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Name: Hello Again
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wrathwell
Version: 09-Jun-2007
Released: 09-Jun-2007
TMX id: 339066
LB Rating: 27,577
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Coast
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1:07.72   _cros_+ 0:00.0027,577
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1:09.93   ohei2+ 0:02.2122,177
1:10.62   lowfly+ 0:02.9020,491
1:12.60   Sivert+ 0:04.8815,653
1:13.14   p-devil+ 0:05.4214,334
1:13.96   Nibor+ 0:06.2412,330
1:19.28   insane+ 0:11.560
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Author Comments

Here is a very SPECIAL track made by Eh-Pebino and wrathwell (me)!!! This is a track made for the Big brother project.
Eh-Pebino was the big brother for this and I am the little brother. He has provided me with useful tips on how to make my tracks better. He also smoothed out the rough edges in this track, plus he made the GPS! THANKS Eh-Pebino!!!

This track is awesome! It has an intro, an outro, GPS and custom music (it works!!). The intro should go in sync with the song, but sometimes the song starts before the map. It has beutiful scenery, nice smooth corners and jumps, an offroad corner and no-boost speed sections. Actually, there aren't any speed boosts in this track! There are also some very nice GP sections, which is what Eh-Pebino requested to be put into this track.

The idea for this track is that there would be a central area, where the driver must drive through many times. The challenge to this was to make it work, and make it exciting at the same time. I think we managed to do this very well. VERY BIG THANKS TO YOU Eh-Pebino FOR BEING MY BB AND HELPING ME MAKE THIS AWESOME TRACK!!!!!!!

~ Special thanks to Chocojay who made this awesome screenshot for us!


User Comments
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  wrathwell 10-Jun-2007
Thanks [ATP]insane for the award! I'm very glad you enjoyed driving on this track!! I'm very glad that you liked the scenery and the offroad corner too! Also, nice WR time!

Thank you Andree for the award! I greatly appreciate it! I'm also glad that you liked the idea for this track!

Thanks for the award Maniac! I don't know why this track didn't do well , I thought it was very good. I'm glad you liked the mts and the layout! THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for the award p-devil! I'm glad that you liked our track! You don't have to be sorry, I'm just glad you awarded it ! Nice WR time too!

Thank you for the award Ravager!! I really appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed racing on our track! I'm also glad you found it good flowing!

Thanks Sivert for the award!! Thanks for the nice comment too! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed our track!

Thank you ohei2 for the award!! I'm glad you liked our track! Thanks for the tip too!
  Eh-Pebino 10-Jun-2007
I've enjoyed the time with Wrathwell, we've had some great moments along this. And we've come up with something special, I think.
The Coast track is beautifully coming along, the corners are fairly smooth. And the scenery is stunning.

I've really enjoyed this, and thanks again Wrathwell
  Jet777 17-Jul-2007
I've put this one on the UL
It deserves... oh, maybe... 10 to 15 awards?
Not 4.
  wrathwell 19-Jul-2007
Thanks Maniac!! I don't really know what the UL is, but thanks anyways !
  Jet777 19-Nov-2007
Yeah, might be a bit late of an answer, but it stands for Under-rated List
(I explain 4 months later) xD
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User Awards
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  insane 10-Jun-2007
great BB/LB track here
enjoyed every corner of it, altough i'm no big coast fan
some great jumps, everything works smooth
the scenery was stunning, great job on it, one of the best i've seen in coast
the GP-parts might have been a bit shorter, but overall they were quite cool
one juicy offroad section, loved that one especially
Mt could have needed some tweaking, nontheless the outro cams were sweet
Good job
  Andree 10-Jun-2007
Good track
Fun to play
Nice layout
Nice reuse of the middle part of the track
Good MT

  Jet777 03-Jul-2007
Talk about underrated!!!
Great track! You both did a terrific job... a very fun, smooth Coasty
Nice outro cameras, scenery, GPS (gj Eh-Pebino ) and jumps.
  p-devil 06-Jul-2007
Sorry for being so late...
this is a great coast track, very enjoyable!
Nice corners. nice jumps, good flow!
Great work!
Should really have gotten or still get more awards!
  Rava 25-Jul-2007
very nice designed, awesome flowing and fast track, superb coastal raceway feeling, nice!
  Sivert 19-Nov-2007
Beautiful scenery Great raceline Cool jumps Nice GP Great offroad Excellent outro with some awesome camera angles, my fav is the pan in thru the loop

  ohei2 11-Feb-2008
The track is fun to race if you know how to brake properly, although I think the first chicane after the downhill at the beginning destroys the flow a bit.

Overall it is a good track, the outro is very watchable and the screenie is just awesome.

P.S: Authortime is very good too.
  lowfly 14-Jun-2009

Very nice coast challenge.
Super fun to drive.

nice mix of speed & tech.
  Nibor 08-Sep-2011
Great Coaster, well done
  _cros_ 08-Sep-2011
Mysteries of TMX
I do not understand why a track like this so few awards
With its 4 years, this track is still relevant and fun
I particularly the scenery and outro, but overall a great job that deserves a big

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