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Name: Stir of echoes
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Leemay»LT | Inactive.
Version: 22-Sep-2010
Released: 22-Sep-2010
TMX id: 3119061
LB Rating: 61,282
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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0:54.70   Aero+ 0:00.0061,282
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0:55.61   NinjAstar+ 0:00.9155,165
0:55.89   sTeImOlO+ 0:01.1953,282
0:55.97   bertrand73+ 0:01.2752,745
0:56.05   FT»Marky+ 0:01.3552,207
0:56.57   OLDA_X+ 0:01.8748,712
0:57.07   Sriver+ 0:02.3745,351
0:57.41   Psikopate+ 0:02.7143,065
0:57.74   Patriot »CT«+ 0:03.0440,847
0:57.93   Basskid+ 0:03.2339,570
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Author Comments

yay Tm-x

22.09.2010 - 17.45

well... here i am again, guys, and i put some time into the coast editor again.
i tried some -for me- new things and i think that i kinda succeeded with building this one.
it has some challenging turns but it also has some tricky jumps and drops, and it's kinda smooth overall... though it has some transitions that aren't that nice... but all in all it should be pretty easy to finish it. Oh... and the MT is made by me ofc. it's my best intro till now, though it's a bit short :b

some details:

- difficulty: intermediate
- length: ~ 55 seconds (AT: 57.xx ... but it's very very bad)
- mood: day
- amount of coppers: 4394


- diplo (also known as "one word: pff" )
- joyeux
- sanfc
- wardav
- the LT team

That epic screenshot is made by Row!e

- he won the first place at the screencompo i opened, and he gets a showcase:

Pre Run. by   Rowie

- swiepje got the second place with this nice screen and ofc he also got a showcase:

Global Heat (MTC) by   Andisch

- third was eyebo. he also made an epic screenshot, but for me the other ones were better

well... i think that's it. have fun and don't forget to tell me what you think about this one.

User Comments
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  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 22-Sep-2010
  FT»ciRu 22-Sep-2010
Quote ...
but I would like more things than only smooth jumps

  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 22-Sep-2010
well... what do you mean with "more things" ... this track has some jumps, transitions, drops, turns, a loop and offroad parts... what can i build more? ^^
  FT|Joyeux 22-Sep-2010
It's not against you ^^
It's because of the envi, neither creativity is possible
so there's only smooth jumps
  NinjAstar 26-Sep-2010
Insane time Aero. It took me a long time just to come within a second of it.
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User Awards
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  OLDA_X 25-Sep-2010
Really good map

.... .... OLDA_X
  Wazzazzle 26-Sep-2010

'nuff said
  eyebo.wp 26-Sep-2010
Beautiful and fun map
  SkunkY 26-Sep-2010
Cool track!
Well calculated jumps.

..and a great screenie
  Jenox 26-Sep-2010
Great track mate!
Awesome screenshot!

Rating: 8/1o
  franz-josef666 26-Sep-2010
Great track!
  NinjAstar 26-Sep-2010
First of all, I have to say, the start of this track sucks.

It's because of the way the car shifts when you have the wheel turned all the way: it significantly slows down your car.

Sure, you can control this, but it's just tedious at the fact that if you don't go fast enough at the start, you won't make the jump up to the grass.

Overall though, I had some fun with this track. There's a lot of issues with it though, in my eyes.

These jumps off the bumps on the edges of the corners are quite buggy. This is because most of them you jump into from the left side, where as it's less buggy when you jump into them from the right side.

Also, some things come at you too quickly, much like the large grass corner and the 2 corners after it. It's hard to keep the grip in the grass corner, and if you don't, you WILL hit the house.

You didn't think it was a bit evil to put a turn 1 block after a loop?

Besides these issues, it's got some fun transitions for a coast track and very smooth landings, the finish is the best part in my opinion and the corners leading up to it.

Rating: 8/10

If you choose to make another coast track, make sure it flows better and use transitions that are less buggy.

  Basskid 28-Sep-2010
  metoxys 29-Sep-2010
Award because of extremely epic screenshot
  Daniël`LT 02-Oct-2010
Definition of a proper coaster:
-Cool MT
-Good flow
-Cewl jumps
-Clear path

Ghehe, nice job Leemay =)
  JakeRay 15-Oct-2010
awesome realy great flow

  Laegluin (semi active) 24-Oct-2010
Nice one!

I really like the design. It's got some original jumps/transitions and flows well. Also, it is easy, even a coast noob like me can drive it without problems.

Some 's for you
  Fellbein 29-Oct-2010
Amazing Work here, well done
  Crixu' 02-Nov-2010
Nice track!


  Sriver 01-Apr-2011
Awesome coaster!
Great jumps & turns, which make it really fun to play!
I also like the scenery pretty much.

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