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Track Name
Name: ATC 2
Pack: Duos&Others
By:   Dag@bert
Version: 15-Nov-2010
Released: 15-Nov-2010
TMX id: 3268449
LB Rating: 58,995
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:49.11   Dr»dB+ 0:00.0058,995
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:49.14   maze+ 0:00.0358,779
0:49.30   Matth+ 0:00.1957,625
0:49.51   Dag@bert+ 0:00.4056,112
0:49.62   osna+ 0:00.5155,319
0:50.03   Freddy[NR]+ 0:00.9252,363
0:50.10   Kriss[47]+ 0:00.9951,859
0:50.54   Hekorn+ 0:01.4348,688
0:51.28   HonG+ 0:02.1743,354
0:51.58   Chaldan+ 0:02.4741,192
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Author Comments


This one is very different to the first one. Although it's done for fsns, I did it for online and all drivers too - maybe it's my easiest track ever.
But SuperSonics will find 2 hot spots to master: the loop and the finish ^^
So what - enjoy the ghosts !

full MT

Big thanks to all psi-gamblers and their amazing feedbacks -
Bootfighter, Fran, Freddy, Hekorn, Kriss & Osna !

If you like the track please post a comment, replay or most wanted: an award ! HAVE FUN @ all

greetz, Dag@bert

if you prefer more noslide, you should try this amazing one:

Combat Honey by   Chaldan
or this damned fast one, enjoy ^^
critical thought by   bootfighter

User Comments
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  Dag@bert 15-Nov-2010
Hotsch, thx a lot for this fast time and the - I'm shure yo can do better with 2 beers only !
OLDA_X, wow, great replay, and thx a lot for the !
Chaldan, thx m8 for your nice ^^
Kriss, thx for your great - great time too !
Freddy, "fantastic" and time ^^
Axon, don't worry, your time is great, my time isn't good too - I think faster drivers can do a low 49 here ^^
HonGo'o, marvelous and lol, I have the same feelings watching the Intro ^^
MN, thx for the nice ^^
Paddy, glad you like it, thx ^^
O$NA, amazing and time
Rat, thx for your and sorry for your troubles ^^
DLR, thx for your "lovely" ^^
Hekorn, that's amazing, I didn't exspect an award from you (I thought you're too busy) - therefore, thx a lot m8 !!
dav, wow m8, I didn't exspect such a great from you - you simply make me
Fran, I'm sorrry for your troubles with the shadows ^^ - but thx a lot for the !
Oldsäck, thx for your m8 ^^
franz-josef, thx for your ^^
Matth, boff, that's an amazing time, thx for the - shure it's cutable, but it would be the same like winning the lottery ^^
KEV Fan, glad you like it, thx for the ^^
  Freddy[NR] 16-Nov-2010
and HOP!
top 1 for me
  Dag@bert 16-Nov-2010
et voila
  osna 16-Nov-2010
  Axon 16-Nov-2010
edit :: ( removed unobservant comment )

ahhhh by way of curiosity = what cam do yu drive with in game ??

c ax
  osna 16-Nov-2010
i was talking about the outro.
are you too?

edit: no prob axon
  Dag@bert 17-Nov-2010
mine again

(btw, I'm a cam2-driver too)
  franz-josef666 20-Nov-2010
I never watch GPS, so I didn't know where to go at the wallride-jump. But I could't tell where to put a sign that would fit.
  Dag@bert 20-Nov-2010
I think there are enough signs (if you mean the last jump) and I also think that a walljump can be driven only in a certain way and signs woukld not be necessary there - but thx.
  Matth 22-Nov-2010
Hey Dag@ look at my personnal best, I lost time after the second CP, and with the cut I took the world rec. I think I've earned 1 or 2 seconds with it.
Of course It's a very lucky cut but but it allowe you to earn time.
  Dag@bert 22-Nov-2010
hehe, I watched your replay before I answered your award ^^
well done Matth - I don't think I'll update the track - your rec is well deserved
  Dr»dB 26-Jan-2019
lmao. Silly me.
30 tries.. then watched the cut.. 1st effort: 49.33.
My best effort without cut was 50.08
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Hotsch 15-Nov-2010
Yo man, really fun on this map Great MT work
with the airplanes, especially like the crashing one
Easy to drive, not that fast but somehow I can´t make the finish
very well yet, maybe without six beers it´ll be better
tomorrow lol, so don´t look at my crapy time
Definetely makes fun
For ya
Cheers and Greetz
  OLDA_X 15-Nov-2010
great noslider

.... .... OLDA_X
  Chaldan 16-Nov-2010
Very nice. Some cool jumps and tricky nosliding.

  Kriss[47] 16-Nov-2010
Nice FSNS track, with nice MT!

I really like it cause even it's an easy track, it's hard to perform on it.

Good work as usual!

  Freddy[NR] 16-Nov-2010
like i said you, a fantastic easy map and a beautiful mediatracker in game!

a great map!
a great scene!
a great D@gobert!

for you
  Axon 16-Nov-2010
yep = good no slide track = enjoyed it but im always a bit slow no slide..

like the take off intro and planes too..

cherssssssss ax..
  HonG 16-Nov-2010
marvelous noslider... it....

very great start again...the drop into the tunnel...thats not my favourite part of the track, but except those 2 sec. the map is a rocker
damn hard to do it FS-Noslide...especially that slalom on the concrete part. the walljump is oldschoolish and great

sadly i fucked up the end a bit...i'm empty of time these days, therefore no better replay from me for now.
...oh and the intro reminds me of good and bad things

Good = Holidays
Bad= Bissl Flugangst hab i scho

  MN 16-Nov-2010
nice Track, only the jump vey long
  Nim 16-Nov-2010
petty cool noslide, athough I can't drive it NS
but it has a great flow and lots of cool jumps
  osna 16-Nov-2010
great track!!
it's a lot of fun driving this track. indeed the last jump is oldschool and not my favorite part of oldschool but ok
like i said to you i think the loop is bumpy for me but it's ok so i wont need to reduce me speed on the airport
except for the cam during the loop i really like the outro!
great work m8!! -->

  rat_in_car 16-Nov-2010
Nice one, funny planes (but of course because of TM bugs i can see them only after first finish or reload map). Maybe end is strange but... deserve award anyway.
  DarkLordRacer 16-Nov-2010
lovely track again
  Hekorn 17-Nov-2010
Once again a very good track of you dago
Funny and easy recordhunting! ^^
Flow transitions and smooth jumps ... nice ^^

  davwader 18-Nov-2010
Awesome one .
The Start is pretty Smooth & cool .
Also like the part after the Airport
Track Flows well & is semi Smooth .
The end is great imo & Those Flightplanes are great
  Fran_de_Kler 19-Nov-2010
Good track.
I have a little problem, sometimes, with shadows of the plane. Anyway.

For you: .
  FT»Oldsäck 20-Nov-2010
very good map Dago

9/10 Oldsäck
  franz-josef666 20-Nov-2010
Cool track!
Fun to drive!
  Matth 22-Nov-2010
Waoow the 2nd is even better than the first, I'm waiting for the 3rd
You've done an awesome job but, I'm sorry , you'll need to update a little the finish because it's possible to cut the last loop.
Your track is very smooth and the MT very well thinked
  KEV Fan 24-Nov-2010
I like this one much more than the first one.
It´s much easier to finish and has got great wide noslide parts.
Bowl action is fine too and the approach towards the finish is genious
Great work
  Dr»dB 26-Jan-2019

For most the reasons previously stated.
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