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Name: Download Wolf's Eyes
Pack: Download First Blood Campaign
By:   MasterDisaster
Version: 07-Dec-2006
TMX id: 32387
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 38,787
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Snow
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0:40.67   Keenou+ 0:00.0038,787
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0:41.08   Wallaby+ 0:00.4136,441
0:41.15   MCH1993+ 0:00.4836,040
0:41.32   MasterGary+ 0:00.6535,067
0:41.36   SneezR+ 0:00.6934,838
0:41.46   Fleckman+ 0:00.7934,266
0:41.55   JaketheCake+ 0:00.8833,751
0:41.60   Mirak+ 0:00.9333,465
0:41.60   OLDA_X+ 0:00.9333,465
0:41.64   Bloody+ 0:00.9733,236
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Author Comments

Hi guys!

After some time spent to play in solo, here's my first TMU track!
I decided to start a little campaign of 7 tracks (1 for each environment)
So, the first track of the First Blood Campaign is an alpine one
It has speed, jumps and i tryed some of the new blocks

Intro: Yes
Ingame: Yes
Outro: Yes

Enjoy the first race


PS: my ManiaLink is: MasterD (work in progress..)

User Comments
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  Master_Track (TMBreak) 07-Dec-2006
omg I wanna try this one!! but i cant now x.x screenie is great!
  MasterDisaster 07-Dec-2006
Thx my Masta!, glad u like the screenie even if u can't play it xD

Thx Troja, glad u like the jumps dude
Thx ARO, for your nice words mate
Thx ClickClick, for awarding and for the replay, i'll try to beat it
Thx Buchi, lovely awardcomment my friend
Thx scott, lol, this track has "air time"
Thx Jake, i know some people don't like that stuff, but..i do And thanks for your nice words
Thx Jet Black, i'm happy you like the engine cutoff
Thx Peddy, for your great words
Thx Andree, lovely awardcomment my friend and thanks for the replay
Thx Alex17, for your nice words
Thx gadget, superb awardcomment dude, thank you!
Thx medina, superb time, i'll try to beat it
Thx Deng, for your award and for your time
Thx BionicWolf, for your award
Thx Dan, super awardcomment dude, glad u like the outro
Thx Legend, for awarding and cool WR..I'll try to beat it
Thx Dengel, for your sweet words mate.."nice author time" are you kidding?
Thx HAWK, really cool comment, thank you for that
Thx keen, for that awesome the hell can you do that?
Thx Mic, for your cool words dude
Thx Terror, for your superb comment, thank you!
Thx fonzie, glad you like the track
Thx MikoZ, for your brilliant, thank you
Thx Virus, for your supacool comment my friend
Thx W@r, glad u had fun on this one
Thx BreizhPunishers, glad u like it and thank you for putting this in your server!
Thx Templar, glad to see u here and thanks for your nice words
Thx Squirrel, glad i enjoyed the track my friend
Thx ludix, for your award
Thx Sivert, i aprreciate your nice words! Thank you
Thx nosoup4u, glad u like the track and the screeny
Thx smok3y, i love alpine so I'm glad you changed your point of view
Thx ersatz, glad you like the tube part and the jumps
Thx Quiwe, for award and for your support! Grazie!
Thx Ceph, glad u like it dude
Thx TaBle, for your nice comment
Thx quinxstar, glad you enjoyed the race
Thx 32, i appreciate your nice words mate, thank you
Thx Ravager, for your really nice comment
Thx Viper, glad u like this one
Thx RKO, i really appreciate your sweet words, thanks!
Thx NitroGuy, my best?! Wow thank a lot!
Thx bachl, wow really cool comment..thank you!!
Thx DaCheCker, lol glad u think it's a master track
Thx Bruno, for your brilliant comment! Thanks!
Thx Fistule, glad you had fun on this one!
Thx maphios, for your rockin comment
Thx Mirco, wow glad you like it so much man
Thx DidyZ, for your really cool awardcomment
Thx Acid, i'm glad you like the jumps and the speed
Thx MT, is all we need, right?
Thx Richard W, again thx a lot for your nice award
Thx Bloody, and yes, you can avoid touching the tip
Thx HeaH, for your sweet and nice comment
Thx OLDA, nice time
  Andree 10-Dec-2006
Keen is the god in snow races
  MasterDisaster 10-Dec-2006
Lol Andree...i see
  ITA Legend 10-Dec-2006
What a time keen O_O!! i think i can reach 41.0x but that time is deam good gg
  Cephid 13-Dec-2006
MasterD can't give you a award now
but will test it when i have tmu
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 59 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 07-Jan-2007
Great one, probably your best!
User Award   bachl 11-Jan-2007
really cool fantastic and nice snow track
cool design
nice intro
and the main thin a perfect track
User Award   DaCheCker 15-Jan-2007
Excellent Work
User Award   -bruno333- 19-Jan-2007
Very cool track!
Awesime intro and jumps!
Outro is also good!
Fast and good!
User Award   Fistule 18-Feb-2007
Very, very nice track, easy enough, with good ideas and transitions. Good job !
User Award   maphios 25-Feb-2007
raced this track online
and it´s a rocker
very nice start section including a cool jump
and the pipe action is really much fun
moreover cool layout and much different parts

User Award   Mirco the Racer 05-Apr-2007
Know i write normal because my fingers hurt..

Played this map online and must say perfect.

The best part is this looping thiing^^

Nice beggining

Good flow all along the track

And very nice to drive every round a better time^^

Super scenery and awesome mediatracker..

I think more words would hurt your eyes^^


So i say

and greetz

with snow^^

Mirco the Racer
User Award   DidyZ 11-Apr-2007
WoW map MD !

A bit difficult but very very good !

I like your style MD, smooth, speed, and the mix between easy/hard !

Nice Intro, Cool Outro

Good jobs !

User Award   Acid 23-Apr-2007
I love this Track, Wolf. Great Snow Map with
lovely Jumps and good Speed. So fun to drive!

Its Challenging, too. Great one, good Job

User Award   Master_Track (TMBreak) 24-Apr-2007
Promise #39
Hey superb one! The diagonal jump at the start was quite hard but the rest of the track was fuckin' funny! The scenery was great and so is the MT.

User Award   Richard W. 28-May-2007
A very nice and good Track MasterDisaster
User Award   Bloody 09-Sep-2007
Really cool track. Nice layout, pretty addictive. I still ask myself if the start might be done without touching the tip..

Here, your
User Award   HeaH 27-Nov-2007
What? I really thought I had awarded this one... Anyway.

It was the first track I downloaded from TMX-U - And it's still a great one!

Eat my
User Award   Stripe 04-May-2009
Very, very nice track MD.
It's easy to finish, it looks really nice and it takes some skills to beat your AT.
WR hunting made me starting this track about 100 times, but i just came close to 42:00...
So all in all I'm really glad I found this little piece of time to waste
So take my award and if it should happen that you search a track,
try one of mines

User Award   ikNo 04-May-2009
Gr8 speedy snowtrack, And i got to top ten (WOHO)
I loooooved the starting part, Except that jump from the uphillslop to the downhillslop, that one justk illed me with those lamps right in the way for a perfect time. Besides from that it was really awesome, Gr8 job Md
User Award   FT»eyebo 06-Nov-2009
User Award   OLDA_X 23-Jun-2010
Great map

.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   david_34 15-Sep-2010
User Award   Maiga 28-May-2011
great map
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