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Name: [RPG] Assassin
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sivert
Version: 20-Aug-2018
Released: 08-Nov-2010
TMX id: 3250405
LB Rating: 3,892
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Stadium
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Author Comments

When rpg tracking became a hot topic I was strongly encouraged by Hardam to build a rpg track of my own. I didn't really get the hype and didn't really race any rpg tracks either. Later on I was contacted by Occam proposing a rpg project that I took part in (not yet published). And finally... when I tried the epic "[RPG] Connector by   sebik1992" I was hooked. I just had to try to build one myself. This is the result of about 2 months on and off building/modding etc...

There is a story: In a small country somewhere a mad general has made himself a dictator. After developing powerful nuclear missiles he is now threatening major european cities. Your mission is to kill the general to make the world a safer place.

Custom material will autoload

Images from the track can be viewed at The mod page

Custom mod
Custom images
Custom sounds
Custom music (yep, composed myself)
~10 minutes of racing for experienced drivers

Big thanks to my betatesters:

Would love to hear what YOU think about it

Now 8 years later I find the mod doesn't load properly so I had to relink and thus update the track. Mod autoload doesn't present the mod in the right way (strangely) but you can get it here.
Just download and put it in folder Your Documents/Trackmania/Skins/Stadium/Mod.

User Comments
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  Sivert 08-Nov-2010

Mmmm... thanks Ville, I feel honoured
Thanks Wraith, that's a touching award
Thanks Golo for award and great tips
Thanks broadsword for great beta and a stunning award
Thanks chris_du_21 for your sweet award
Thanks Fellbein, glad U liked it
Thanks w2, awesome award
Thanks eie, for and great advice
Thanks RKO 90, happy to get one from you
Thanks Andisch, tho cam 7 is not needed
Thanks tmjonas, glad I could please you
Thanks hardarm for your honest words, reply below
Thanks Khor.
Thanks walkman, don't know what to say... it's too much...
Thanks occam, now you only need to put up a replay
Thanks papa_coin_coin
  tmjonas 08-Nov-2010
uhhhhh... interesting
  Golo 08-Nov-2010
interesting... uuhhhhhhh
  Sivert 14-Nov-2010
Just a word to those of you that would have liked mode mt. You may be right... on the other hand there is a chance that you are too good drivers which mean you miss a lot of mt 'cus you "drive the right way" straight off and miss a lot of "kills"... or... you respawn before the kill is initiated... Not shure this is the case but I imagine for some it could be

Thanks for your outright honesty
I did invite you to try it (at an early stage) but
you clamed to be more builder than driver

Anyway... I'm shure that you are right on most
points and from your perspective... I really haven't
driven many rpg:s so I have TONS to learn

Regarding the mod: I wanted a small tight zip that
would load fast but still provide the atmosphere

Of course I could have used the FAR statement in
FxColours etc... tho I think thats mainly down to
personal taste. Doesn't always improve the looks

I have NO IDEA what "maiusc" is... plz explain
  -' Hardy 16-Nov-2010
THIS IS MAIUSC hmm capital letters
i also PMed broadsword to try those maps.
  Sivert 16-Nov-2010
Ahhh... ha ha... Only used that for better readability... probably didn't work
  -' Hardy 16-Nov-2010
Will you do a sequel?
Hmm a very nice effect could be disable the car sound and music, Put FX Blur at 1 and put a custom FX colour and a scary sound, that could be nice, try it.
  walkman 15-Mar-2011
Sorry about my time. I played this map yesterday and it was getting late. I almost finished it one time. But then I accidently pushed the wrong button. So back to start it went I will for sure try to upload a better time.

  Sivert 15-Mar-2011
np walkman, just happy to see one up there... finally
  Igntul 21-Mar-2011
  -' Hardy 03-Apr-2011
Originally posted by walkman ...
Ohh my GOD How is it even possible to build like this? I am realy astonished
What can I say about this incredible track?

1. Work of art. 10/10
2. Superb intro...dont know how you did that! 10/10
3. Great story. 10/10
4. Want a got it. 10/10
5. a movie. 10/10
6. Outro...perfect! 10/10

Well, max walkman points it seams!
Dont know what else to say? But as I said before. I am realy astonished by your work. You are, and will always be "THE MASTER"!

This one is yours to keep!

= Fanguy
  Sivert 03-Apr-2011
I think this was his first encounter with a rpg-track
  -' Hardy 02-Nov-2018
man i am ashamed of all these past comments i made
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Ville 08-Nov-2010
Dammit. Great job.

(won't write anything too long here, but please note, I only award the best of the best nowadays )

  Wraith 08-Nov-2010

i would start with intro then next track and media work but i can not do that here on this stunning build
so what i am going to do is simply award the full stunning work as one 10/10
a must download some very hard parts but well worth it..stunning block mixing..mod really nice as well
one of the best RPG tracks i have seen since joining tmx..

STUNNING for stunning work 10/10

well done
  Golo 08-Nov-2010
Imo not the best but for your first RPG its still stunning.... Amazing mod... mt work is great as always, the intro is superb...
will be cool for people who are frustrated by the long and hard RPGs.... which doesnt mean that this one isnt challening...
and, the transparent blocks are damn cool (how did you do this? )
  broadsword 08-Nov-2010
Remember Sivert, one of the most popular themed track builders there is? Remember all his masterpieces like Minigolf, Flashback, The Cage, Athletics Championships, Haunted House and so many others?
[RPG] Assassin is the latest in the stunningly innovative line of tracks he's made, and it's one of the most brilliant.

Spot-on storytelling, epic MediaTracking and dazzling design all combine into Moliere's fortress and offers a ride full of pleasure. As I throw myself out over the treacherous pitfalls, I marvel at the sight of a new tricky obstacle on the road to justice. I run from guards, solve mysterious riddles and balances over lethal electrified floors.

I love the room with the guard dogs, partly because I panicked when arriving there the first time since I didn't recognize it from BETA. My hand froze with full speed ahead and I could but watch as I miraculously flew high in the sky, flipped about and ended up right in front of the next CP without knowing what on earth I was doing

Sivert, you've definitely proven that you still deliver most awesome stories. It doesn't get much better than this.
  chris_du_21 10-Nov-2010
Brilliant. Brilliant! BRILLIANT!!!

First, the intro is one of the most creative I ever saw !
Excellent mod and atmosphere ! Awesome MT stuff ! Nice transparent blocks Some very challenging parts !
Exactly what good RPG's should have !

Deserves TONS of golden cups !

=> <=
  Fellbein 11-Nov-2010
Wow, what an amazing Track here:

perfect MT-Work
great Mod and Scenery
phantastic Ideas

Very well done Sivert
  w2 11-Nov-2010
A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! !

Very very good scenery and atmosphere.
The only thing I can see for improving this track would be custom skins and ghosts for guards and dogs for instance.

Big award for you >><<
Thanks for doing such tracks
  eie 14-Nov-2010
Award - For a great RPG-track
wow I almost forgot about this one; how's that even possible?! this track is just filled with pure awesomeness =) great MT, and a very nice story; you can really see that you know how to do it right ^^ just a thing that could improve; if you had a model of a dog, that'd be better, because feeding an invisible dog kinda set me off a little
but it's a very nice track, and you surely deserve my late award, and many other awards !! =)
  CMC|Taylor 14-Nov-2010
Well... it was great ^^
I usually don't play RPG, but this one motivated me to drive, mainly because of the story, I really liked it ^^ (maybe I wished there were some more ingame images, but it was damn cool anyway )
Not too hard, some spots are a bit confusing but after all I finished, so it wasn't such a big problem
Towards the end I started to remember my most hated parts of RPGs... pipes! Argggggh! I spent 5 minutes only on that part
I've finished in 46'59''75, so I won't upload my replay

Great work!

  Andisch 14-Nov-2010
Very complicated at some parts so you have to use cam7, but the rest was great!
  tmjonas 14-Nov-2010
Really stunning work here!
It's not as hard as other RPG-tracks which was good for me, since I tend to get too frustrated on most of them. Mod, MT and the whole presentation is simply brillant (well.. kind of as expected ) and the race is just as cool.

A big , hopefully there are more to follow!
  -' Hardy 16-Nov-2010
(I'm hardarm)

Ok, Wraith and broadsword just exagerated, also chris_du_21. this looks like a fan award like that, but i'm going to say what i think about the map. i really love the idea, of the assassin. but MT work you can do it better ! you know FX Colours far and near effect? use them, and use also $s near a text, and don't write maiusc because that's a little boring ^^ anyways, i'm very annoying at judging RPG tracks, in fact you could add some more details at the map!! but if this is your first one, it's a OK !! anyways i dont like so much the track, if it were without MT it could be very bad. and it's very bad also that you didn't invite me at the betatest!! looks like you don't like me somehow? i'm gonna give you the list of the work done of this track.
First a list without MT things:
Track.Details = 2.5/10
Track.Ideas = 4.5/10
Track.Lenght =8/10

If you want to do better details and learn how to do some stuff, you must drive a lot of RPGs from TMX TmnForever. try at looking to fish's RPGs also because sebik's Connector's Details aren't that nice. you can change your style, keep on Creating RPGs and you will be famous.
Secondary Stuff:

Pathfinding 6/10! well done! you don't really need cam7 here because space is very close and there isn't so much blockmixing.
Mod: 6/10!: but it's too similar at Portal Mod by hawk
Music: 9/10 it fits a lot!


Intro: 7/10!! But avoid those maiusc and add $s, it'll lcok more sexy
Ingame: 7/10!! add more effects
Outro: 8/10!!! looks very nice

Lol i think this is my longest award ever

Wish i could do a duo RPG with you, but use more blockmixing and now TMUnlimiter it's out,
Prove your art and put strangest blocks inside strangest blocks, do experiments to try the weirdest trick ever, maybe overdo the RPG story?

OVERALL: 6/10!!

Well Done! PS: Love the bik advertisement

Notes / Thoughts:

RPG isn't always closed in a room. just use more blockmixing and a right mod. no one will kill you if you use some of Hawk's mods, find them at or at its blog
  lnvencible 22-Nov-2010
I was thinking in upload a replay, but when i restarted the third time near finish I stopped trying.

This award is more for the work than for the track, the track is a cool RPG, but nothing new, very known tricks.

The mod could be better.

Anyway, great work here, keep working hard like in this one.

  walkman 14-Mar-2011
Ohh my GOD How is it even possible to build like this? I am realy astonished
What can I say about this incredible track?

1. Work of art. 10/10
2. Superb intro...dont know how you did that! 10/10
3. Great story. 10/10
4. Want a got it. 10/10
5. a movie. 10/10
6. Outro...perfect! 10/10

Well, max walkman points it seams!
Dont know what else to say? But as I said before. I am realy astonished by your work. You are, and will always be "THE MASTER"!

This one is yours to keep!

- walkman -
  occam 21-Mar-2011
...great MT and the hints :-)...and the cacti are really funny :- D
  papa_coin_coin 15-Oct-2011

great job
nice track
  TheWestend 29-Mar-2019
Nice MT work and clean mod.
  OLDA_X 30-Mar-2019
Nice work here Need learn the map for better time of replay.
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