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Name: Download End of begining !!!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Bare
Version: 05-Jun-2007
Released: 05-Jun-2007
TMX id: 332304
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 58,410
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:38.60   CRO|See_g+ 0:00.0058,410
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:38.89   smok3y+ 0:00.2955,777
0:39.00   Bare+ 0:00.4054,778
0:39.16   CRO|Low_B+ 0:00.5653,325
0:39.17   TimeBreaker+ 0:00.5753,234
0:39.18   CraxX+ 0:00.5853,144
0:39.54   Freddy+ 0:00.9449,875
0:39.60   Dartz4+ 0:01.0049,330
0:39.76   scala+ 0:01.1647,878
0:40.19   OLDA_X+ 0:01.5943,973
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments

I glad to see you guys :

1. OLDA_X tnx friend for You know my tracks are realyy hard but i cant help myself !!!!
2. RustyMike I am glad to see u in my list of , tnx friend for !!!
3. Greis tnx for man !!!
4. CRO|Low_B of course i am back but know i am making good tracks in loong time not 4 tracks in the week anymore !!!
5. X-MASTER™ (Examinations) I m glad you like the track, I whant to my track have different parts but all part have different way (smoothies or something ), tnx for !!!
6. Lone~Shadow tnx for !!!
7. pitstep tnx for , i am sorry if this track hard for you !!!
8. Punisher whata mybe this track isnt for showcase but i am agree with you !!! Tnx for !!!
9. MiniZyko tnx for , I see you like happy tracks !!! Tnx for !!!!!
10. Mr.Brow tnx for !!!!
11. T_Z_ tnx for !!! Dont wory i will not delete my tracks anymore !!!!
12. AkoN tnx for !!! Nice !!!!
13. KoBe tnx for !!! Really nice to see you in TMU !!!
14. Ebou tnx for !!! Really, awesome comment but why my CP's doesnt working !!!!
15. smok3y Lovely comment I always expect award for you to see ur maratony and spectaculary comment !!! I also think u are right, this is WR chelenging track, mybe it is to hard for amater players but for me i esay !!!! Also i agree with you: I was stupid and i delete all my tracks, but know i go from begining and you will soon see my new track !!!!! Tnx for smok3y !!!
16. Tune Up tnx for litle !!!!
17. crooms tnx for big !!!! Nice to see you in my list of 's !!!
18. [PRC]Dont tnx for friend !!!!
19. CRO|See_G tnx for friend, hvala ti !!!
20. double-te tnx for I am happy if u like my screeny !!!
21. Andree tnx Andre for that cool !!!

User Comments
Showing 16 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Bare 05-Jun-2007
22. TimeBreaker _WOW_ Man you apsoltly deserver for comment !!! I am so glad to seee u in my list again !!!! I just know that i waitt some of or new tracks so what are you waitting for ... let's making tracks !!!!
23. p-devil tnx for friend, i am sry if the track is hard !!!!
24. Dartz4 tnx for U like outro, nice !!!!!
25. Bigweed ooo so long i wait for number 25 tnx Bigweed !!
26. BeeB0b_121 Awesome from you !! This track never get 100 's but hope die last !!! Tnx friend !!
27. bachl O i am so happy 3 's in a long time, i am ghlad u like the track !!! Tnx for !!!

  CRO|Low_B 06-Jun-2007
Tricky end!
  CraxX 06-Jun-2007
ok everything i wrote forget it my fingers got bloody and i have a great time i think. will upload it when somebody beats my time
  Bare 06-Jun-2007
Special tnx to X-MASTER™ (Examinations) for AWESOME SS !!!! TNX friend !!!
  CraxX 06-Jun-2007
woohoo nice bare now have to upload my fastest one

maybe .0x is possible so lets beat that
  CRO|Low_B 10-Jun-2007
You CP is working, but it isn't respawnalbe!
  » Ebou / Busy! 10-Jun-2007
NOW THATS the correct wording
Yeah man thats a really important thing, On one of my island tracks I put a CP before the loop. Doesn't work.
  Bare 10-Jun-2007
Nice time smokey !!!
  smok3y 10-Jun-2007
Wait till keyser, JumperJack & marius get here
  Bare 11-Jun-2007
OOOO whata time See_G nice !!!!

  CRO|See_g 11-Jun-2007
nice smokey, you had a damn good run.It take me about 20 min to beat your time,but it's possible to go around 38:70
  smok3y 11-Jun-2007
Awesome time See_g i see you haven't stopped taking your revenge
  TimeBreaker 12-Jun-2007
lol are you crazy? how can you drive a 38

ok, its possible i could make it even without the hidden booster in the end.. but not so easy to come through
  CRO|Low_B 12-Jun-2007
22 award!
  Bare 12-Jun-2007
I am happy with 's
  CRO|See_g 17-Jun-2007
finally i had a good run on this one. I manage to catch that boost on left after the jump,it wasn't easy but...
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User Awards
Showing 27 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   TimeBreaker 12-Jun-2007
once again.. im awarding this track

as youve called it now different on tmx i thought its another track, but the screenshot and the data name say its the old one

i still cant understand why you deleted your great challenging and very well-built tracks

anyways.. as this is a new beginning, i hope to see soon mre of your tracks

now to this track.. a very cool screenie, also a nice gps and a good intro also the outro rocks

and the track.. well as always, its innovative, got some great ideas in it, smooth and challenging transitions
and thius is what i like on your tracks
the whole start till the plattform is great and well calculated with superb jumps
then a hard curve to the plattform. then a nice jump to a little road and an awesome jump to the first loop
after it, a long left curve, a nice jump to another plattform, then the next loop, and a big smooth jump to the last plattform from which you jump down on the road, master the last curve, steer a bit on the grass and finally you made it

i have to say, this is kinda challenging in the first treis, but after some time its really fun and kinda easy to drive

amazing work as always
User Award   p-devil 12-Jun-2007
Great track!
Cool smmoth transitions, just lovely!
Hard, but very rewarding!
User Award   Dartz4 12-Jun-2007
Nice track.

Super outro, gps and intro.

User Award   Bigweed 02-Jul-2007
woooooow! Great track! Its one of my favourite tracks! !
User Award   BeeB0b_121 02-Jul-2007
Ohhh...What a brilliant track!!!
At first therse a wonderfull mt work (intro/GPS/outro)!!!(and the pic...thats a mt work^^)
And have a look at the flow!!!.... THE FLOW!!!
So cool jumps,so full speed,so great loops,so nice FLOW!
I want to give it 100 xD
aaaa....nd... for a good time I'm a too big noob
User Award   bachl 02-Jul-2007
what a cool Track
suoer great ideas
perfect flow
funny to dirve
deserves more ´s
User Award   scala 10-Nov-2007
this ones too easy to make jokes on so i'll just say
n1 matey
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