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Name: HC- Halloween Evening
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   kaugummi59
Version: 11-Oct-2010
Released: 11-Oct-2010
TMX id: 3175870
LB Rating: 87,711
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Night Vehicle: Coast
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0:58.57   sTeImOlO+ 0:00.4583,636
0:58.59   VY Cma [out until summer]+ 0:00.4783,455
0:58.69   Nova.bazz+ 0:00.5782,550
0:58.69   onway+ 0:00.5782,550
0:58.71   waitforme_2+ 0:00.5982,369
0:58.75   andresaguado+ 0:00.6382,007
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Author Comments

Hello people of

Here is my new track.


About the Track:

Link: Halloween by WRAITH


Have fun in life and be happy.
Do not forget comment and an award

Link to the Video: This Is Halloween

User Comments
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  kaugummi59 11-Oct-2010
Thx - Liste :
fellbein , hartenbach, zenyatta, Mr.DVD , rastalex , basse , mlokan , XmasTree , Patriot »CT«, alex_re , Deng . OLDA_X , Mcshad jr ,SIN^Lucas , DDR , Nibor , _cros_ ,stevenamtaan , TitactiK , thegigpig35 , ~ET~ , bcw , zootie , jakrsl , derSchalker , eyebo , lowfly , wardav , Ozzy_ , LucSky , @²JüngexX , FT»chalwhen , bk2008 , VY Cma [out until summer] , ichq , Bourbonstreet
  Nibor 11-Oct-2010
Great Halloween Track, Kaugummi
  Deng:) 12-Oct-2010
A realy cool record hunter
  kaugummi59 16-Oct-2010
Thank you eyebo

For your hard and just words

OK. We are ene community who like to drive coastal tracks.
The inflow and all here, then it would be a long list.

The "Best of the Week-List" to name in "The tracks that are the most popular," would be a good thing.

Then there would be no such difficulties.


Thank you wardav
  thegigpig35 16-Oct-2010
  jakrsl 19-Oct-2010
Fun spooky track.
  Alex BF 20-Oct-2010
U30 powa

  Deng:) 20-Oct-2010
You´re right Fellbein!
And i like the track too, it´s fun to play it
  lowfly 20-Oct-2010

Felli you have spoken wisely

I agree that these nasty comments
are uncalled for & besides...
We all have favorite authors and
when they build something we like
(in their own style)
We like to award them....That's the whole idea-isn't it

  Alex BF 20-Oct-2010
I believe some of them , if not all, even try the map

Ft andy stop 2 spam all the time
  eyebo.wp 21-Oct-2010
Some very nasty comments (and some related to them) have been deleted. It should be obvious, but track comments are not the place for venting your frustrations about the state of affairs on TMX.

Originally posted by Warcraft ...
TMX wants you to be friendly and courteos
when you´re writing comments...

This is 100% correct.

You're free to critique the track itself. Give some helpful criticism, maybe with additional screenshots showing the unsmooth parts that you think could be better.

Name calling and the like is uncalled for. Take a step back and think how badly you reflect on yourself and your team when you make broad outrageous comments and use derogatory language about a person and their track(s).

As the above comments have said, everyone likes different kinds of tracks. Everyone has a different idea of what they like in a track.

Some will award this track by kaugummi for the mod, the technical parts, the air control parts, and that it's interesting to hunt. It's a track that can be enjoyed by those who enjoy driving. It's not a showcase of superb building talent with a million new ideas in it. That's not always required in order to have an enjoyable time driving. And if the people who have awarded it had fun, then they feel inclined to award. Good. That's the way it should be.

It's no secret that there's developed two very strongly entrenched camps on United TMX.

1. Those who have awarded this track and who drive most of the coast maps that come out. Some call them the "Coast Friends" or something similar.

2. Then there's the mappers who enjoy more difficult tracks, tech tracks, transitional tracks, fullspeed transitional, etc. Most of these are from clans like XT, FT, LT, etc.

There's of course other groups of people on TMX. Inevitably small groups of like-minded drivers and mappers form close-knit mini-communities.

League mappers/drivers have all but given up on the award structure of TMX. Why? Perhaps because they came to the realization early on that it's not actually that important. They know the mappers they like. They drive the tracks. They compete on them. Awards mean nothing in the world of online competition. It's all about the driving.

There are people that crossover these boundaries, such as DaKKoN. He's able to enjoy tracks from many different camps.

In regards to "friend awarding", the same paradigm is present among the 2nd group of mappers. So they're not really ones to talk. I've never seen people from the "coast friends" make derogatory comments on such difficult tracks. They've showed much more decorum in this regard.

It's regretful that such camps have developed on TMX, as it's always been the intention to have one united community here. But here we are. Things are the way they are.

Therefore, I plead to you, no matter which camp you're in... please respect each other! Try to broaden your thinking and understand why people like a given track.

If you can't say something nice or constructive,
don't say anything at all!

Regarding the "Best of the Week", most understand that it's a representation of the tracks that are the most popular (awarded by the most unique people). It's regretful the wording is "best of", as perhaps "most popular of the week" would be more applicable. My advice is to not give so much creedance to "best of the week".

Build what you like, appreciate the awards you do receive... and be happy when you see dedimania records showing up on your track from different servers.

Even if you're a very talented and creative builder, throwing temper tantrums on other people's track pages isn't going to get you any more awards, and it only gives the impression to everyone that you're a spoiled brat.

Now, go drive the track... and have some fun!
  Nibor 21-Oct-2010
Thank you, eyebo
  _cros_ 21-Oct-2010
Hello and Thank eyebo
Very simply:
Constructive criticism ok but definitely not bad words, I think this has been repeated many times.
Here someone had largely exceeded the limits of decency, this is not the right way to TMX (in my opinion).
Only this, Thanks again.

  wardav 26-Oct-2010
Big tnx for Big man on TMX ... eyebo.
very constructive comment and appreciate it to give your time to write it.
You are completelly right man.
Again , we can thanks that on TMX site are the fair man as "EYEBO" as...
  Nova.bazz 25-May-2011
Hi all, and Hi Kaugummi...
I can feel there was already a bit arguing earlier in this comments section....
Anyway, i'm not here to be rude, just to share my feeling about this kind of track. Coz i'm use to award the track i drive for ladder but i want to justify why i wouldn't here.

I honestly don't get the pleasure, to drive so long straight lines, and have to slide the next turn....
The whole map is based on the 2 first wallslides which requesting a great amount of luck to be driven fast. For instance i spent more than 30 tries to avoid flying over the slide on the 90° turn....
This would in my opinion kill any track's flow.
Isn't it the goal of a car driving game to have to take the best driving lines? And this kind of combos are kind of preventing the driver.... from driving.

Anyway i know this is an old trakck, but i just played it to play coast ladder a bit, and couldn't prevent me from posting something
The important thing is that you have pleasure building and driving it yourself, which i don't doubt.

It might just be a matter of tastes !

  seffe 02-Jun-2011
srry kaugummi aber deine awardr friends sind net ehrlich zu dir
schon allein der erste sprung is net smooth
die ganze map is sehr simple aufgebaut und hat wirklich ein paar unexpected nonflowing parts (zb der lochsprung)
du solltest nich auf komische awards von freunden aus sein die wirklich nichts aussagen...ausser dir nen gefallen zu tun mit dem award
machen se aber eigentlich nicht...da du dich net verbesserst durch awards...sondern nur durch kritik
du hast schon ein paar gute maps gemacht...schau einfach mal deine maps durch und schau mal wer dir wirkliche awards gegeben hat
mach bitte weiter mit dem mappen ...aber setz auf qually und net auf friends awards
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  jakrsl 19-Oct-2010
Nice Halloween feel

Fun route, enjoyed this one
fun sceenery, good M-T

For you >> <<
  derSchalker 20-Oct-2010
Really nice Track

Great Work here
  lowfly 20-Oct-2010

Great Track
Very fun to drive
Xlnt Speed/Tech mix
Nice MT work & music

  eyebo.wp 21-Oct-2010
Not keen on the halloween theme, but the track itself is decent and fun to hunt. Nice one kaugummi!
  jackino 25-Oct-2010
Perfect Buddy >> <<
  wardav 26-Oct-2010
Late but there is sorry kaugummi , missed it.
To this track .
Its kaugummi style and its fun and friendly style.
There are not sup tracksitions and anything, but there is driving and challenge:build:
One think I dont like the jump on asphalt, becouse its hard to control, but I improve with it
Good track by good man on TMX !
*** ***
  LucSky 28-Oct-2010
Super Track wie alle von dir he he

Gr. Daniel
  @²JüngexX 11-Dec-2010
nice speed-track
  FT»chalwhen 01-Jun-2011
nice halloween track kaugum!!!
4 you
  bk2008 25-May-2012
  VY Cma [out until summer] 03-Jul-2012
strange but funny track
  ichq 27-Jul-2015
>>> <<<
  Bourbonstreet 17-Aug-2015
Ganz schöne Track
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