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Track Name
Name: Coming Down
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SkunkY
Version: 26-Sep-2010
Released: 26-Sep-2010
TMX id: 3139923
LB Rating: 51,937
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:41.46   spedzo+ 0:00.0051,937
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:41.50   SkunkY+ 0:00.0451,636
0:41.65   BrummHummel+ 0:00.1950,509
0:41.87   Zeref+ 0:00.4148,855
0:41.97   NinjAstar+ 0:00.5148,104
0:42.03   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.5747,653
0:42.10   MEFjihr+ 0:00.6447,127
0:42.36   maze+ 0:00.9045,172
0:42.43   maphios+ 0:00.9744,646
0:42.71   'Buchi'+ 0:01.2542,542
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Author Comments

Hey all,

it's time for a premiere in 2010. ^^
Haven't released a track in a while. My frequence has gone even lower.
So don't expect too much of this, If I wanted to make an extraordinary track it would have probably taken me unitl christmas 2011. ^^

Ok this track is no flesh no fish. It's not a speed track, it's not a tech track, it has transitions but it's not what you'd call transitional. It's just something in between. Although it should be finishable for beginners, setting a record will be a privilege for padders, as pretty much always.

If you think: 'What? SkunkY made in intro? Can't belive it.' then you're right, I didn't. Edge did this job for me. Thanks a lot for that mate.
I also want to thank my beta-testers for their great feedback.
GPS it has fgs., Outro as well.

Have no clue what else to write so please just go try the track now!

User Comments
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  SkunkY 26-Sep-2010
Thanks Tobbe!
Glad you enjoyed.

Green Lock
Thanks for your nice description.

Good to hear that.

Glad you like it.

Hehe actually that was the old finish, I just left it there. xD



sounds good

Glad you like it.

I'll never leave, I'm just slowing down all the time. xD


Yeah I know you can do a lot faster.


Glad it works for island noobs.

some more tracks AND non island? Thats just a bit too much, isnt it.

Always enjoy your replays!

Haha, thats funny. Sorry for pulling your leg.

not your very first but hey, I won't tell nobody.

yea I guess thats the most entertaining part. ^^

Glad you enjoyed. hey it would be challenging for me as well using 2 different inputs.

Glad you like it!

Hehe, yea I know red boosts suck. Agree the finish-part is a bit odd but I still like it.

I'm not sure anymore it'll be liked online. Maybe this is already to transitional for the average online player.
  Edge 26-Sep-2010
Wow...great lookin' screenshot
  tmjonas 26-Sep-2010
thanks edge

gonna try the track later.
  Dag@bert 27-Sep-2010
I always wonder about the huge amount of awards growing like mushrooms after a rainy day.
For me it's normal to award a track only if I'm able to finish it.
  Axon 27-Sep-2010
hey hey = First run for you SkunkY...

Im a bit tired now... so i probably made it look harder than it is...
anyway i will play it again tomorrow and then decide what its award status is...

And i will join yr forum tomorrow as well... going to bed now... but you have a tired geriatrics run anyway ..


LATER = joined yr forum
had a few more runs and was not much better so i lost interest..
i have no judgement or award for this track.
and i dont care what others may think of my skills.

cheerrrrssss Axon..

  SkunkY 27-Sep-2010
Haha thanks Axon!
I'll check it out when I'm at home.

Thanks for your feedback Axon, no enjoyment - no award. That's how its supposed to be.
I know it's not about skill but preferences and thats just fine.

Whee spedzo, great time!
I was just about to add some music to the track.. now I can't do that anymore. ^^
Gonna watch your replay soon. I knew mid 41 was possible but didn't expect someone to come up so quick with it.
  spedzo 28-Sep-2010
lol, update away, I can surely do faster (had .3 ahead when I didn't drop gear at start ^^)
Well, I might need my ghost to find line easier, but I'd eventually have a new ghost of it
  SkunkY 28-Sep-2010
Nah, too many times have been posted already. ^^
As long as nothing important happens, like a cut or messed up signs or so, I won't update it.

If just adding music would not affect the file/records then I would.
  'Buchi' 29-Sep-2010
hilarious author comment xD
i may play it later if i succeed in trying not to fall asleep instantly ^^
  SkunkY 01-Oct-2010
That transition towards the tunnel becomes crusial when you get there with max speed. ^^
I wonder if 40.9x is possible.
  spedzo 01-Oct-2010
Pretty hard, might try it tomorrow if I get chance
  SkunkY 01-Oct-2010
Very hard. ^^
You'd need the fastest line on first banked platform, a bit of luck at the transition, hopefully no jump against checkpoint, a somewhat perfect u-turn and that last turn is still an x-factor.
  spedzo 01-Oct-2010
Did this time for now, got a bit too wide at some corners/landed bad at end but I think this is good start to aim for
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User Awards
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  maphios 28-Sep-2010
Good to see a track from you again

You said it right, this one is solid and fun to race but nothing groundbreaking.
A nice start idea and then the actual race starts with some downwards speed. I especially enjoyed this 10s of the track after the first CP, because it really was smooth to drive but still challenging with this creative layout.

  Susse 28-Sep-2010
I'm not very much into island (especially not noslides ), but I feel I nailed it good enough on this one! With my right hand on my keys, controlling gas, brakes, and turning in the slides, and my left hand on my pad, I managed to atleast get the gold medal ;D. This track is awesome! Its fast and feels very calculated (especially the landings), and leaves you with an OH YEAH!-feeling upon completion. I didn't quite like the last paned (is that the right word? ) curve, but I guess that's just my bad driving messing it up . Overall, great job!
  Edge 28-Sep-2010
Great work mate!
I especially like that startpart!

Well done!!

  Fallout 29-Sep-2010
Until the red turbos this track was really good.
  HonG 29-Sep-2010
Yaaa...its good. the startpart is not only nice, its amazing smooth and cool to drive.

...the rest is solid noslide-action, the finish is strange but nice

all in all a real fun-online track that will be probably loved out there on the servers.

  DaKKoN 29-Sep-2010
Great track!!
Not so great if you think about the fact it is actually again a no-slider, but I could have fun. And beat the gold medal!! Loved that the most Although I think your start really rocks very hard!! It is quite in-consistent for me. Meaning: I can't drive it as fast as I want every run... Actually it varies a lot. But it's very creative and fun to drive still!! Good track. Not in your usual style (which I love the best) but still very enjoyable!! Also great to watch an intro that is not making fun of the one watching it Good outro to!
Hope to see a track from you next time with the wild cross-jumps you usually use. Still this one is so fun in the end it deserves yet another cup!!

  NastiSavage 29-Sep-2010
Definately caters to analog, but still forgiving enough for the KB to drive a decent time. I like the fact that there are no boosters at the start of the track which makes the start all the more important to "nail". A tad bit technical, especially the last banked turn (asphalt). Nothing real fancy, but still good fun! And afterall, isn't "fun" what it's all about?

Well done track brutha!
  NinjAstar 30-Sep-2010
I'm quite satisfied with my time, it was a bit of a luck run for me today as I'm exhausted.

I think if I hadn't slid a little bit out of the U-turn and did a more ideal drift on the last corner I would have made up about 2 tenths. Though I'm sure I'm near the limit with this crappy Nintendo 64 controller.

Anyways, about the track. As I've said before when I was watching it come together, it's a great track.

It's got that unique style of yours to it, which is a fast, not too transitional track which also isn't too hard to noslide, but is forgiving to those who can't.

I really like the start, tiny differences in how you land on the CP or how much of the booster you use make a HUGE difference in time.

The rest is quite smooth and well calculated, the U-turn can be infuriating if you are a bit too ambitious; you really need a close line, like in my replay.

The last slippery transitions and sliding corner into the finish don't quite fit in as well, but it's very fun nonetheless.

It's a good feeling to know you're past the parts where you need a lot of grip, and you can just burn the tires up on this last quick corner.

The MT is also very nice. The outro has some simple cams, but they do their job well and they're nice to watch.

The intro is really great. It's a bit chaotic, but it's thrilling and the variation in cams and text effects at the end are awesome. Excellent work Edge.

Rating: 9/10

Fantastic work, it's got that re-playability I remember from your tracks. It's a blast to just play over and over just to see how much slower or faster your new time is.

  'Buchi' 30-Sep-2010
a very unusual track, it has a difference to most tracks i know, which is totally awesome... it keeps you on the screen as long as you reached what you wanted in the beginning
in my case, it was the AT and i finally did it that took my quite some time

the only thing which isnt that great, is the fact that its quite easy until the u-turn, but not too easy of course ^^
great Intro and Outro too

  Mikealange 30-Sep-2010
Great track Skunky !

Creative start and creative building too !
Very intuitive and addictive to gain no slide parts !

Good Job Skunky and coming down --)

  SiNiSTER 30-Sep-2010
finally was able to do this track , but my time sux, anyway nice track easy to learn just a very tricky track when your on KB, nice layout and a challenge to get a good time
  wardav 30-Sep-2010
Really nice Islnd track with
smoot and clear jumps to finish
Great work
  Hekorn 01-Oct-2010
Really nice NS smoothy
Nice calculated jumps and turns.
Simple to finish, but hard for a good time. thats great ^^

  Micster 03-Oct-2010
This is probably the first award I've given in about a year now.

Excellent track SkunkY. If I hadn't been practicing with a pad I never would have finished the track because of the start, which was a tad more difficult than the rest of the track in my opinion.

Plenty of high speeds and smooth transitions, just how I like it.

  gsp 07-Oct-2010

eat my dust and die
eat my award >>> too... take it in your mouth and say
"i love u"

go home
cheers GSP

  Crixu' 02-Nov-2010
Great track, well done!


  NoTimeToDrive 30-Jun-2019
Fantastic Track!!
Big love here
  gazo 01-Jul-2019
BIG Fantastic Track!!
  OLDA_X 01-Jul-2019
nice one
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