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Name: Download We're watching you! [2010]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 30-Jul-2010
Released: 30-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2989401
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 49,550
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:54.84   Wallaby+ 0:00.0049,550
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:54.92   Sd. t!bo05+ 0:00.0849,116
0:55.82   Acid+ 0:00.9844,237
0:55.99   NémésiS+ 0:01.1543,315
0:56.03   Duck+ 0:01.1943,099
0:56.45   FT»Marky+ 0:01.6140,822
0:56.45   mysen dk+ 0:01.6140,822
0:57.15   Crixu'+ 0:02.3137,027
0:57.21   VicS+ 0:02.3736,702
0:57.48   sTeImOlO+ 0:02.6435,237
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Author Comments

We're here with this year's community snow track #1!
and We're watching you!

This one is a fullspeeder which is a bit different, as it's built on the 150x10 basemap. It was a tough and long journey to get this done, but it's finally here. Everyone of us has put a lot of effort in this track so we all hope you will like the outcome.

Part 1: Redrot
Part 2: sammon''
Part 3: Wallaby
Part 4: Cayman
Part 5: Hageldave
Part 6: Cuba.CZ

Intro: Redrot
Outro: sammon'''
Scenery, screenshot, AT: Wallaby

Additionally, there is a small easter-egg for you prepared by Redrot.
I'd like to thank all the builders for the great work they did and I hope they had as much fun as I had with this project.
That being said, go and enjoy the track!

/Cuba.CZ, the captain

For the community, by the community!

User Comments
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  Sammon 30-Jul-2010
Sorry about the tunnel at 13 sec, Acid. If it makes any better, I'm a kb driver too.
  Redrot»LT 30-Jul-2010
Whooohooo!!! its out!

@Acid: I think you are taking the castle part wrong then flows for me.
  Acid 30-Jul-2010
haha samm
With the castlepart i ment: to nor loose speed or bump/bug you have to drive far to the left at first, nearly along the road, after the castle curve you can't cause there's the castle-edge piece on the straight in the way so you have to drive a little shicane, which i don't like
  Cuba.CZ 31-Jul-2010
Thanks for the great awards guys
The red ramp was a tough deal, originally there was this steep wooden road piece, but that didn't feel nice either.
  ben3847 31-Jul-2010
sTeImOlO you done the 1111 for the TMX community
  SiH 31-Jul-2010
Making a video presentation!
  sTeImOlO 31-Jul-2010
yeah you are right do i win something? ^^ ^^
  Sd. t!bo05 31-Jul-2010
nice Map
54.4x is possible
  Hageldave 01-Aug-2010
love that yellow glow in the outro, good work sammon
  *speedy* 01-Aug-2010
Woooo, some spooky ancient roads out there.
I'm glad I made it out alive!
  eyebo.wp 01-Aug-2010
@*speedy* - They didn't blockmix (at least not to make it long)... it's on one of the TMO 10x150 base maps. You can check out the thread about them if you want. There's a base map pack available too.
  Wallaby 01-Aug-2010
nope , the link to the mappack isn't avaliable anymore since a couple of weeks
somebody who has tmo could post a new one ^^
  eyebo.wp 02-Aug-2010
Updated map pack.
  Alcator 03-Aug-2010
My big complaint would be the fact that the first half needs to be driven "flawlessly" if the player wants to make the big jump from ground level to the platform; if, on the other hand, the player loses a little bit of speed anywhere before it, he has to use the alternate route. After 12 attempts to make a clean run to that point and make the jump, I gave up.

I simply don't like tracks like that, sorry.
  Wallaby 03-Aug-2010
once again hard is not the synonyme to bad
I know myself it isn't the easiest track but i drove already tracks I spent 2 hours or sth like that in driving them...platform for example >_<

I wonder why people consider "hard track which has to be driven perfectly" always as bad tracks and commenting the same argument below every of those tracks (ben75 , you and some others...).Do you think I'm fan of tracks with endless suprising brakes you enjoy. No , but I don't put a comment below all of those tracks , because it's simply not my taste.
I'm in generally open for any kind of feedback , but this "too hard wave" at tmx is going to drive me crazy.
If you really want to put a comment below our track it would help to say what could have been better designed , but there is no "improvement" with the difficulty level... As I can remind from your earlier mtc judgings you rated every track bad which was expert or lunatic. Why driving expert and lunatic community tracks then?. This track has probably more expert than intermediate touch indeed but...what about trying to finish it (more than 2 minutes) instead of instantly crying? If you then still dislike it I respect your opinion , but "no-finish/give up"-comments are no opinions imo
  Duck 03-Aug-2010
you only tried 12 times?
dunno howmuch i tried (i'm still trying to improve ^-^)
c'mon be a man, don't cry and train!
  Ricardo Rix 03-Aug-2010
yes, this do or die style means it is more of a challenge than a track.
Personally, I can stomach the frustration if there is fun to be had along the way. I had more of a beef with the very end little bumpy bit.
As for the jump, when you've learned the route, the speed for the jump is not that bad, only driver error rather than builder error.
  eyebo.wp 03-Aug-2010
This was hard? I finished my first run using respawns and my 2nd run cleanly ... and snow is my all-time worst enviro for my personal driving skills. Most of the jumps have plenty of room and aren't even calculated that closely. I thought the track was quite forgiving, especially compared to some snow tracks I've driven.
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User Awards
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User Award   eyebo.wp 30-Jul-2010
Action Packed
Awesome MT
A Worthy Ambassador For The Snow Environment

I enjoyed it immensely.
This is going to be a fun one for a long time to come.

Good work to all involved! It's no wonder this one turned out so good considering the all-star panel of excellent builders.
User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 30-Jul-2010
Superb track

Great ideas, with still keeping it easy! awesome scenery and a wonderful
User Award   Acid 30-Jul-2010
It's not bad, pretty few bugs, hate the big red jump ramp itself can bug, landing can bug cause you jump so far up, even at an angle it's close
Castle gap to curved platform isn't flowy at all (to hunt there)
The hardest part of the whole map is defninitely the tunnel at 13 secs with keyboard.
Basicly, great ideas though, fast, fun, stylish, good MT and overall presentation... still the map is far from perfection imo

Good work guys


User Award   Ricardo Rix 30-Jul-2010
woah. holy mumma TMX style challenge here.
love the start, and the drop down into the banked curve part is sweet.

some great bold ideas here, works really well. 5 stars, or is it 6.

User Award   Nim 30-Jul-2010
insane track
User Award   sTeImOlO 31-Jul-2010
awesome map!
doesn't feel like a multi builder map.
creative ideas, like the drop up to
the tunnel entry<->wooden up-block part.
you know which one? don't know who built it
but overall cool ideas, and still on the easy side but
challenging to get a good time. i'm a bad snow driver :/
awesome outro too!!
<<<||| |||>>>
User Award   SiH 31-Jul-2010
Epic track
Thumbs up for everyone, and redorts replays in the intro
User Award   FT»Marky 31-Jul-2010
It´s so Awesome
User Award   »NicO.o 31-Jul-2010
Woo Nice !
> <
User Award   Chrstar 01-Aug-2010
Awesome use of the jumps and scenery. In one word : SUPER

I love tmw community tracks
User Award   ^SIN^Lucas 01-Aug-2010
Great Map !

Little bug's over landings but 8/10 from Me
User Award   *speedy* 01-Aug-2010
Awesome map.
It truly is one hell of a ride.
Nice smooth jumps and landings
Most weird, unbelievable thing is the scenery + the loooooong landscape.
Is it all blockmixed?
Anyways, great track and every part fits perfectly together.
Well done!
User Award   Duck 01-Aug-2010
User Award   Roadkill7 03-Aug-2010
Great Track!
User Award   tmjonas 04-Aug-2010
Nice track, not in the style I prefer, but very well built and cohesive concerning it's a teammap!
User Award   Cartman»LT 05-Aug-2010
sick one guys
User Award   Mikealange 05-Aug-2010
Great team works guys !

It flowy and nice drops in jumps !
I like the high air drive sensation good job !

Just one sign down at start is not representative, we have to jump up !
All cp are respawnable, that why i put my award.
Very cohesive map for a team track.
Good MT and outro !

Great Job TMX !

User Award   Crixu' 30-Aug-2010
Stunning One of the best snow tracks I have ever seen


User Award   Fallout Boy 30-Jul-2012
very fun ^^
User Award   Kiemmas 13-Oct-2015
Superb transitions ! One of all-time favorite snow tracks
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