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Name: .: MatriX-Code :.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Virus721 (TM Break)
Version: 27-May-2007
Released: 27-May-2007
TMX id: 316212
LB Rating: 32,648
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Platform Style: Stunt
Envir: Bay Routes: Multi
Length: 2m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Night Vehicle: Bay
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World RecordPenByDifferenceScoreLB
1:32.55 + 0s  Marius 89+ 0:00.0032,648
Top 10PenByDifferenceScore  LB
1:39.55 + 0s  Vastapaavi+ 0:07.0017,832
1:40.70 + 0s  Rax+ 0:08.1515,398
1:42.78 + 0s  yavuz+ 0:10.2310,995
1:43.40 + 0s  roph+ 0:10.859,683
1:43.62 + 0s  maphios+ 0:11.079,217
1:44.14 + 0s  Porky+ 0:11.598,117
1:44.83 + 0s  *speedy*+ 0:12.286,656
2:01.98 + 0s  nellihc+ 0:29.430
2:20.38 + 10s  Jaypsi+ 0:47.830
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

.: M4triX-C0d3 v2 :. by   Virus721 (TM Break)

If you liked MatriX-Code I you will obligatly like the second one!
Give it a try and feel free to tell me what you think! ;-)

This time i propose you a challenge on this platform! Players who
upload their replays and who will stay in the top 10 of the replays
until the next week will win 100 Coppers!!!
- 1° Place: 5 respawns max: 1000 Coppers!
- 2° Place: 10 respawns max: 500 Coppers!
- 3° Place: 15 respawns max: 250 Coppers!
- A replay in the top 10: 100 Coppers!
Click here to see the details of the contest
Media Downloads:
Help Video CHECK THIS OUT !!!!
You will understand why i say LUNATIC !!!!

This map is a platform on the MatriX theme! Don't forget to down-
load the Mod i have made myself especially for this track, and don't
forget to download the .zip with the others media files used here!
This map is maybe the hardest platform you have ever tried, even
if it can be finished with 0 respawns! Il also want to tell you: if there
is a part of this platform you think it is too hard, take the "help road"
that will take you to the next part! I hope you will have fun! Don't
forget to leave me a little comment to tell me what you like and what
you don't llike! All your feebacks are welcome !!!
PS: The mod is a normal Mod, you can install it like every othermod!
The media pack has to be extracted in /My documents/ read the ins-
tructions before anything! (contact me if you need help!
Details of the track:
- Complete MT (very ligh outro)
- Mod: MatriX-Code-Link 1
- Mod: MatriX-Code-Link 2
- Images and Music: Media Pack Link 1
- Images and Music: Media Pack Link 2
(use the other link if one is not not working!)
Big thanks to ORA for the FTP!
Cheers! XT Virus

User Comments
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  Virus721 (TM Break) 27-May-2007
Big Thanks to:

- Master Track! Your comment realy rocks man! and 54 respawns is very good for a first try and as i know you're not a freestyler so it is normal!^^ And okay i'll maybe try to make a lil' thread for this (and more downloads? ...) I am glad you enjied the ideas and the po-ups! And for the wallies... if you want to learn sliding... wait for the next map, it will be a freestyle one! héhéhhé! Thanks again my friend!

- Master Disaster! For the wallrides, i hope you understood it, but you have to slide on them! ;-) And for the zig zag climbing jumps, the key is not to stress, to take them easy and you'll c, it's quite easy! ^^ Glad to know you like the mod and all! Thank you very much dude! I am realy glad!

- Iquere! Thanks you too dude! There is a little flow if you drive very well, if i make a lil' help video, you will see the flow! ^^ 25 respawn is nice if you try all the stunts! I already got 0 respawn, but without making the stunts off course! Good game mate! thxxx

- Low_B |baywatch exams| An exorcist? realy? i can do moooore evil you want! i still have many ideas like this and maybe i'll use them one day! Thanks man, i did not think this map would have so much succes in 1 hours! ^^

- Bigxxx! Thank you man! I realy apreciate your comment! If there are tests you can't pass, take the "help road"! It would be stupid not to finish it it just because a part is too hard! ^^ Don't give up!

- Nellihc! Nice comment! I am glad you like this platform! Thanks again! btw, i think your replay will stay top 10! ^^ Thanks for uploading it!

- Roph! Thank you man! Thanks for the comment and the nice replay! I am going to watch them all now! Your comment made me happy!

- rkade! Thank you man! YEESSS i am evil muhahahaha! btw, 70/80 tries is not so bad for a first try! ^^ Thanks for da feedback!

- ORA! Thanks a lot for the FTP ORA, it's is realy helpful!! And thx for the super complete and cool comment!! I'd like to see your replay mate! =)

- Twilight! héhéhé 28 respawn is realy exellent for a irst try! realy great! Thanks man! ^^

- Amit! Thanks for the feedabck dude! You should realy retry it with the music, you will see, it is realy different!

- bachl Thanks for the cool comment man! I am glad to know you liked the map! whoohooo 12 awards! hhéhéhé thx^^

- Bara! Thanks you man! 20 tries is great, but 9 is quite better! Good game man and thanks for leaving a feedback! :-)

- Rax! I do apreciate you award! GG for having a 18 respawn at the first try! And i am going to watch your replay now! ^^ I am realy glad you like this track so much! Thanks again for the kind words!

- Maphios! Yhanks man! I 'll have a look to your replay! Thanks again! ^^

- T_Z_! I am glad to know you liked! Bay is my favorite environement, and i think it is the best one because you have a great control of the car, the handling in nervous, and the speed can be very high! I looove bay! Thanks for your cool feedback mate! =)

- Tonic 91 Thank you for da comment mate! I realy apreciate! Glad to know you like and... practice freestyle! ^^

- *speedy* Thanks for the award man, and thanks for participating to the contest! Make me glad! ^^ I'll watch ur replay soon!

- Gracek666 Thx , i realy apreciate your comment! thx for the kind word !!! And yes, very hard platform
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 27-May-2007
Originally posted by MasterDisaster ...
I also lost a lot of respawns in those "climbing-transitions" where you must take the boost and turn 90°

They're easy: don't accelerate, just let the car climb with the boosts and just press left! I think it's the easiest part on the track xD
  Tonic 27-May-2007
Finally a new track from you
Will try it soon.
  CRO|Low_B 27-May-2007
Whota time Low_B!

Hard to do all the challanges!
  Virus721 (TM Break) 27-May-2007
- Porky Thx man, but this track is realy lunatic! I think you and many other players did understand the way must be used here! Check out my video and you will understand ^^

- Hagel Thaaaak yooooou my friend! Your comment realy make me happy! And still so kind words! ^^ I am glad to know you enjied it so much! Thanks again mate! =)

- Pit Thx you boss! I am always happy to see your short comments on my track! thxxx XT poWaaaa!!! ^^

Thank you Low_B for da replay! I'll watch it! i am curious to see how other player take this map! ^^
And if you participate to this little "contest", remeber you must finish all the obstacles!
  CRO|Low_B 27-May-2007
I know,its quite hard!
  Virus721 (TM Break) 27-May-2007
Ho yeah tanks for all your replays!

I watch them and they're cool!
But no one of you took the hard ways!...
i think i should show you how to do!
  MasterDisaster 27-May-2007
Nah guys..this one isn't the hardest platform obviously have never tryed this one "The Killer!!! by   Dengel"
And yes Virus..i hate the wallrides because you need to be a stuntman..and i'm not a stuntman xD

Great work again dude^^
  Virus721 (TM Break) 27-May-2007

Have fun!

PS: Thanks to the moderators for the showcase, i am
realy happy! And thanks to ORA for his FTP host!
  X-MASTER 27-May-2007
The media pack , doesnt work , to dwnld

Yeah super , thx
  Virus721 (TM Break) 27-May-2007
Yes sorry!
I am going to re-upload it in some minutes! ^^

EDIT: Link are now working!
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 28-May-2007
I really hope this will make you more popular and will help you!! You deserve it!
  Virus721 (TM Break) 28-May-2007
Hhéhéhé! Thak you MT ^^

Can comeone beat 6 respawns with passing all obstacles?
  Hageldave 28-May-2007
oh wow
congrats on showcase - your third? ^^
I dunno when I'll have the time to test..
I hope this week - I'm sure this week
  Virus721 (TM Break) 28-May-2007
héhé! nope Hagel, 2nd time i get it!
Take your time to test! ^^*


I wanted to tell to everyone that less than 5 respawns is totally possible! Check out my replay, i did only 4 respawns and passed ALL the obstacles !!!!
But don't worry, i don't participate to the contest, you still have a chance to reach the money! ^^

MoooooooOOOOoooore replaaaays !!!!
  T_Z_ 28-May-2007
hmm, there are only two things I hate:
-The tube and the ingame MT

It's still a great challenge
  L00ney 28-May-2007
the link for the mod does not work for me
  Virus721 (TM Break) 28-May-2007
Yes sorry, i am going to slve this now!
yourfilelink doesn't seems to be working now!


Click here to download the MatriX-Code Mod!

Have much fun!
  Bara 29-May-2007 sry but this is so funny let´s design a ice cream car for trhe track xD
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  lpg_gas 05-Jul-2011
cool track
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