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Track Name
Name: Magnum
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Andree
Version: 01-Jun-2007
Released: 01-Jun-2007
TMX id: 324507
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Desert
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Author Comments

Track #25: Desert

Track buildt with the base: 10 x 150
Tricky start
Very fast
Long jumps
Based on a old TMO track, updated with intro, different buildingpieces ingame, new ending, longer track, all new outro
Have fun

Bigger screenie

[ATP]scottmc have made a pack for all special bases from TMO:

User Comments
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  » Ebou / Busy! 01-Jun-2007
Man you really master your own track man
Or it might be i'm just a bad driver
  TaBle 01-Jun-2007
55.XX possible, made many mistakes in this run
  SneezR 01-Jun-2007
Sorry dude but this time no award
Sure it's a great Track well til you arrive that f**kin gridcurve
I'm always too fast there and I don't know how to drive that beast
great Mt and that stuff only that lil section....

  smok3y 01-Jun-2007
Holly smokes i again ended up givng No. 13
I wonder how many times i give that on tracks, something really strange
Wow nice time Acid
  Acid 01-Jun-2007
THX Smok3y,

lol u r Haunted
by Destiny. Your Award
is more like a Novel than a
  » Ebou / Busy! 01-Jun-2007
Cab- you may need to slow down around the curve, it will really help
  Andree 02-Jun-2007
Thx Ebou that was the most awesome i have got from you. Thx a lot, you made me very happy
Thx TaBle one of the best from tmoX
Thx RustyMike looks like a special award
Thx pitstep always nice to get a from you, loved your latest snowtrack
Thx Iquere « short, but very fantastic
Thx TimeBreaker nice to see you enjoyed the track so much
Thx Sivert another brilliant award from you
Thx DEnGel i also love 10x150 tracks, maybe i should upload Magnum 2 also (made back in TMO, bigger jumps on that track)
Thx Acid your record is just amazing, i'm very impressed
Thx T_Z_ short and excellent award, i enjoyed your latest map
Thx speeddriverr The 10x150 base was in TMO, track made there and upgraded for TMU
Thx smok3y the best feedback a author can get its like this award, seeing you have played the track for 2 straight hours make me very proud And if you think the track its addictive its nothing more a author could wish for. I had much fun making this track, i love the 10x150 base. Looks like i have to start working on the Magnum 2 track from TMO, its even more crazy then this one BTW: you are the man
  Acid 02-Jun-2007
Yes please, we want Magnum 2
No, for sure, would be cool
I don't know Magnum 2 but i'm
an TMO Player, so i hope you'll
make it I look forward to that
  smok3y 02-Jun-2007
Magnum Part 2 wow that'll be awesome, ill wait for it with eager eyes
  Andree 02-Jun-2007
I have made the Magnum 2 for TMO, will update it for TMU (better MT and so on)

Thx TYZZ awesome award, i'm still smiling, had to read it several times, thx a lot
Thx p-devil great award mate, the jump over the finishes is maybe on of the hardest section in the track
Thx Vincent thx for uploading a replay, and always nice to see i can make someone happy
Thx fonzie always nice to get such awards from you, looking forward to see a 10x150 track from you
Thx SniperZ speed or desert enviroment is my favorite one. Another great award by you
Thx ORA i loved your latest work, great new style in stadium. Hoping for a new TMO based track from you
Thx OLDA_X thx for the big award
Thx wrathwell nice to see such great feedback, hope more people start to check out your tracks as well, they are very fun to play
Thx publicPUBLIC i love jumps, and since desert is my favorite enviroment i have to add some jumps, the 10x150 base is perfect for high speed and jumps
Thx gadget that was very fun to read, i hope you in the future make love before you play my tracks. I dont wanna be in the middle of any discussions You are a funny dude, hope to see a new deserttrack from you soon
Thx [ATP]scottmc Building a 10x150 track is very fun, also played yours and they are also great. Hope to see more such tracks from you. I will upload Magnum 2 soon
  tyzz 04-Jun-2007

I'm a n00b in English
I has very bad marks in English test

I'm so sad................
  Andree 05-Jun-2007
TYZZ: your awardtext was perfect, you made me smile because it was so great feedback.

Thx Tonic_91 Its so fun making and driving tracks for the base. Hope more people would start making such tracks
Thx Mirco the Racer another great award from you my friend, thx a lot
Thx MiniZyko nice little award, reminds me of the one i write
Thx [FoF] BionicWolf nice one
Thx Axon nice to see you play a non-island track aslo
Thx Kendal what a wonderful
Thx CRO|Bare these kind of maps are made for high speed
Thx JuneRaT ~GER~ another great awardcomment, thx a lot
Thx tmjonas so glad you invested some time in the track and after a while like it. It was so fun to read your awardcomment, because it was so great. You made me very happy
Thx Master_Track looks like most of the people have trouble on that spot
Thx crooms wonderful award
Thx Supernova ending is my favorite jump
Thx MasterDisaster always nice to get those awesome awards from you
Thx DaKKoN nice award and great time, dont be suprised, you are a awesome desert-driver
Thx TrackManiac (RUS) short and nice
Thx Keen one of your favorite=wow you made me happy
Thx CMC*Wally its a perfect feedback for me as a author
Thx JumperJack wonderful award
Thx ruiner9 nice little award
Thx £ägle another little nice award
Thx CavalierDeVache nice award and nice time
Thx Don Alfonso i just love these long 10x150 maps, i wish Nadeo could have had this in TMU also
Thx Majestic i also prefer speedtracks
Thx Rag/SiH
Thx Manu16
Thx dac l Lukas jump and speed (thats me)
Thx Maniac
  Megaton 04-May-2010
Thats a fascinating track Andree. I like it.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 51 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  ruiner9 16-Jul-2007
Craaazeeee! Like it alot.
  £ägle 16-Jul-2007
Good track

gg technique

  CavalierDeVache 19-Jul-2007
Wow, What a fast map!
  DonAlfonso 22-Jul-2007
This one is great Brilliant work, Andree
Cool idea with the long map ^^
  Majestic 26-Jul-2007
awesome track and well constucted!
I like your speed tracks!
  SiH 09-Aug-2007
my favorite-desert track
  ScrewD. Manu 10-Aug-2007
ohhhh nice track... i like it
  new account ( Lukas ) forever 23-Aug-2007
wow great Track
I love so long jumps

Good Work

Here is my big


  Jet777 01-Sep-2007
Oi, pretty cool map
Best ever 10 x 150 on Desert : - D
  spedzo 13-Nov-2007
Awesome track, just played it online, love it
  Wallaby 30-May-2009
The fact that it is already so old (tmo track) guarantees you at least the little cup^^(and the fact that I'm 10x150 addicted)
The second magnum was disappointing tough sry

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