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Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 27-Jul-2010
Released: 27-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2982228
LB Rating: 60,489
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:52.87   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.0060,489
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:53.97   Mr. Bones+ 0:01.1052,938
0:55.27   sTeImOlO+ 0:02.4044,014
0:55.28   ((( Nitrox+ 0:02.4143,945
0:55.63   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter]+ 0:02.7641,542
0:55.88   Acid+ 0:03.0139,826
0:55.93   NinjAstar+ 0:03.0639,483
0:55.97   DaKKoN+ 0:03.1039,208
0:56.07   paddiz+ 0:03.2038,522
0:56.34   Misa Misa+ 0:03.4736,669
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Author Comments

There is a copper-contest running until the 6th of August!!!
Go check it out!!!
5000 coppers to divide, or more!! Read it!!:

Copper - Contest

Someone brought to my attention that there was a cut... So I had to update... Sorry all!!!
The last loop was cuttable by slightly air-braking so you'd bump through the loop... Yes the "cutter" is in fact a master...

It's been 6 weeks already since I released my latest track, and that one was "forced" cause of hte MTC. My last "real" track was about 7 weeks ago. Now I present to you all a new Coaster in my style xD It's actually drenched in it, cause I worked for a loooooong time on this track. I started this track when Sivert and Wraith came to me to build a nice coast-track for their new mod they wanted to release. That was the Forever Autumn mod. SO they approached me in July 2009 I think. So that's when I started this track Problem was: This track was to tough for the introduction of a MOD so I made a different track. I never stopped loving this track though, so I kept it in my folder and tweaked it now and then. In the end I removed everything I didn't like, added stuff I did like and kept the rest.
Now 1 year later I feel like I can release it.

Guillotine, cause there's a spot in the track which bacisly looks like one And if you don't make it, your head'll fly off!! xD anywyaz, that's why I named the track like that. Also to "scare" the drivers, since the track requires some skill to get around smoothly. It's a fast paced track, that's also why I put it on "speed-tech" cause it's really fast, but keeping the grip in the corners is what this track is all about. I'd call that tech^^

The intro was a sudden brain spin of a hour ago, cause I didn't feel like making an intro. Then it came to me what I had to do. Hehe just watch. It came out quite well in the end ;0 I'm happy with it anyways^^ Ingame I made a GPS with 2 ghosts. Since this track is quite fast, is has big corners, so I made a GPS which shows my cars drifting through the corners, took me a loooong time to find 2 ghosts which were competitive (in time) and both had good drifts... In the end this is the result, and I think it looks good.
The outro is off course there again and when you drift the corners I drifted in the GPS it looks awesome in the outro!! So if you feel like spending some more useless time; plz go do that!!!

All I can say now: Race it, hopefully enjoy it and tell me how you felt?

Now go race!

The testers used to improve the track through the entire building process:

Sivert, Wraith, Papychampy, Acid, MasterGary, Wallaby, Tobbe, broadsword and many, many others which doesn't spring to mind atm...

Thx guys, without you all the track wouldn't have turned out like this!!

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 27-Jul-2010
Seriously sorry here for the update!!!

Psikopate - Thx m8!! Glad you like it!!
Acid - Thx dude!! Always apreciated And i told you you knew it^^
basse - Thx dude!! Apreciated very much!
Alex_re - awesome m8!! Thx!!
FT\paddy - That's quite the rating Thx m8!! xD
Sammon!!! - Hehe thx m8!! Very much apreciated!!
Stoney - Thx m8!! Always apreciated ^^
Fellbein - wow thx m8!! Awesome you think of it like that!!
medina - Always apreciated!! Thx m8!
Nibor - Always great to receive such nice words m8!! Higly apreciated!
NinjAstar - omg where to start... Thx!! Your is insane!! Best thing about reading it is you felt the true spirit of the track the way I did while building it. It's fun to drive it!! Even after 50 runs^^ Hehe anywayz, your time is sick and your even sicker I feel humbled... Thx m8!!! Rock on!!
Jet777 - sadly you're right... This is the way I building the most... And therefor do that almost constantly^^ However thx m8!!
Misa Misa - Thx m8!! Glad you liked it. Hope you enjoyed the MT, but you probably did, mentioning it... ^^
sTeImOlO - lol sorry m8... You shouldn't DL it so fast then^^ But it's Tobbe's fault... ( ) Cause he found that cut AFTER his testing... ^^ Hehe anywayz, sick time!!! Even faster then your previous, so I don't wanna hear you about that^^ Thx a lot though!!
OLDA_X - tbh, I'm not sure wether you liked it or not (with the and all^^) But seen as it was an I guess you liked it! However you meant it: Thx m8!!!
Tobbe - Your time is unreal m8... I knew you could do it, but actually DOING it is a completely different story^^ Hehe and I KNEW you'd hit that CP. I did it once, as mentioned online^^, Thx a lot m8!! FOr testing, "to late testing" your time and
Nod - Thx m8!! Hehe that's quite the rating
  FT»Tobbe 27-Jul-2010
me 2 sry
  Alex BF 27-Jul-2010
Hope the others miss the update s a Joke ^^
  NinjAstar 27-Jul-2010
My 57.74 was a test to see if I had the right version. ^_^

I currently have a 56.72 and had a -.8 on that run before crashing into the last CP.

Don't worry, I'll have that 55 soon, and an award as well.

EDIT: I probably could do better, but I guess I'll have to wait for it to be beaten. I'm sure Tobbe is working on his own 55 right now.
  tmjonas 27-Jul-2010
  FT»Tobbe 27-Jul-2010
Originally posted by sTeImOlO ...
i think 53 possible for tobbe's

phew if I'd try for about 2 hours, maybe

btw. the cut easyly brought you 1, maybe 1.5 seconds, wich is definetly too much, so I think the update was a good decision.
  sTeImOlO 27-Jul-2010
well, isn't this combined with a little luck?
i never could cut this, but i'm not used to.
but it really doesn't matter anymore
its a great track go go go 53
:peace: :bp sucks: lol
  Fallout 27-Jul-2010
Too plain for my tastes; its lacks variety.
  Redrot»LT 28-Jul-2010
Way to totally rip off Shockfreaks map...same name.

jk, will check it out eventiually.
  Jet777 28-Jul-2010
Quote ...
The last loop was cuttable by slightly air-braking so you'd bump through the loop... Yes the "cutter" is in fact a master... or was that something else
  DaKKoN 28-Jul-2010
lol, no m8, I said master, not wanker
  *speedy* 29-Jul-2010
lol, another one with the bleeding cowboys font
There are so many screenshots with that font.
  L00ney 29-Jul-2010
Just read author comments, and im just about to test it
I hope it's something like ExtremA/B
  DaKKoN 30-Jul-2010
New "Competition" -rule!!!

Everybody who drives a 53.xx time deserves another 500 coppers

That's just SO freakin' insane, it simply deserves that extra "cash" ^^
  FT»Tobbe 04-Aug-2010
Poor Dakkon, you will loose at least 5000 Coppers.
  DaKKoN 06-Aug-2010
***Contest closed***


Mr. Bones
((( Nitrox
Misa Misa

"Payment" will be done when I got a spare hour!! (Very rare comiung days/week....) So don;t get annoyed you didn't get any, cause I need to find time to send 1st....

Thx all for "joining" Seemed like a succes, so I may do this another time soon!


EDIT: (14/08/10)

Well now, the 2-week work period comes to an end. (Well I'm free 1 day then I have to work again for 8 in a row... )
But on that 1 free day, I should be able to divide the coppers won by yuou all. So plz:

give me your login codes (winners only^^) so I can distribute the coppers won by everyone!!!

Sorry for the delay, but in the end, real-life ALWAYS beats "community-life" for as far as i'm concerned...
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User Awards
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  FT»sanfc 29-Jul-2010
Kewl track
  Marcel le Poivrot 29-Jul-2010
Incredible track again
wot can we say, except thx for FUN
  ohei2 29-Jul-2010
Well, what can I say?

Creative and crazy design, rock solid fun from a masterful coast builder.

It has the typical DaKKoN problem though, it gets too fast several times and it is difficult to lose speed. Don't get me wrong: I am not recommending reverse boosters - in the contrary. However with a little more flow friendly design this would have been a perfect track.

  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 29-Jul-2010
Great creative speed map mate!
  L00ney 29-Jul-2010
Just made it through the finish-line, dunno how long it took me, im a bit drunk xD
Dakkon, i've always enjoyed your coast-track, i was hoping to see more of the style you introduced in ExtremA, pushing the poor coast-car to it's limits, and you've done it again. You're one of the only authors i know who manage to create such an extreme coast-track
  Zubitxu 30-Jul-2010
  juju28230 31-Jul-2010
  Mikealange 02-Aug-2010
Great one Dakk !
Was outtown for vacation !

Sorry for the latest award but here 2 !!
And I'll take the Guillotine for that

Super Job m8te !

  timo 941 16-Aug-2010

  Sivert 19-Aug-2010
Another excellent DaKKoN speed-coast
Brilliant work as always

  iQue | tm2 24-Aug-2010
Crazy speedy coast. Like the space you've left open for drifting
  Crixu' 02-Sep-2010
Freakin' amazing track you got there


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