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Track Name
Name: Combat Honey
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Chaldan
Version: 17-Nov-2010
Released: 17-Nov-2010
TMX id: 3271637
LB Rating: 68,470
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:45.16   Zeref+ 0:00.0068,470
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:45.18   Zemano !+ 0:00.0268,288
0:45.22   MEFjihr+ 0:00.0667,924
0:45.23   osna+ 0:00.0767,833
0:45.26   joooooooooey+ 0:00.1067,560
0:45.27   NinjAstar+ 0:00.1167,469
0:45.30   Forgot10+ 0:00.1467,196
0:45.32   Hofi+ 0:00.1667,015
0:45.33   Dag@bert+ 0:00.1766,923
0:45.37   GranaDy!+ 0:00.2166,559
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Author Comments


Track built for the TMX Knockout Competition
Original name KO2-Combat Honey. Mission was to build a track that was easy to finish after a single warm-up lap.
Tracks were exclusive to the Knockout server. But now the KO1 & KO2 is getting old, so upload here is allowed.

What to expect.

Very easy no boost, noslide challenge.

Track info.

* 3733 coppers
* Asphalt, Airfield & Platform.


Media Tracker.

Loop cameras.
Some text.
Replay cam.

Good luck and Have Fun!
Some uploaded Race times would be nice even if the track is really simple.
Comments, Awards are appreciated too.

Another Noslider. Harder, faster, scoot.. nah. Fun one with some cool jumps and stuff.

ATC 2 by   Dag@bert

User Comments
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  Chaldan 17-Nov-2010
Thanks for the awards!
Did'nt expect to get any for this track.

Kriss[NR] Nice time! Thanks for driving.

Dag@bert Holy cow! that's a long award motivation... and a nice one too. Thanks for your superb replay!

FT»Joyeux Very nice of you to award. I think the time is really good, considering you're a red boost tranitional slider.

davwader Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for driving and nice comment.
I can't drive it with keys.

MoaraShira Thanks for your nice comment and sweet replay! Cool car you use!

Crixu' That's some nice kb driving! Really appreciate your award motivation!

FTpaddy I think you drive it really well. Thanks for testing and uploading a replay.

FTT » N!co Glad you liked it, thanks for nice comment.

rat_in_car Thanks for driving! Nice time!

Hotsch Thanks for your nice comment and replay!

Freddy[NR] Glad you liked it. Thanks for the replay!

O$NA Damn nice time! Awesome new time! You drive it really nice, so tight and close to everything! Thanks for your nice comment!

Laegluin Thanks for the nice comment and replay, glad you liked it!

MN Cool, thanks! Nice replay time!

Fran_de_Kler Thanks for your nice comment and replay!

MasterDisaster Thanks for that nice award motivation.

KEV Fan Thanks for the nice comment and uploaded replay!

HonGo'o Hehe... Well MrA said build easy to drive, so I did.. Thanks for your nice comment and replay! Nice time!

SkunkY lol, thanks! Very nice time. Thanks for the replay.

Hekorn Thanks m8, nice to see you again. Thx for replay & nice comment. Really good race time!

Mikealange Thanks for your nice comment.

Cool-T Glad you liked it, thx for testing and writing a nice comment. Nice time.

NinjAstar I really enjoy reading your award motivation, you don't leave anything out. Really appreciate that. Awesome time you set!

DarkLordRacer Nice of you!

darmaya Glad you liked it! Thanks for your nice comment!

OLDA_X Thanks for your super nice comment. You made the Top 10 ...and at the same time you kicked me out! Thanks for the replay.

-Sriver- Thanks for award and replay. Nice time!

tcq Thanks for your nice award and good replay!
  Dag@bert 17-Nov-2010
Kriss is definitely the better noslider than me - congratz - I'm not shure how to do a better time here
  Kriss[47] 17-Nov-2010
Sure dag, I've just the same time ^^
  Dag@bert 17-Nov-2010
dunno if you understood me, it was a compliment, so what ^^
your track "!!!DAMNED!!!" inspired me to create a good speed at the start for the rest of the track - and I'm "damned" sure you understand now how to do a better time here - drive outside a certain curve to get more speed - dunno who could do that better except of you
  Kriss[47] 17-Nov-2010
Don't worry, I was not angry

But, I'm going to try to do what you say
  Chaldan 17-Nov-2010
Sweet racing Kriss & Dag@bert!
Fun watching your replays together.

Even if a track is very easy to drive it can be really hard becoming #1
Nice battle guys!

...and to all the KB drivers. I think you all drove it really well.
  Crixu' 18-Nov-2010
ok, improved my time a bit, but I think I can't drive it better.
  Dag@bert 18-Nov-2010

download the official trailer for the track ^^
it's a short video of Chris and me with our equal times - 46MB, enjoy

  Chaldan 18-Nov-2010
Crixu': Hehe, sweet. Sure you can!

Dag@bert: Thanks buddy! Really cool video of a nice battle! I posted it in the author comment to so it's easier to find!
  Kriss[47] 19-Nov-2010
Yes great video Dag ( I don't tell that cause I'm in ^^ ).

We see on it, that the way may be very differrent to obtain the same time!
  Freddy[NR] 19-Nov-2010
wow! great trailer my friend!
  Kriss[47] 19-Nov-2010
Grrrr Osna and Grrrr Dag@bert!
  Dag@bert 19-Nov-2010

lol, download the main movie now ^^
it's a short video of Osna and me (the finish is not perfect because I used my online replay) - 39MB, enjoy

  Chaldan 19-Nov-2010
Very nice video Dago! I posted this one in the Author comment too.
  osna 19-Nov-2010
fun track so i played it some more -> new time
  Dag@bert 19-Nov-2010
  Kriss[47] 20-Nov-2010
  MoaraShira 21-Nov-2010
ihr habt mich wieder aus den Top 10 gekickt *heul*^^
nie lasst ihr mich mitspielen...
  davwader 21-Nov-2010
spielverderber Ihr
  Zemano ! 16-Jun-2016
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Mikealange 23-Nov-2010
Ooopps miss this one !

Pling next page !

No boost and noslide in this one !
Very large view of the track !
I like the wall behind 2 loops and the outro view of it !

Nothing particular but cool track for online !

Great Job Chaddan !

  Cool-T 23-Nov-2010
a very cool simple track you've made here
great design, you can fully concentrate on driving the curves perfectly

Good Job!!

  NinjAstar 24-Nov-2010
I have to agree with all of them. Easy enough to concentrate mostly on hunting, but it's not completely boring. Really interestingly built and lots of fun, what more can I say?

It could use a bit more variation in the corners and it does bug a bit sometimes, so it does cause the whole hunting factor to be a bit lucky.

At least it's not too occasional that something like this happens after the start. Getting the gear to shift correctly there is also a pain in the ass sometimes.

Overall though I spent a lot of time hunting it to find out all the little tricks to go faster, and I have to admit it was a really fun challenge to do so.

Rating: 8.5/10

Excellent work!

  DarkLordRacer 24-Nov-2010
very nice islander
  darmaya 30-Nov-2010
COOOOOL! So smoooth and fluid. And the replay add more fun!
  OLDA_X 02-Dec-2010

Hello m8 this track really awesome Perfec nosliding ride , lucid transition and great terrain and scenery . Very nice and useful ingame mt work . I like very nice and clever construct combos . Is really easy finished this track , but really difficul upload top 10 replay (for me )
As complex this map really fit to online and really fun for individual wr hunting . Great work ^^

.... .... OLDA_X
  Sriver 30-May-2011
great noslider
can imagine this one works well on tmx ko

  tcq 14-Jul-2011
Very nice map, could be a perfect StarIsland
  Zemano ! 16-Jun-2016
Simple Noslide, i love it !

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