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Name: Ville, Cephid, Smok3y, Skunky...
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Redrot»LT
Version: 26-Sep-2010
Released: 26-Sep-2010
TMX id: 3139510
LB Rating: 53,502
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:42.81   MrZw1231+ 0:00.0053,502
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0:43.22   spedzo+ 0:00.4150,427
0:43.37   smok3y+ 0:00.5649,303
0:43.38   MEFjihr+ 0:00.5749,228
0:43.47   osna+ 0:00.6648,553
0:43.53   BrummHummel+ 0:00.7248,103
0:43.65   SkunkY+ 0:00.8447,203
0:43.91   FT»Boinkerz+ 0:01.1045,254
0:44.10   Edge+ 0:01.2943,829
0:44.40   Cuba.CZ+ 0:01.5941,579
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Author Comments

...the noObs are coming! (stoopid namelimit)

Yo , whats good.

So you all know the story by now. One day, smok3y released a track called "Skunky i k!lled the NoObs". It was a track designed to kill noObs, and it was very was hard enough so that a few people DIED. However, Ville loves noObs. He reanimated them with his track "Skunky ! rean!mated the NoObs". But Cephid played against that and tried to kill the noObs again with "Smok3y, Skunky, I killed the...". Ville played against that too. He created "ObZen", a track so hard it was designed to kill all the pros so he could bring up a noOb uprising. However...unfortunately...not all the pros were killed (but it was a damn awesome track).

Nao its my turn. I am going to help Ville. You see...I like noObs too, and I like helping them turn into pros like us. Its a great feeling. So I have created a track that isn't extremely easy to finish, but is nice and straightforward so that the noObs can train on it and become semi-Pros.

So I present to you: Ville, Cephid, Smok3y, Skunky, the noObs are coming!

The track is a mixture of old and new island styles. It is mainly road but it has some platforms and the end is mostly that. Its pretty straightforward: jumps and drops and turns, all that one needs. The first jump is hard but the rest is basically Beginner style. I think nobody should have a problem with it.

Just a note: The track was designed with sliding in mind. Not those insane nosliders

Track Contents:

Clicky for big.

Thanks to the LT Clan for betatesting, and for Cephid, Ville, and smok3y for doing their stuff.


"Skunky i k!lled the NoObs by   smok3y"
"Skunky ! rean!mated the NoObs by   Ville"
"Smok3y, Skunky, I killed the... by   Cephid"
"ObZen by   Ville"

User Comments
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  Ville 26-Sep-2010
Technically though you're dead

But eh I'll reanimate the noobs soon
  Redrot»LT 26-Sep-2010
Im a zombeeeeeeee
  Voyager006 26-Sep-2010
The noObs are coming... but they are not here yet tho..... some of the pros who survived obzen needs to reanimate them before that indeed
  FT»Osaka 26-Sep-2010
Zombies powah... You can't kill Erza tho, so half of me is still alive
  NitroGuy!»UD 26-Sep-2010
This track is not made for noobs!

It's easy for me, but I'm sure that there will be a lot of noobs who will have lots of trouble :\
  Ville 26-Sep-2010
Quote ...
So I have created a track that isn't extremely easy to finish, but is nice and straightforward so that the noObs can train on it and become semi-Pros.

It's not designed to be a noob track
  Redrot»LT 26-Sep-2010
thanks ville
  Axon 26-Sep-2010
the eternal archetypal Noob... have submitted my first run...

actually think i will go and start a thread on first run tracks..

cheeeerrrsssssss Axon ..
  Dag@bert 27-Sep-2010
lol Axon ^^
I think you found a new game ^^
maybe you shouldn't drive too much tracks in rounds-mode ^^

this track isn't easier or harder than the most noobie keyboarder's tracks here on TMX
  SkunkY 27-Sep-2010
Sweet line in the last turn before jump to concrete Brummi. After some crashes I was too affraid to take it noslide.
  spedzo 28-Sep-2010
You should be afraid Skunky xD
If you go too fast that corner you skyrocket over checkpoint, and not just a little bit
Also need air control for tunnel + second last corner
  SkunkY 28-Sep-2010
Yea tunnel air-control I was aware of, but didn't think of overjumping the checkpoint. ^^
Damn spedzo you were a challenger when you drove with keyboards, now you are fearsome.
  spedzo 28-Sep-2010
  metoxys 29-Sep-2010
I am so bad at island that I can't even get the jump at 12 sec.
Managed it 2 of 16 times and then crashed against the part after that
I hate island
  Wraith 29-Sep-2010
very good track, i even finished BUT my 1.15.45 nowhere good enough, glad you also added other routes
when i did not make the jumps perfect,to be honest i think is a good idea to add to tracks like this one

  NastiSavage 29-Sep-2010
I didn't think this was a track for no0bs to learn on... first off, no0bs usually restart at a CP or two as they learn the track.... restarting at the first CP is basically futile! So if you don't make the jump,... and I will wager that many no0bs (especially KB drivers) won't... then you're gonna get frustrated and quit the track because restarting at the CP means figuring out how to get back on the right path. That sign that says HP? You can't make the jump to that spot, so exactly how are you suppose to make that? Or is that for something else? Other than that, the track isn't too bad... however you say it is a full speed track when it is not! If you don't use throttle control in a few spots then you will surely crash (or fly over a CP which is ridiculously sad considering it's suppose to be a full speed track).

Sorry to sound harsh, but this isn't award worthy in my book.... wow I sound like DaKKoN!
  Redrot»LT 29-Sep-2010
Nastisavage, the track is meant to be driven FS drift, not noslide. I didn't know the track had overjumpable parts until way after it was released. Also, im not that concerned with the HP routes as for now. But thanks for your feedbacK!

Also, its not designed for ubernoobs, its designed for decent players who arent i was half a year ago.
  danodude 05-Dec-2011
Awesome fs
  j-a-m 16-Aug-2012
Nice story of tracks here
  Cephid 16-Aug-2012
How? how could I overlook this?
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  SkunkY 27-Sep-2010
Oldschool design!
Great fun track!
  osna 28-Sep-2010
yeah bring the oldschool back
great track. it lreally is like the good old tracks
i like the flow and that can do all turns noslide if you want to
great work!!

  Chaldan 28-Sep-2010
Well done.

  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 28-Sep-2010
argh shit! i forgot to award this beauty sorry -.-

well... i don't know what to tell you about this since you should know this track :b
i think it fits perfectly to the previous "noob & antinoob" tracks. it's not really hard, but it has some tricky parts... and it's also really smooth imo
it's a cool island track... shame on me for not awarding it earlier -.-

  spedzo 28-Sep-2010
I see some newschool stuff too xD
I guess the oldschool part is the overjumps for analog players
Which I love 'cause it's more challenging.
  Fallout 29-Sep-2010
Brilliant ^^
  NinjAstar 29-Sep-2010
  Tuta 29-Sep-2010
this is expert difficulty ffs ^^ Nevertheless it rocks super job

<--from: >>Tuta<<
  Wraith 29-Sep-2010
* S T U N N I N G *
layout/build really very good
mt work also very good

  tmjonas 01-Oct-2010
Good speedtrack!

However, you didn't quite succeed with your "intention" behind the track. The start and the finish (last jump to the white platform) kill you unless you time the slide well. Also the hole before the second tunnel is quite against this philosophy of "helping noobs" I think.

But as I am no noob () I had fun here. No, seriously, it's a really well flowing and very well calculated track, which is indeed not too hard as some other speed-(transition)-island-tracks. Good scenery, too. Intro was maybe a bit boring for its lenght

So all in all a well deserved
  Jenox 02-Oct-2010
Pretty cool transitions here!
Great flow, pretty smooth, but maybe a little too hard.
Cool scenery, too.

Rating: 8.5/1o
  Mikealange 12-Oct-2010
This one is sick !

Crazy slider speed !
Super fast online !

All elements are there plus noslider start !
Great works Redrot !

  smok3y 17-Oct-2010
Well you guys sure aren't gonna leave the n00bs
Lolz, I had to try this map for good ol' days
And I sure loved it, this map has a very addicting feel to it
Plays fine all the way
And actually that CP overjump makes it more interesting for me

Lookin at the names in the top 10 I didn't think I had a chance to get into it, but what do you know, either they are driving too slow or i drank too many nitro cans

Anyways it sure is a wonderful map and I had a lot of fun on it
played after a long time, thnx for the lovely map

Big shiny cup->
  Crixu' 02-Nov-2010
Great island olschool track!


  Cephid 16-Aug-2012
How could I overlook this track? Ah yes I've been killed by Ville :/
But I have the feeling that someone gets reanimated very soon
Very smooth track, I needed some trys to finish it but it's just great!

And brace yourself the noobs are coming
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