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Name: 4M Style
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   XT Projects
Version: 19-May-2007
Released: 19-May-2007
TMX id: 303961
LB Rating: 32,393
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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1:01.48   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.0032,393
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1:01.52   reVo+ 0:00.0432,266
1:01.55   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0732,171
1:01.90   SkunkY+ 0:00.4231,065
1:01.92   JakeOIL+ 0:00.4431,002
1:02.11   Kendar+ 0:00.6330,401
1:02.26   renarda77+ 0:00.7829,927
1:02.39   samurai-jack+ 0:00.9129,516
1:02.53   Dag@bert+ 0:01.0529,073
1:03.32   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:01.8426,576
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Author Comments

Micster, Markus, Master_Track and MasterDisaster...
...members of Xtreme Trackers Clan...
...are proud to present...

4M Style

A crazy map with the best ideas of us, the wackiest jumps you can find, the most frantic turns you can have, the most hair-rising speed you can feel...!! Sit back, prepare your fingers and have fun!

·PART 1: Micster
·PART 2: Markus
·PART 3: Master_Track
·PART 4: MasterDisaster

·INTRO: Micster
·OUTRO: Markus
·FINAL SCENERY: Master_Track
·SCREENSHOT: MasterDisaster
·VALIDATIONS: Master_Track

We hope you'll enjoy it! Awards, comments and replays are welcome!

The Xtreme Trackers Clan

User Comments
Showing 10 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 19-May-2007
  Hageldave 19-May-2007
in your case I'd delete change the silver time and upload again
seems like nooone noticed....
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 19-May-2007
I tested it Hageldave, and it works well... What's the problem?
  Hageldave 19-May-2007
the track left the newest track list with one award
thats y I thought you could upload it again
to gain more awards - and therefore you need to change something
in the track, for example the times for the cups...
  NastiSavage 19-May-2007
Are you serious?!
  SkunkY 19-May-2007
lol hageldave.. I dont find words for this..
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 19-May-2007
Since when you beg for awards? xD
  smok3y 20-May-2007
Aww come on 's dont make a track..even if it got no 's im sure the 4 guys had a blast making it and a few laughs as well
  Hageldave 20-May-2007
I just had the impression that noone noticed
- hm well... you might be right - I'm taking the award buissness
too serious... ufff I think I got to come down from my awards-trip

oh my that act has been ambarrassing - was definitely gainst my image xD
  Gerthulf 21-May-2007
I can totaly understand your, Hageldave.
Well... it not really the awards, but the Downloads that count. After all i dont see/know how much downloads you had with the track.
But sure it is kinda emberrasing to see the track only comes with a few downloads.
Anyway... the track is brilliant, and you deserve really more awards!
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User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Hageldave 19-May-2007
great track
awesome work
damn nice smoothness
cool huge jumps
nice ideas
very well done m8es
  iQue | tm2 19-May-2007
Yep this turned out awesome! Great track, loads of great ideas and it's really fun throughout the whole track

!! x4
  SneezR 19-May-2007
awesome Track
great ideas
wonderful Mt
but not intermediate at all more like expert (well for me it's like an expert track xD)
  KEV Fan 19-May-2007
I really hope for you 4 guys that this is going to be the most successful XT island project so far because you deserve it.
Layout is superb - awesome moments of racing
MT is grrreat (in a way expected that )
Screenie is art

  pitstep 19-May-2007
great big speedtrack
great mt
great work guys
  Gerthulf 19-May-2007
Damn, what a great track!
Superb flow all the way.
You 4 did a awesome great job with this!
Again... why does this masterpiece have only a few awards?
Noone into great, rockin jumps? smooth design? beautiful scenery?
Too bad I can only once...
Hope this one gets more attention later...


ps... love the intro (hehe... )
  SkunkY 19-May-2007
Cool track guys. Nice co-op work.
Very nice scenery and intro. Great speed, flow, jumps, transitions. Though those signs didnt work for me.
But well.. the signs werent the important thing here.
  Kendal 20-May-2007

Crazy Track guys!

Awesome Speed
Great Flow
Some really great transitions!
Amazing Jumps!
Nice MT-work!

Big award to all of you!
  Andree 20-May-2007
Excellent teamworktrack
Its a blast to play
Pure adrenaline

  smok3y 20-May-2007
  JakeOIL 20-May-2007
What a track

So much fun with good speed... lovely transitions... great jumps....

An incredible scenery all along the way makes it funny to crash everywhere trying to get a good time

Superb "M's" work

See ya, JakeOIL
  Kendar 21-May-2007
Pretty sick track, dude-men.
Some hairball stunts.
I felt like a rocket out of control.
I haven't crashed so much on a track in a long time.

  TimeBreaker 23-May-2007
superb track
the 4 big M's made a great work
the screenie rocks
the intro is great
and the outro rules
the track is great, many nice parts with jumps wallrides and more
perfect work !!
  NastiSavage 24-May-2007
Nice track you 4! I'm not sure if I care much for the outro... but in my book the outro is a minor issue when considering if a track is award worthy or not. Afterall i'm not driving the outro, i'm driving the track, and the track was quite nice!

  BrummHummel 26-May-2007
PERFECT track IMO!!!!
definitivly one of the best islands out there
perfect speed --> every boosters is set on the correct position!
wonderful transitions!! there´s one i really love.. the diagonal jump to airport followed by another diagonal jump down to the wallride!! just awesome
lovely design and layout overall
the scenery is also very very great!! omg..
the last part is the hardest for me i´m not good on the roads
great MT also.. the outro looks very cool sometimes.. some cameras make me dizzy but ok ...and i miss some FX!
but anyhow.. i loved to race it and i loved to hunt your very good AT!!
great work from you 4 guys!!
  HawkGer 03-Jun-2007
XT Project tracks are always something special and you guys impress me everytime from new
Perfect track imo!!!
  s8ndm8n 16-Jul-2007
Great work fella's

Not the most beautiful flow, but honestly I don't really enjoy perfectly flowing tracks as much as ones with some awkward moments.
With this type of track you always feel you can do a little better
  Dag@bert 24-Jun-2008
what a pleasure to drive !!
let's go online with it ^^
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