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Track Name
Name: Yamato
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   insane
Version: 08-Jun-2007
Released: 08-Jun-2007
TMX id: 336776
LB Rating: 43,192
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:46.73   GranaDy!+ 0:00.0043,192
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:47.30   Keenou+ 0:00.5740,031
0:47.65   CubicReg+ 0:00.9238,090
0:48.13   Marius 89+ 0:01.4035,428
0:48.13   PPDA+ 0:01.4035,428
0:48.13   NémésiS+ 0:01.4035,428
0:48.37   insane+ 0:01.6434,097
0:48.52   CMC*Wally+ 0:01.7933,265
0:49.01   JumperJack+ 0:02.2830,547
0:49.14   rycardoo+ 0:02.4129,827
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Author Comments

hey guys,
i'm back again with a new track, which i started to build on about a week after the release of TM via internet.
Practically this would have been my very first TMU track, but as i never got around to finish it up, it slept on my harddrive till now
After hours of polishing and tweaking, i'm finally sort of satisfied with the final product. There are a few tricky spots in it, which might get you flying into the scenery the first few tries, but you will get used to it quite fast (at least i hope so)
If you once got it right, you will get an enjoyable little ride, nothing spectacular, just some easy-going corners

-=- 3440 coppers
-=- Author Time: 48.37, i'm jsut waiting for Keen to post a 47.37
-=- intro and outro, tried to do some fancy FX colors, hope you like them
-=- a whole bunch of scenery again, hope it creates some sort of "Japan" - feeling
-=- the Cp respawns do work, nontheless its sort of a hassle to complete the track once you've crashed
-=- Bigger Screen 800x640

Custom Music:
Distortion Sleep by Soilwork
I already see many complaints about it incoming as it might not be your style, nontheless i think it fits the atmosphere of the track.
It downloads automatically, if you dont want to wait, just download it here and place it in My Documents/Trackmania United/Challenge Musics and restart TMU

Now get the track loaded up, please post a replay no matter whether you liked the track or not and i'm happy for every comment.

Copper Challenge Winners:

1. place: Keen 1000 coppers
2. place: CubicReg 750 coppers
3. place: Marius 89 500 coppers
4. place: JumperJack 250 coppers
5. place: ninjer8 100 coppers

Deadline is the 17. June 20.00 GMT+1
My replay won't count...

User Comments
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  insane 08-Jun-2007
Big THX to everyone, who played this track, and especially to:

pitstep, as always, a lovely comment. Glad to hear you liked it
T_Z_, some wonderful feedback here. Loved to read every word. Hard, eh? Thought it is my easiest track up to date
Weird, great award, mate. I hoped someone would like the ice, i dont see many tracks that use those big ice ramps Thx for the time as well.
Andree, you're even more reliable than a swiss watch, i couldnt imagine a track of mine without an award by you Big Thx.
Kopatch, neat award. Yeah, the tube and the diagonal jump might seem hard at first, but once you drove it a few times, you can do them with your eyes shut
crooms, wow award. Love to hear that its addictive and the scenery looks good, those are two things i always try to reach.
Dork, hehe, i almost cried out of despair on your nations tracks, so here is at least a little piece of revenge, altough i dont agree with the difficulty. If you should have major problems completing the track, maybe take a look at my replay, there is a lil trick do that tube quite easy I know about the checkpoint problems, but i jsut couldnt help it, unless i changed the whole track...
Ebou, superb award, and i'm happy that i did achieve the things i wanted. Thx again
Tonic_91, wonderful award by you again. I agree, thats not my favourite Soilwork song neither, its quite mainstream and i didnt want to go with any "harder" metal
Quick, wow, 3 hours, thats quite a lot. Thx alot that you tried it again and again and having had enough patience Yeah, i like this close racing in tracks, where you go off a millimeter of the perfect line and you loose more than 1 second. It thrills me everytime, i complete such a track near perfect, thats the challenge in TM for me
mavin, yeah, i'm already working on my second alpine track, all those great comments (even if my other tracks got a few more of them ) got me motivated and i will be trying to build some more wide-open routes in the next one
Keen, cool award by the absolute master of snow-tracks I didnt have time to watch your replay yet, but i'm quite sure i couldnt get anywhere close to that one. Congrats on winning the 1st prize, well deserved
TYZZ, superb award again mate The word Yamato is usually refered to as the ancient japanese culture. I loved the word as i read it in some magazine and it perfectly fitted the alpine enviroment The house transfer isnt that new, saw it in a few snow tracks already, but i liked the idea and so i copied it
TimeBreaker, hehe, i can understand your feelings about the music, as i suppose you arent the biggest metal-fan, eh? Well, i usually think of snow and ice everytime i listen to Soilwork (probably cause they are from sweden), and therefore i added it. Nontheless an awesome award
JumperJack, wow, seems i did accomplish my task, as i wanted to build a high-speed Panis-style track. I wouldnt have thought i would suceed to well, but those words made it worth trying and another one is already on its way
Bara, sweet award, mate I hoped some people would like the MT-work and especially the Fx-effects
ORA, awesome words by you. Love to hear your short but great comments, Thx so much
ninjer8, jeez.... now thats one superb award. This is probably one of my all-time favourites i recieved and i'm even more proud of the track now. And that platinum medal looks delicious
Wally, i'm honoured One superb award. Dunno what to say about it, Thx so much. And yeah, it is almost impossible to build a innovative good track with a medium or low difficulty and i gotta admit i love tracks, that build up a little challenge.
  Marius 89 12-Jun-2007
Do you really think, that five people beat your crazy author time?
I needed a long time to beat it. Very nice time.

I think, that I will be the only one, who gets coppers, if you keep the rule
with beating the author time to get the prizes.

Unfortunately one need a lot of luck to reach such a good time. So I know, that
it is possible to beat the 48 seconds.
  insane 12-Jun-2007
I gotta admit, i thought my time was rather decent even...
I'm aware of a few little mistakes, i did, so i thought it would be rather easy to beat.

But ok, i'll change that rule, the Top5 get coppers, no matter how good their times are

BTW, how did you like the track marius?
  Marius 89 12-Jun-2007
The track is nice, but I hate these lucky jumps in it.

You know the third jump into the tunnel:
Very often the car jumps too deep, but not because I was too slow,
it's because the car jumps off very badly. And then there're many
places, where you have to have a lot of luck when landing to be able
to drive the WR.

If you don't understand, what I mean, I can write it on German
in a postmessage to you.
  insane 12-Jun-2007
yep, i know what you're talking about
i had some probs with those parts as well at times, but it is my very first snow-track and i couldnt think of any possibility to avoid those lucky places
Thx for the great feedback and a cool record, gonna have to check that replay out and try to beat it again
  CubicReg 15-Jun-2007
I'll have to take lessons from Keen, I could take the same start once but I crashed on that run. I don't understand how I did it and watching his replay wasn't of help
  Keenou 17-Jun-2007
lol, you dont need lessons Cubic, you are doing very well on your own
  insane 18-Jun-2007
you two did indeed drive some awesome times there
I got the start perfect only once as well, but lost all my time later, two great times you've got there, congrats
  JumperJack 18-Jun-2007
hehe, Panis-style you've made here, congrats!!
  insane 26-Jun-2007
Thx continued:

Hastings, sweet comment with 5 adjectives i love to hear And, yes, i hoped to create an intense as well as diverse track, as every second you have to just press forward (jumps excluded) is a wasted second and will get boring after some times
bachl, thx alot I dont really agree on it being good for online, as most people have big problems to get a decent run in a 6-7 minutes time attack session
Caboose 2049, heh, i suppose i should do an GPS in the future Nontheless thx for wasting your time on this one and finishing it still
tmjonas, no prob for a late award, always better than none, eh? And whatta great one it is on top of that. Thx so much for those kind words, and i probably gonna try to build another alpine one soon
  CMC*Wally 03-Jul-2007
true is that Snow is the most buggy env. Jumps are very very buggy and we can't do anything, so it's not really good when someone doesn't like track bcs of jumping/landing bugs
Much worser are very very bad some dirt sections at stadium
But map is awsome and i have the bugs sometimes too but i don't look like wr hunter but like the normal driver who likes original and full of jumps tracks
it's my opinion
  tmjonas 09-Jul-2007
Yeh, I'm looking forward to another snow-track from you!
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Caboose 2049 05-Jul-2007
omg...i got so lost
but i figured it out and its all good
  tmjonas 09-Jul-2007
Yeah, another great track by Insane!
Sorry for this late award, I've downloaded this track very long ago, but I've forgotten to award it...
But here he is!

Wonderful MT as always! Very cool intro, I liked the different cams!
And the outro is also good, but not that good as the intro.

The track is one of the best snow-tracks in my opinion! I think this track is very underrated...
The transitions in this track are so awesome! And all the jumps are different from the others. I liked the jump from the wood to the offroadpart and I liked the start very much!
Another great thing of the track is the wonderful scenery! It looks like a snow paradise. Everywhere you've built some details like other ways and tunnels or well placed trees...

Great track, go on building tracks like this! I like such a beautiful scenery, it's important for me, especially in a snowtrack And snow is my favourite environnement in building and in driving!

  p-devil 10-Aug-2007
Oops, I also forgot to award this one...
But I know I loved it, especially the nice jumps.
Was a very great feeling driving this one.
Very good job!
  Hageldave 15-Nov-2007
great track
super nice scenery
very nice speed
great transfairs
ah comeon you know by yourself ^^
  Eagle 15-Nov-2007
awesome track
cool jumps and ideas
great screen
cool speed


  Wallaby 19-Dec-2007
Excellent Track , and very cool music

Here a big from me
  fonzie 16-Nov-2008
This track is simply ecellent
Flows really well has awesome speed and is challenging.
There is also lots of fun stunts and jumps :
I played it on PlayPal online
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