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Name: Download Hot Crossing
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Master_Track (TMBreak)
Version: 16-May-2007
Released: 16-May-2007
TMX id: 299397
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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Author Comments

Hot Crossing
First desert and first track made with TMU!

Hi all, again! After nearly one month of looong work, I'm proud to show to you my first desert track ever!!! As I'm new on that environment, it was quite hard to get used to it and build something ok, but finally I managed it and I added my style to the track! Here, a short, fast, stunty and innovative track which I think it's pretty easy.

A LOOOOT of thanks to my XT mates Homie, Iquere, SoulFly and Hageldave for wasting his time betatesting the track and his help. XT POWAA MATES, YOU ROCK!!

Bigger screenshot here!

User Comments
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  Master_Track (TMBreak) 16-May-2007
Wow Cephid, faaast award!!! Many thanks mate!!
Wow, just passed two minutes, and I've 3 awards!! Thanks Tonic_91, thaaanks for your great words!!!
OMG, thanks pitstep my friend for your words, I really appreciate them! Thanks!
Thanks ORA my friend for trying my track!! You rock!
Thanks RustyMike!! Seems you like the same style than me -great!! Thanks!!
Wow thanks Iquere my friend, also big thanks for betatesting!!!
Wow thanks Promania for that lovely award!
Thanks my friend, MasterDisaster, for your awesome award!! Sorry for the tricky start, anyway I hope you liked it. Thanks mate!
Wow, thanks Insane for that really insane award!! I'm glad you liked all! Yes, the start is quite tricky, sorry And thanks again for posting your replay and help getting the things started!!
Thanks Cab for that nice lil award ^^
Hey, thanks my Homie for trying my track, for betatesting and leaving such great feedback and award! Glad you liked the screenie.
Wow speedy, 9/10, that's a super score, thanks my friend!!
Thanks SoulFly!! I'm a noob also on desert, so I'm glad to see you liked it! Thanks!
Wow TaBle, thanks, many thanks for your great award mate and for spending your time on my track! Also great WR!!
Thanks SkunkY mate for kicking your study time to try my desert track, I'm very happy you liked it! Also thanks for your WR!!
Wow Alcator, super review of my track you did! Your review and JumperJack's one are similar -that means you both are good reviewers. Thanks a lot for that feedback, I'm very happy!
Wow KEV Fan, thanks for that awesome award!! Sorry for the hardness of the track! LOL! Seems the lower car at the screen is you xD Also, thanks for your WR!! LOL, KEV Fan against SkunkY xD
Thanks my Hageldave for trying my track! You don't like the red fade... It's due your taste or it's due by another thing? Anyway, thanks!
lol smok3y, what a super review! I feel very well with your reviews -thanks again for all! xD Also, thanks for your WR!!!
Now I remember why I love your awards Kendar!! Many thanks for it, you ROCK!
Thanks Buchi for trying again my track! I thought too that the intro is quite long xD Funny! Anyway, glad you liked my track!

Thanks, many thanks Micster for that awesome award, I'm very glad you liked it!!
Thanks TimeBreaker for that detailed awardcomment!!! Thanks!!!!
Aaand also thanks to Acid for his award, thanks for trying my track and awarding! And you uploaded a replay, thanks!
Wooow thanks maphios for your big award, glad you liked the track! Also, thanks for your WR!!
Wow gadget Thanks for your detailed award! Seems I did some things wrong on the track, but anyway you liked it -great!!! Thanks for all my friend!
Wow, thanks Andree for testing AGAIN my track and leave suck lovely award!
Wow thanks Squirrel for your award!
OMG, what a big comment Mirco the Racer, thanks, many thanks for it!
Hey Zeo, thanks for your positive feedback, I really appreciate it! Also, great time mate!!
  Hageldave 18-May-2007
^^ I think thats just my taste - I just dont like fading with colors ^^
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 19-May-2007

Hey, thanks rycardoo for your nice award and for playing my track online! Thanks!!
Thanks Deng for try my track, I'm glad you liked it! And thanks for that WR man!
Wow, thanks, thanks, thanks for your lovely award my DaKKoN!! I can't wait for see your WR
Thanks, thanks a lot Dartz4 for that lovely award, I'm glad you liked my track man! Thanks! Also, thanks for your time!
Ebou, thanks for your super award, really makes me happy man! Thanks again!
I'm glad you liked the track, ludix. Thanks for your award and for your WR!
Don't worry HeaH, I'm happy with time or without it! Thanks, thanks again for helping me and giving me feedback and award -that's very nice. Thanks! And also thanks for your WR!!
Thanks, many thanks Kopach for your big award!
And again, the award of HAWK_GER, thanks mate!
Amazing review JumperJack, I really think you nail it on all aspects!! Yes now I think that first jump isn't as good as I thought Well, thanks for taking the time to trying, I really liked your feedback!! Ah! I noticed you gave me a bronze award! Wow, didn't noticed that there are new smileys xD Cool! xD

Thanks a lot etidu29 for your great award and for giving me my 3rd page of awards!
Thanks Hunter for your award!! Yes, looks like Island hehe!
Wow thanks for that super awardcomment Virus, I really like it!! Thanks!!!!
Thanks Kobe for it!
Oy my fuckin' god, ninjer8, again such big award with huge words and a crazy rating with platinum award!! Man, I'm speechless, I'm so so glad you like my tracks man!!!! I don't care about the long awards, I preffer them, man, thanks for all, thanks man, you rock!
Thanks Eviltim for such nice award, makes me happy!!!
Thanks Twilight for that great award mate!
Thanks n3crid ^^
Thanks kumagoro for the award, 38 secons is a pretty good time!
  smok3y 13-Jun-2007
Award comment updated ^^
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Hunter 09-Jun-2007
Yeh, nice desert one, imo it's more island than desert, cause of this speed and huge jumps. Nice transitions and overall smothness. Also cool MT and screenie, gz for this one

User Award   Virus721 (TM Break) 14-Jun-2007
Watta a great first desert track mate!
Awesome for a first try!
Superb jumps
Nice mix of blocks
Superd MT
Smooth ride!
A bit hard (less fun) but ok!
Nice speed felling!
Overall a great firdt track with many
nice ideas and a crasy style!
Man you rokkk i hate you!

Well deserved --W
Keep at it buddy! ^^
User Award   KoBe 16-Jun-2007
Nice track!
Great job man

Big 4 u
User Award   bonanza 20-Jun-2007
after trying smash it i wanted to try some more of your tracks and picked this.
and after playng these two tracks i finally know why your name is master_track.

i love the start, the finish, the EVERYTHING.

this track is so great so i cant find any words for it. oh wait, *word coming in to brain*
this track is superbleyawesomeishmegasuper.

Etta on my list (etta means first in swedish)
Love it
Extra excellent
Speed powwwwa
Mega great
I love this track
An special track
Super awesome
U are the best mapper in TMU
Extreme transitions

Intro: hoooot, it burned my car
Outro: OMG

Final Rating

2:th now after skunky

as this track has gotten a platinum award it goes to my all time favourites folder.

User Award   Eviltim 11-Jul-2007
This is such a fun track. I've played it online multiple times, and I have always had fun playing.
It very fun track, easy to learn.
Good flowing jumps and some nice turns as well.
Very difficult to keep improving your time closer to perfection.

Great job Master_Track!
User Award   Twillight 26-Jul-2007
good nice track!
very good ideas
User Award   n3crid(inactive) 02-Sep-2007
Awesome flow and speed!!!!
That's how I like it!

Here is your ---><---
User Award   Kumagoro 30-Dec-2007
Awesome flow and speed

Easy to finish, hard to make it perfectly

I did it in about 38s with a KB
User Award   Crixu' 19-Jan-2010
Great desert track, very fun to play. I love it.


User Award   »Blacer 02-May-2010
Nice one

Excellent Track



Awesome Screenie!!
User Award   rad 01-Nov-2018
Very good track here. Fast, challenging, fun to drive. Good job
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