techy but... it's fullspeed
Cool track !!!!!!
  [UC]Feenux 24-Jun-2007
Good map..nice ideas for me)
Funny bananas)
  [PRC]Dont 04-Jul-2007
Fantastic track.
Epic intro with an original effect.
Great GPS and great all MT.
Beatiful speed sensation with a great scenario.
Good duo track.
Usually i hate the fullsped track but this is competitive and beatiful
  wardav 21-Sep-2010
This is the fantastic OLD stadium style and track
Nothing to say more, only that never stop like this style and idea of stadium
And last - MT 1**
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